Dead Night (2017)

Dead Night (2017)

Brea GrantAJ BowenBarbara CramptonSophie Dalah
Brad Baruh


Dead Night (2017) is a English movie. Brad Baruh has directed this movie. Brea Grant,AJ Bowen,Barbara Crampton,Sophie Dalah are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Dead Night (2017) is considered one of the best Fantasy,Horror movie in India and around the world.

A caring mother loses her sanity, setting off a chain of events resulting in tragedy and murder. The story of Casey Pollack unfolds from two very different perspectives when one night in the woods culminates in absolute terror...

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Dead Night (2017) Reviews

  • Better movies out there to watch - like almost anything...


    Well, where to begin?! I have to say that the trailer looked decent and it pretty much goes downhill from there. No real direction or point to it. Things are not really explained though it's obvious they were hoping for a sequel. The biggest thing that ruins this movie is the true crime documentary style show that pops in throughout the movie. There really is no point to it as it doesn't lead to anything and not only that but it tells you what's going to happen (mostly) and who dies and who survives about 15 minutes into the movie so from that point on there really isn't any point to continue watching the movie. A bad horror movie has pretty much one thing going for it and that's trying to figure out who dies and how. Take that away and you might as well watch paint dry. There's nothing here to redeem this mess of a movie so put this movie in the "never watch" pile.

  • Gory with zero plot


    If you asked me what this movie was about I'm not sure I could tell you. The acting is good so it's definitely not for lack of trying on the actors' part. The tv show within the movie is absolutely pointless. It distracts from what's going on, not that it matters because nothing is ever explained. It's like the writers had five or six good ideas and tried to stick them all into one movie, absolutely failing in execution. Surely someone in production at some point could tell this movie was going to suck because of the plot. I just wished they'd have spoken up and saved me about 90 minutes. I love horror movies but after watching so many terrible ones lately I'm about to give up on them.

  • EXCELLENT GORE, Good Cast but very stupid storyline.


    I watched it last night and was pleasantly surprised with how bloody/gory the film is. the gore is 100% practical and it's fantastic/well done. Barbara Crampton is excellent as an antagonist (that's not a spoiler since it's in the trailer). Brea Grant is very good too and kick ass as the mother trying to save her family. my only complaint about it is the storyline is incredibly stupid and makes little to no sense. it also has an idiotic fake tv show (a Dateline/Crime story type show on the actual family in the film) within the movie which i hated. LOL. but again the blood/gore is so full on that it makes up for it. you have decapitations, arms cut off, branches stabbed into eyes/faces, etc. etc. there's even a full on transformation complete with those special fx facial bladder things (like in THE HOWLING). bad storyline aside this movie is a fun 80's style film that fans of practical FX gore/blood will get a kick out of!

  • One of the worst movies I've ever seen


    That is all not sure what kind of "spoiler" could be written about this movie

  • Like witches... But not...


    So this was a story about a family with a terminal dad and a friend going to a 'special' cabin in the 'woods'. And an evil grandmother (dad's mom, who later gives an oh so sweet interview about everything on a crime show) who was a part of a otherworldly/demon type cult. None of the killing made sense - chaos - TVs in the woods running on special 'power' that shows the future. These old demon/geezers stay alive by facilitating death and making women governors - how else could a woman win Oregon right? Was it all an illusion? Is Mom crazy? The bodies are held for account by locals as they show us baby pictures of the victims - for what - THIS is the horror and EVERYBODY gets bloody and UGLY! This Mom kicks her demon possessed daughter in her head then cuts it off, then her husband's, then the son's and sets them on fire - cause everybody got possessed by a nasty looking little alien/demon/parasite thing that the gubernatorial candidate slams in their brain stem or makes them ingest and granny says this will 'set them free'. Is Mom crazy! And but nobody can find the pretty, blonde friend. Well she's in the snowy woods transforming to an UGLY something! Everybody got possessed and the lady they found in the woods, dead, can disappear. So Mom's crazy right? The music was beautiful. #AxeMom


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