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Disco (2008)

Disco (2008)

Franck DuboscEmmanuelle BéartGérard DepardieuSamuel Le Bihan
Fabien Onteniente


Disco (2008) is a French movie. Fabien Onteniente has directed this movie. Franck Dubosc,Emmanuelle Béart,Gérard Depardieu,Samuel Le Bihan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2008. Disco (2008) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Didier Travolta (Franck Dubosc) is a 40-year-old disco music fan who has no job, lives with his mother, and has a son he hasn't seen for a while in Britain. The mother of his son refuses to send him their son for the holidays unless he can offer him a real vacation, not just going to bars of the French port city of Le Havre. As the jobless Didier has no money, the only way he can see his son is by winning a dance contest organized by his friend Jackson (Gérard Depardieu), with the prize a vacation to Australia for two. Didier persuades his two former dancing buddies (Samuel Le Bihan and Abbes Zahmani) to get the once-famous "Bee Kings" group back on the dancefloor. Years have passed and they need a dance coach (Emmanuelle Béart) to get them ready for the competition. They soon find out that even if they once were the best, times have changed. Jobs, wives, love, ridiculous looks, old-fashioned clothes, talented contestants... Can they reclaim their past disco glory?


Disco (2008) Reviews

  • A cheesy film, but then again, it's about disco


    I picked up this film on DVD in South Korea only because I'm a disco nut. That said, I really wanted to like this film but it was so stupid in certain parts. I will say, however, that the music and dancing made it worthwhile but the actors who played the "Bee Kings" need more dancing lessons. Funny that a movie full of the giants of French cinema like Depardieu, Beart and Le Bihan turned out as corny as this did. But if you're a disco freak like me, this will prove to be entertaining though I'm sure many might disagree. Perhaps more about how the disco scene in France was might've improved the film.

  • You should be leaving


    With such works as "disco" ,the French comedy hits rock bottom.A very poor screenplay which accumulates all the clichés ;best example:of course the hero is a divorcée .You can see what the characters are up to a mile off : the hero takes dancing lessons;of course the teacher is a babe (Emmanuelle Béart) ;of course the hero .... ..They have a disco dance contest ;of course the hero...I've always thought Depardieu was an overrated actor and it's not this movie which will make me change my mind.As for Dubosc,as I cannot say something nice.... It's nice to see Annie Cordy again ,even in a small part.Fans of singer Francis Lalanne,watch out:he has a cameo.A stupid one . Nostalgia is not what it used to be.One can save ,at a pinch,two scenes: Dubosc trying to open his suitcase and the "exam" his pal takes.

  • Very Enjoyable


    We found this very enjoyable comedy a minor gem. Concur the acting is well over the top and very hammy, but IMHO it was not meant to be anything else. I have always been a big fan of Samuel Bihan and must pick him out for particular praise as he probably had the most physically demanding role. All the big stars seemed to enjoy their respective roles as none demanded any true acting skills, but as comedies go it is very good. So ignore the negative comments made prior to this review and relax to an undemanding typical French comedy more akin to the best French comedies of the 1980's. And Emmanuelle Beart is truly beautiful, with a big(sic)plus of the French giant Gerard Depardeau.

  • Nontraditional entrainment


    The last movie I saw before Disco was Harry Potter IV, although it was entertaining, it failed in getting my attention, something that Disco accomplished surprisingly. Disco is a different movie particularly in its development, which may feel odd when one is too tied to traditional movies. It has moments of comedy, but not enough to laugh, it has drama but not enough to connect the viewer with the characters. This is also reflected in its visuals; brilliants whites contrasting with intense colors. In the way that there is not predominance and everything is washed quickly, making the viewer feel intrigued for what will happen next. If you are expecting a traditional comedy, you will be disappointed, however, if you don't expect nothing, you will be delighted for its original development and art direction.


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