Critical Nexus (2013)

Critical Nexus (2013)

Karmann BajuyoKiley B. MooreRon LipskiChad Meyer
Tirf Alexius


Critical Nexus (2013) is a English movie. Tirf Alexius has directed this movie. Karmann Bajuyo,Kiley B. Moore,Ron Lipski,Chad Meyer are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Critical Nexus (2013) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A young woman's pursuit of self-discovery and satisfaction turns deadly

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Critical Nexus (2013) Reviews

  • Uncritically Noxious


    Uncritically noxious indeed. Painfully bad with pretentious, pseudo-philosophical ramblings and ultimately marred by tainted IMDb reviews which appear to come from the filmmakers or friends of. After having read the 'glowing' reviews, I decided to give this film a go. Silly me. I should have smelled the celluloid rat from the unusually high and positive ratings-not one bad review on IMDb? I now realise the ratings were fake. As a rule I have a distaste for most 'critics' but after watching this painful rubbish (and being mislead by fake reviews), I decided to become that which I despise: A Critic. As soon as I began watching I realised the script could have come from a 'Cut-Up' technique using The Sun (National Enquirer) for its content. Conceptually, there was initially some potential but this was quickly negated by the one-dimensional characters and terrible script. The acting was so wooden that alerts should have been sent to the Forestry commission. This film is laughable, apart form the fact it will rob you of 90 minutes of time you could spend doing something more productive like sticking pins in your eyes. There is a scene in a gym at 22:30/40 with a laughably stilted exchange between 'Mark', the 'amoral/moral porn producer'/detective/internet 'entrepreneur' and 'Charlie' which left me cringing for its epic failure. All the way through this filmic debacle, the soundtrack/background music was jarring-it just didn't fit, it seemed disjointed-(as did the acting, writing, sound, er...everything). It's like they just randomly plucked music from the 'cut 'n' paste hat'. It didn't work. The audio itself seemed like it was taken from a badly dubbed 70s Kung Fu flick. Worst of all were the vacuous, pseudo-philosophical ramblings that perpetuate this vapid, infantile mess. It seems like it's his first film after having just left college but that no excuse. The ending? Well, looks like they just gave up. I only wish it had come sooner or not at all. Beyond Good and Evil? Yup. When IMDb allows false ratings like this I find myself disappointed, disgusted and angry. I wasted 90 minutes of my life on this rubbish which only has a high rating because, coincidentally, all the 'reviewers': * All 7 people have ONLY 'reviewed' one film-this one; * Have all joined in the past 4 months; * All gave consistently high 'marks' * They ALL come from America/Chicago; and, no doubt, all have some connection to the film itself. Why don't you just have the courage of your celluloid convictions and NOT try to 'fix' the ratings. As 'Artists', and in this case I use that term very loosely, you should allow the 'work' to speak for itself, to stand on its OWN merit or lack thereof. That's what being an artist is all about- I'm an artist, a painter and photographer so I know all about 'baring one's soul'. Giving your own film these arbitrary rating does nothing but put people off any future endeavours. I only give it one out of ten because they don't allow lower or minus marking which would have been more appropriate for this sad, pretentious waste of space.

  • A critically awful waste of your time.


    SPOILER ALERT!!! This movie just plain sucks. It's so bad, I don't even know where to begin! The production values were decent enough- but NOTHING ELSE! When your plot and actors are both terrible, you could have the greatest production and still end up with a flop. The story is sketchy, at best. Some web-cam tramp is trying to find meaning to her life, but has problems, because she is clueless. A guy obsessed with her (for reasons beyond my comprehension) is following her as she treks across the country in search of enlightenment; which will always elude her, for obvious reasons. Sound good? Or does it sound like a bore-fest? It's the latter and you have been warned! Those other "wonderful" reviews? Obviously written by the cast/director. Don't you hate that?

  • Worth Checking Out for Originality


    Critical Nexus takes a different approach to dealing with ideas like our online identities and how they can have an impact in the real world. Each of the main characters is coming to terms with their actions or the consequences of their actions online. This is not the usual "ripped from current headlines" story line, rather it presents a some interesting ideas and observations about the costs of anonymity in our online lives without being preachy or apocalyptic. The cinematography and production looked very professional and the acting was also quite good for something on this scale and I would like to see more work by the two leads in particular. Overall, Critical Nexus deserves points for having an original plot, solid cinematography as well as some very good acting. All of which left me wanting more but in a good way.

  • A Great Movie as a Teaching Tool


    I recently watched Critical Nexus at the Harper Theater in Chicago. Despite an unseasonable rain storm, I and a few others braved the weather to watch this film. I'm so glad that I did. It is a smart portrayal of the intersecting issues of sex, lust, pornography, female body image, acceptance and relationships/dating in a modern digital world. I found the movie to be very thought provoking and one that can be used for teaching on the various topics mentioned; or a movie that a small group of people can view together, discuss, share and learn. I'm looking forward to the release of the DVD, because I plan on sharing it with many of my friends in the sex abuse prevention industry. Thank you to the producers, director, writer and cast for creating this wonderful work!

  • a webcam girl being stalked across country


    To be honest, there are some things about this movie that I didn't get. But I keep thinking about it. Like, I am not sure how her dad fits into things or if (how?) Mark knew Katie before she ran away. But here is what I know: a girl runs an internet sex show, and runs away from home. Two different guys are chasing her, one of which wants to murder her and one of which wants to ... well, his motives are kind of mysterious. They don't know where she is headed but are trying to figure it out based on things she says on her webcam. It is a sexy movie, but not really in the way I thought it was going to be. This movie will really make you think.


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