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Disco! (2015)

Disco! (2015)

Robert FunaroRobert ClohessyMatthew PappadiaDan Kiernan
Fred Carpenter


Disco! (2015) is a English movie. Fred Carpenter has directed this movie. Robert Funaro,Robert Clohessy,Matthew Pappadia,Dan Kiernan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Disco! (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Music movie in India and around the world.

It's 1979 and Disco is in its' final days, but nobody at that time knew it, or wanted to believe it. They believed it would last forever, the music, the dancing, platform shoes, quiana shirts, and point dresses swirled, as the mirrored ball spun lights like stars on the walls. It was an escape from reality, from real life, a place to find love for a moment to last forever in a dance. Frank Rosario lived a very ordinary life, but when he stepped inside that Disco, he was special. One night, Frank believes that all of the answers to his problems will be solved when he wins the dance contest, a contest inspired by a hit movie, where every kid in America wanted to be the next John Travolta. Frank believes that in winning this contest, he will get back the only girl he truly loves. Disco explodes with action, a peek inside a time when couples danced together wearing all the glitz and glamour they can find at the nearest suburban shopping mall. To Frank and his friends, this is paradise. An...


Disco! (2015) Reviews

  • Love, Work, and Coming of Age at the Disco!


    Fred Carpenter's movie Disco set in a 1970's disco a few story lines that intertwine and are all easy to follow. These involve young love, dreams, both unfulfilled and filled in appropriate and illegal ways, brotherly commitment, and the longing for acceptance from family and friends. The lead character seeks solace and advice from a former high school coach. The acting, particularly by the high school coach and disco owner, is very strong. Disco all takes place with a background of original music that enhances the action occurring and the time period. The dancing is also quite professional, entertaining, and builds up to a tension. See this movie and you won't be disappointed.

  • Explosive Nostalgia!!!


    DISCO takes you back to a time when mirrored balls cast stars on the dance floor and in the eyes of the dancers. Everyone wanted to be the best dancer in the house. Disco has all original music that really captures the period. You can truly reminisce the 70's, for this film takes you there! Fred Carpenter has a winner with this little gem! Action packed, pulsating music, comic relief, and a beautiful love story, all wrapped in this fantastic little Indie film!!! Robert Funaro and Robert Clohessy, are funtastic in their roles as half brothers, Matt Pappadia & Alexandra Mendez, as the estranged lovers are magical and adorable. Dan Kiernan is a modern day Jerry Lewis!!! Don't miss DISCO, it's a platform shoe above the rest!!!


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