Deadly Revenge (2013)

Deadly Revenge (2013)

Alicia ZieglerMark HapkaDonna MillsConstance Wu
Michael Feifer


Deadly Revenge (2013) is a English movie. Michael Feifer has directed this movie. Alicia Ziegler,Mark Hapka,Donna Mills,Constance Wu are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Deadly Revenge (2013) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Charming LA architect Harrison, also a great cook and lover, gets engaged to Cate, a San Francisco landscape architect he meets while collaborating on a major project, after they get locked in by a malfunctioning elevator. She moves to LA for him and volunteers, while he's on mission in Tokyo, to mind his widowed mother Evelyn, still a major force in his life. However Cate gets paranoid when feeling weak and hearing rumors that his former girlfriend disappeared mysteriously years earlier, even cancels the engagement. Then the truth gets out, clearing Harrison and uncovering a lurking danger.


Deadly Revenge (2013) Reviews

  • Interesting twists and turns!


    Since I'm a sucker for happy endings(!), the first time I saw this movie, I was so glad that it ended well, with Cate and Harrison getting engaged again. They're adorable together. This was the first movie in which I've seen Mark Hapka, and he's just so cute, so sweet and innocent-looking (I mean this in a good way, as a compliment). The chemistry between Harrison and Cate was excellent and Donna Mills played her character very well; Evelyn became so creepy! I DVR'd this movie, although I'm not sure if/when I'll watch it again; it's not as compelling as some other Lifetime movies I've recorded and saved.

  • Better Than I Thought


    Cate(Alicia Ziegler) works with Harrison (Mark Hapka) on architecture project for a week. The attraction simmers from the start in a coffeeshop all the way until they are locked in the office one night and admit their feelings. Cate agrees to move across the country to live with him on a whim and begins to fall in love with him. She then meets his mother, Evelyn, who appears to be loving and learns that his former high school sweetheart mysteriously vanished years earlier. Cate is suspicious, but agrees to take care of Evelyn while she is fighting cancer. Cate swims in the pool often and starts getting dizzy regularly. She isn't pregnant, so what could it be? And why is Mark's mother SO smothering of him? The answers are fairly obvious and the ending is pretty predictable. However, the leads are attractive and the plot line keeps the viewer pretty invested. It's definitely worth watching on a weekend evening, if nothing else.

  • Enjoyable and Donna Mills is great


    Donna Mills makes a great villainous mother in law type. A woman looks after her boyfriend's mom who says she is ill when he goes away on business. But the possessive mother starts poisoning her. Worth watching.

  • Almost good


    Almost good but not quite. Too many stupid things ruined it, particularly towards the end. Cate wanted to look in the mystery box while Harrison was at work. It was midday, but was night when she was looking in the box. She untied her hands very easily. It's always nice to have a handy crow bar right there. The knife fight with the mother was dumb. And overall the story was ehh. But I did enjoy the cinematography, sets, and decent editing.

  • ***


    A bit too much motherly love is the major theme of this 2013 film. Donna Mills steals the film with a wonderful performance as a charming, lovable mother and prospective mother-in-law, but inwardly is severely emotionally unbalanced and will do just about anything to keep her son Harrison within her orbit. The film is a good one as one is led to believe that it is Harrison who is up to evil. A high school sweetheart with the same first name as his current fiancé is just too coincidental, but you wonder what's going on when the new love of his life starts getting dizzy and experiencing other health problems, especially after going for a swim in the family pool.


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