Commando 2 (2017)

Commando 2 (2017)

Vidyut JammwalAdah SharmaEsha GuptaFreddy Daruwala
Deven Bhojani


Commando 2 (2017) is a Hindi movie. Deven Bhojani has directed this movie. Vidyut Jammwal,Adah Sharma,Esha Gupta,Freddy Daruwala are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Commando 2 (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Commando Karan uses his combat skills to eradicate black money, which has been siphoned to banks abroad.

Commando 2 (2017) Reviews

  • Only for Vidyut fan and combat style action fans


    Positive: -Great actions and stunts by Vidyut -Best action sequences you can find in Bollywood Negative: -Average acting by other stars -Story is OK First of all if you are not fan of combat style actions and stunts then avoid the movie. Now for the fans of action and Vidyut, you cannot miss this movie. Some of the best Bollywood stunts by Vidyut. No one has ever done such a great action with good stunts in history of Bollywood. He is present in most of the scenes. The best action sequences are the first one and the last one which you cannot miss. Other actors, overall story and overall presentation is average like typical Bollywood movie (I found most of the Bollywood movies predictable and average). Good thing is movie is continuous without any stupid romantic plot. All in all watch this movie for great action sequences and stunts.

  • Another doomed Sequel of Action packed Hit formula


    Vidyut Jammwal step in again as Commando with bigger mission but script let down him. Director Deven Bhojani failed to engage the audience from beginning to Climax. Script has some many twist and turns so it look like Abbas Mastan's flick. Adah Sharma was totally usually with her Hyderabadi ascent. Esha Gupta was good in her role. Freddy Daruwala and Shefali Shah's character were so confusing till the end.Music was totally unimpressive."Commando- Commando" as background was totally wasted. It is better to watch previous installment Commando at home with family.

  • Clearly predictable and not as good as Commando 1


    Others might have reviewed this movie as oh-so-cool, Hollywood-ish, lots-of- TWISTS, etc but this movie doesn't live up to the standards of Commando 1 by the same hero - Vidyut. Well, there are NO TWISTS - the entire movie is CLEARLY PREDICTABLE - start to finish - and looks naive from audience point of view. Vidyut is a great stunt actor and can be called the "Jackie Chan of India" but the director failed to leave any impression with the story or screenplay. The Jackie- Chan/Tony-Jha style flipping-over-automobiles, sliding-under-tucks, jumping- through-tiny-windows, running and chasing through the city is average at best and you won't get impressed. What is sad is that there are way too many DEADLY stunts in this movie (in Bangkok and Malaysia) compared to Commando 1 but they fail to impress as much as Commando 1 stunts did. Hero dodging hundreds of bullets from dozens of goons is exaggerated while another police officer simply DIES from a bullet to his SHOULDER!!! Seriously?? How can anyone die from a bullet wound to a shoulder???? I'm sure any other director with the same action scenes would have left a lasting and memorable impression - higher than Commando 1. Don't miss the old Commando 1 and watch it from the START and see all the beautiful and magnificent Camera work!! Some viewers commented this movie has lots of twists - that's too naive and obviously they haven't watched any great movies. It is called a twist when one character fools another character in the movie but not when the characters fool the AUDIENCE all through the movie to reveal the facts at the end!! That's as dumb as 1960's story-writing. If you consider these tricks as twists, you need help :) Some hilarious comedy in the form of heroine speaking Telugu and broken English is refreshing but again things are stretched too far.

  • High class action sequences makes the movie worth a watch !


    Vidyut Jamwal - The king of action is back with a bang. Commando 2 definitely lives upto the expectations. A great action film with all stunts looking very much real. Even though story is not that great, movie is having sudden twists and turns with lots of exciting action which lifts the movie up. It is indeed great to see bollywood action changing and moving close to reality stunts. Hope this trend continues.

  • The Desi Stunt King is Back with a Bang


    Waiting for an action movie for a long time? Here's your perfect treat from Vidyut Jamwal. Yet once again he has proved that currently he's the best action figure of Bollywood industry. The story is like most action thrillers you have had seen with some contemporary touch of the burning issue of black money; though with little twists and turns (broadly speaking two major twists are there). Now coming to the acting skills, not much of that is needed I suppose in an action thriller so everyone was quite okay in their respective roles. The first person view concept is again brought in this movie ( I guess the 2nd Bollywood movie to do so). Luckily there is no romantic songs in the movie which I guess no one enjoys to see in a movie like Commando. Lastly the best part of the movie is the action, especially vidyut and thakur anoop singh were super awesome with there chiseled physique. But again the show stealer is obviously Vidyut with his super agile body and breathtaking stunts. So I would conclude by saying that all the action movie lovers your desi platter is right here.


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