Commando (2013)

Commando (2013)

Vidyut JammwalHsieh Chang HaiNelson Liao Sheng HuaIshita Vyas
Dilip Ghosh


Commando (2013) is a Hindi movie. Dilip Ghosh has directed this movie. Vidyut Jammwal,Hsieh Chang Hai,Nelson Liao Sheng Hua,Ishita Vyas are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Commando (2013) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Captain Karan Dogra's helicopter crashes on China border during a training. Karan is suspected to spy in China and it becomes difficult for him as well as senior Indian officer's to convince the Chinese government that he wasn't a spy.The Indian Government disowns Karan and he is tortured in China and has to face a trial during a court hearing, he manages to escape via the Himachal-Punjab border and comes across a young girl Simrit whose escaping from Amrit Kanwal (AK 47) who wants to marry Smmrit for political benefits and has control over the whole region.Karan decides to help Simrit a she feels that these are the enemies within the country.


Commando (2013) Reviews

  • India's answer to Tony Jaa & Scott Adkins


    Back in the 90s, in his films like KKK and Mohra, Akshay showed that Indian heroes can do the spinning back kicks and use the Nunchaku with as much ease as the Van Dammes . Vidyut takes that legacy forward and proves what Tony Jaa and Scott Adkins can do, he can do as well. The introduction of Vidyut is nothing less than a celebration of his histrionics. This commando can do handstand pushups, one leg squats, spartan push ups with as much ease as walking in the garden. His intro fight is easily the best choreographed action sequence in Bollywood for a long time and matches the global standards of martial arts action. The ease with which he carries out his back flips, corkscrew kick, jumping through a car window and over it, vidyut makes all so-called action heroes Salman and Ajay look like school-going kids. People run on road, Vidyut runs on people! But not everything is good about Commando. Pooja Chopra's role is quite irritating at points and she tries her best to ruin the film and is successful to some extent. But the Villain Jaideep Ahlawat makes up for her OTT acting. He is a supercool villain though personally i would have preferred a more evenly matched opponent for someone like Vidyut. The dialgues between them are good to okayish. As I always say, a good action film is one which keeps everything else simple but the action. Commando tries to take itself too seriously in the second half with some attempt at social messages which doesn't help the cause. There is an item song too and some typical filmy scenes added purely to make it look like a South Masala and that doesn't help. There are enough fight scenes for a normal movie goer but for an action lover, I believe there were less fight sequences. At least two more sequences could have been added in the second half instead of the nonsense of Pooja Chopra and the boring atrocities to her family. I remember Aamir claiming Ghajini to push the envelope of action in Bollywood. It regressed us by 20 years and we had to face the wrath of a rather unhealthy trend of nonsensical South Masala remakes like SOS and Himmatwala. Commando is not entirely satisfying but its is a film that genuinely pushes the envelope of action in Hindi cinema. For this alone, the film deserves to be a success. My wish now is to see both Vidyut and Akshay in the same frame.

  • outstand action filck of the year in ever bollywood


    i see many of reviews under rating this movie,i pity on them for not recognizing the real talent in actors ,vidyut gave an outstanding performance which you can never find in all time over rated salman khan or any other poor khans movies, no offence!pooja chopra is good to watch, as co- actor she has done a good job which may add some stars to her debut in bollywood. every dialogue is well written and executed with perfection....action scenes were at its best!! though you feel you had seen them in ong back movie but they were performed best..the slow motion song is catchy and so good to watch , all thanks to choreography. seriously the movie never brings you down..all i want to say is its very worthy to watch with family and friends..its a don't miss movie for those who like action movies. waiting for its DVD release to fill up my best movie collection.

  • Action lovers won't be disappointed


    Just saw this movie on DVD and I can say that it is one of the most entertaining Bollywood movies of 2013. This movie is far entertaining than other high budget and over-hyped crap like Dabang 2, Himmatwala etc. Though the plot is a little loose but still the entertainment quotient is far better as compared to other high budget movies. I was glued to my seat till last minute and didn't think about taking a break. The fun element, comic scenes (thanks to the villain Jaideep) and action sequences are top notch. The acting is good, especially the villain Jaideep was superb. Had the screenplay been more tight and believable, the movie would have been a classic cult. But it is still a very good movie. Here are my ratings: Story 7/10 Screenplay 5/10 Direction 6/10 Editing 6/10 Acting 7/10 Music 8/10 Overall 7/10 Go grab the DVD if you still haven't watched this movie. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

  • New Action Hero Has Arrived in Bollywood


    Oh my gosh! Incredible. Finally Vidyut Jamwal, a real action hero has arrived in India. Although he debuted in Force along with John Abraham, it would be wrong to term him hero for that, because his role was of a villain. But in Commando, he is a full-fledged tough action hero without much CGI effects as disclaimed by the film units. To be straight, Commando works only because of Vidyut Jamwal's martial arts stunt skills, and the villain who would go beyond ruthless or brutal for saving his honor. Besides, former Miss. India Pooja Chopra's first leading role which would remind you of Kareena Kapoor's role as Geet in Jab We Met as a talkative with straight forward behavior. Pooja performed her best to go on accordingly with the offered role, and is not less impressive. Vidyut plays here as Karanvir Dogra, a savior to Simran who is forcefully threatened to marry by the local gang leader AK 74. Karan is a highly skilled Indian Commando who was wrongfully arrested & tortured in China by mishap during an operation. After one year, the story shifts to Simran who is on an attempt to secretly run away from home to stay away from AK 47, who is cynical to marry her. Then, she meets Karan who encounters all the goons to prevent her from being chased by them. Now, begins the cat and mouse chase part. There were many Bollywood action movies in the past, but this movie holds a special place in the list because of the real life martial artist Vidyut Jamwal who alone dominates the whole story of Commando. Action movies acted by Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn, John Abraham etc. were nothing to this newly arrived action hero who is fully prepared to impress the present generation with a macho & flexible personality. Those olden days are over where CGI and wired stunts were carried to entertain the audiences in the form of masala movies. Yes, Commando is also a masala action movie, but it's much tougher and real like type in actions and stunts. I would term Vidyut Jamwal as a new Bruce Lee with lean muscled body who can fly, jump or climb to any extent if necessary to eliminate the goons. And yet, he performed those with panache and natural looking form that you cannot negatively compliment on it. Newbie director Dilip Ghosh did unpredictably a good job. Final word guys – watch it if you are really a crazy fan of action or thriller genre movies, and sure you will be impressed by Vidyut. Keep my words. And, Vidyut has a good way to go ahead in Bollywood.

  • VIdyut Jamwal Best Action Hero India Ever Found....


    Commando One Man Army Title Tells Everything about Movie. Vidyut Jamwal is only reason to watch movie. His Stunts are unbelievable. I guaranty you that you have never seen such FAADU stunts Ever. Movie have very poor story screenplay and direction. Pooja Chopra is failed to make mark in this movie.She not suites in Simrit's Character. As Vidyut Jamwal performance in FORCE we all have very much expectations from him in COMMANDO and he not disappoint us. He really takes action to another level.His dialogues are also quite good. Vidyut Jamwal is best action hero in India as per my views. He performed all his stunts by himself without using cable except one where he jump in the valley. Movie may made better if the story was strong and directed with some better director. If that happen i am sure movie will become best action film ever made in bollywood. If you want to watch some stunning stunt's and you are fan of action movies then this is treat for you.


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