Critters Attack! (2019)

Critters Attack! (2019)

Tashiana WashingtonAva PrestonJack FultonJaeden Noel
Bobby Miller


Critters Attack! (2019) is a English movie. Bobby Miller has directed this movie. Tashiana Washington,Ava Preston,Jack Fulton,Jaeden Noel are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Critters Attack! (2019) is considered one of the best Comedy,Horror,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

Follows 20-year-old Drea, who reluctantly takes a job babysitting for a professor of a college she hopes to attend. Struggling to entertain the professor's children Trissy and Jake, along with her own little brother Phillip , Drea takes them on a hike, unaware that mysterious alien critters have crash-landed and started devouring every living thing they encounter.


Critters Attack! (2019) Reviews

  • If you loved the old Critter movies then dont watch this one


    Imo This movie is just a Cash grab. The acting is horrible, and the scenes are not well put together. they also come with the wacky's weakness to the Critters that kills the mood to watch the rest. Are you a Critter fan and loved the old movies then do not watch this movie. Its cheap and bad.

  • Well that wasn't very good


    Critters has always been a cheesy hor/com franchise, but this iteration is just bad. It honestly feels more like a made for Nickelodeon special than an actual movie. The "plot" is nonsensical and all over the place. I mean who finds a basketball shaped furball in the forest, whose mouth takes up half it's head and just says 'This must be some sort of wild animal who needs our help' and takes it home with them? While the ending of the movie is about as anticlimactic as it gets. The acting and dialogue are amateurish at best and the "jokes" are seriously cringe-worthy. The effects are very poorly done and it's clear that that the critters are just hand puppets. Everything about it is half-assed and that's putting it nicely. I'm a fan of cheesy horror movies and the original Critters films from the 80's, but there is seriously no way to look past the many flaws of this one and find any real enjoyment in it at all. The worst thing about it is that it's boring and that's the last thing a Critters movie should be. I'm giving it a generous 2/10.

  • Really?!?


    If a piece of crap could take a crap, it would be this movie. Completely destroyed the reputation of the original. On top of all of that, these idiots break every rule of the tradition horror movie genre and if pisses me off.

  • Forgotten follow up


    Yep, this followed up a solid 80s' film with this crap that needs to be forgotten. In fairness the critters looked the same.

  • NOTHING to like, apart from the practical effects.


    SEEN IT! Puppets and practical effects are the ONLY good thing in this move. Acting, camera work, colour grading, story, script; it was all bad! Nothing captured what I loved about the first couple of films. No explanation as to Aunt D being there or where her family was; she has 10 minutes of screen time if that, low budget obviously not enough to pay her more. No bounty hunters. The worst thing was the story and characters... if you're trying to imitate Stranger Things, at least do it, instead of half-assing it with bad child actors; they didn't even look terrified when an army of Crites where coming for them. Such a shame, a missed opportunity. There are still only 4 Critters movies to me. Please pass this feedback onto the Writer and Director, because even I can write a better script than this, with my 8 years worth of short film writing experience. There was no story. It was like a joke of the franchise, a mix between Aliens (A Queen Crite... just no, they had no Queen in the first movie, and why did she kill them, no explanation, not like I even cared due to the bad story), a Crite who landed in an escape pod, but with no explanation of where it came from, or why it was scarred across the eye. Child character we cannot get invested in, nor care about. There is not much to this at all, it looks like it was written and shot over a weekend with permission to use the original Critter puppets, and yeah, I noticed you reused a lot of the older ones for this film, even the bald one from part 3, and the grey haired one. I will NOT be purchasing this for the collection, I choose to ignore its existence, it's not worthy.


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