Den D (2008)

Den D (2008)

Sergey BludovMaxim DrozdKonstantin IsaevBoris Polunin
Mikhail Porechenkov


Den D (2008) is a Russian movie. Mikhail Porechenkov has directed this movie. Sergey Bludov,Maxim Drozd,Konstantin Isaev,Boris Polunin are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2008. Den D (2008) is considered one of the best Action movie in India and around the world.

A Russian remake of the '80s cult classic "Commando", where a retired special forces operative has to go on a final mission to rescue his daughter from the clutches of his old nemeses.

Den D (2008) Reviews

  • Cheap "Commando" cover


    Schwarzenegger were much more convincing in 1985 movie. Plot is copying "Commando" to the smallest details. Quite country life in remote mansion; Kidnap; Former lieutenant, dismissed for his bloodthirstiness and secretly desiring for vengeance; 'Kill-the-president' mission; "I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last"; A helpful stewardess; Overkill showdown; Final duel; "I'd like you to start up your unit again, Ivan. All it would take is your coming back"; "No chance"; (credits). As Mikhail Porechenkov revealed, that he were fascinated by Arnold's Col. Matrix, and it was a dream of his youth to film Commando-like cover.

  • Like the explosions in the film, a total blast!


    This is probably better known online as "Russian Commando" and it is exactly that, a nearly scene-for-scene remake of Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1985 hit COMMANDO. Former paratrooper Ivan (Mikhail Porechenkov) is forced by his old team to perform an assassination or his kidnapped daughter Zhenya (Mikhail's real life daughter Varvara Porechenkova) gets it. Naturally, he escapes and begins his hunt for his daughter along with the help of stewardess Aliya (Aleksandra Ursuliak). Not totally sure why the Russians chose this one 23 years later to model their film after, but it is nearly identical. There are a few tweaks here and there, sometimes improving upon the source material (like the mall fight now taking place at a water park). Having him as a paratrooper leads to a more exciting plane escape and, when he doesn't jump off during the takeoff, the bad guy watching the plane says, "Eh, Schwarzenegger would have jumped off." Porechenkov was also the director on this and adds a bit more comedy to the film (with some of it actually funny) and numerous references to Tarkovsky's SOLARIS (1972). Really!


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