D-Day Assassins (2019)

D-Day Assassins (2019)

Mark HomerDennis FarrinDerek NelsonLee Bane
Andrew Jones


D-Day Assassins (2019) is a movie. Andrew Jones has directed this movie. Mark Homer,Dennis Farrin,Derek Nelson,Lee Bane are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. D-Day Assassins (2019) is considered one of the best War movie in India and around the world.

In 1944, a group of American soldiers known as "The Filthy Thirteen" are becoming an increasing problem for their superiors - disobeying orders, bathing infrequently and often going AWOL from their barracks. But the rebellious men are given an opportunity to atone for their behavior when they are selected to be the first unit to parachute behind German lines during the invasion of Normandy. Their goal is to move through enemy territory on foot and destroy Nazi supply lines and escape routes. Some call it a suicide mission. But they haven't counted on the ferocity and determination of this ragtag group of D-Day Assassins who will stop at nothing to take down the enemy. This is the brutal and thrilling real life story which inspired "The Dirty Dozen".


D-Day Assassins (2019) Reviews

  • A mixed bag


    Despite the synopsis the movie is actually told in flashback form, with a modern (1990s?) story of an old man recounting war stories to a young kid. We then see a few incidents the old man encountered in World War II as a young soldier. The movie could have done with more epic WWII battles and it doesn't really live up to the title but obviously budget was restricted on this one. But in fairness the 1940s scenes do feature quite an inventive use of minimal actors in one set locations. The modern story is far less interesting, consisting mostly of dialogue and characters which aren't as fun as the soldiers we see all too briefly in the flashbacks. Could have benefitted from a bigger budget but not bad for what it is.

  • Terrible


    Had to turn this off pretty quickly... the acting is terrible. dont waste your time

  • Bad bad bad


    This has to be the worst War I'v ever watched. No authenticity. Can easily be seen that was shot in England. The 13 weapons only one was of world war II American carrying 303s. Old Winchester and luger Hi unreal and you're expected to buy this s***

  • good war scenes


    Clearly low budget and flawed in a number of ways but the war scenes are well constructed and entertaining. would have been better if the whole film was set on D-day but the story with the old man recounting the tales of war turn out to be quite emotional. although the world war 2 flashbacks are far superior with more action and better characters.

  • Terrible


    Low budget obviously and awful acting. Weapons totally wrong for time, units and nations. Even on a low budget authentic replicas easy to get. Weapon skills terrible too. Dont waste time on this.

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