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Detours (2016)

Detours (2016)

Tara WestwoodCarlo FiorlettaPaul SorvinoRichard Kind
Robert McCaskill


Detours (2016) is a English movie. Robert McCaskill has directed this movie. Tara Westwood,Carlo Fiorletta,Paul Sorvino,Richard Kind are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Detours (2016) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

A newly single New Yorker must re-locate to Florida; she drives south with her widowed dad and her mom's ashes in a coffee can.

Detours (2016) Reviews

  • An Adventure full of love and laughter


    Ever since I watched "Surviving Family" written by Mara Lesemann, I knew I had to watch "Detours." She and her crew did a tremendous job on the previous film, I knew this one would be a success. What a great film. An adventure full of love and laughter that many can relate too. Dialogue felt really natural and I love the GPS, the motel clerk, and the cop. I usually don't laugh out loud but I did. Overall, it's a great film, very enjoyable, and I'm sure it's on its way to winning some awards. Keep up the great job Mara, looking forward to see more of your work.

  • A wonderful, heart-wrenching, touching and funny ride!


    I saw "Detours" at the Long Island International Film Expo along with two short films. While I enjoyed the shorts, I was blown away by "Detours". It's one of those films that hook you from the beginning and make you feel like you're a part of it, as if you're sharing a living room, kitchen, car adventure or meal with the players. I'd seen Tara Westwood in "Surviving Family" and loved her performance there, but she won me over even more so in "Detours". Though her character's trials & tribulations here weren't things I have exactly been though, her performance made me feel her angst as well as her jubilation. Her dad, played by Carlo Fiorletta, was both sympathetic and funny as hell. His humor, though, would come out of nowhere and be understated, making situations even funnier. In the end, though, it was his character's relationship with Westwood's that "made" the film. It was like they were real-life father & daughter (they're not). I'm hopeful that there will be a sequel, because this is one family, albeit a two-person one, with whom I've love to spend more tears & laughs.

  • A Detour you'll be glad you took!


    A while ago I watched 'Surviving Family' and was knocked out by how good an indie film can be without the top names and mega bucks in the mix. 'Detours' comes from the same people and the above statement still holds true, it's exceptionally well shot with crisp clear sound. A father and daughter journey, the movie shows how two people overcome life's problems by their own methods. The acting is convincing, the father/daughter pairing are well cast and the supporting actors are extremely capable of backing up this movie. The music soundtrack for Detours is especially good and would not be out of place gracing a film way above the indie league. Top marks, I fully enjoyed it.

  • "Detours" is a gentle, loving road movie of personal re-awakenings.


    "Detours" is such a delightful journey! Tara Westwood and Carlo Fiorletta blend so well together as daughter and father, rising up from sad life events to rediscover joy in themselves and one another as they take a car trip and head trip together. As sweet as bubble gum bubbles, this film is a wonderful bouquet of two strong leads interacting with many guest stars -- some very well known -- all adding sassy spice, humor, and warmth, often all at the same time. Kudos to the film makers, actors, and everyone associated with this production!

  • Father & Daughter road trip!


    A gentle and fun film that reveals a loving relationship that most of us can connect to on a personal level. Jennifer Giraldi (Tara Westwood in a great performance showing Jenny's vulnerability and strength) has split from her husband after catching him in bed with … another man. She is confused as it seems everyone but her knew he was gay (including her late mother at their wedding). Jenny gets a new job in Florida and decides to drive there, asking her father, Dan Giraldi (enjoyably and skillfully played by Carlo Fiorletta) to join her on the road trip. Initially refusing, Dan then agrees and they head off, guided by Joe the GPS (voiced by Craig Wollman). The interactions between the three on the trip are funny and poignant and add to the movies likability. The soft comicality of Joe the GPS is always lovable, Wollman has a great voice. Dad brings the ashes of his late wife Grace Giraldi (played by Kim Director in a number of flashbacks) along in a coffee can so that they can scatter her ashes at sea. Along the way the two connect more with each other and share various, some previously unspoken, memories of Grace, meet interesting locals (including a lovely cameo by Paul Sorvino), each have a one night stand and eventually arrive at Jen's new home. They hire a boat to travel 3 nautical miles out, thereby obeying state laws, and scatter Grace's ashes - a touching scene made convincing by the performances of Westwood and Fiorletta. In all I found the film full of pathos and totally credible, made so by strong believable performances from the two leads and an accomplished supporting cast. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and will definitely watch it again.


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