Dum (2003)

Dum (2003)

Vivek OberoiDia MirzaAtul KulkarniMukesh Rishi
Eeshwar Nivas


Dum (2003) is a Hindi movie. Eeshwar Nivas has directed this movie. Vivek Oberoi,Dia Mirza,Atul Kulkarni,Mukesh Rishi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2003. Dum (2003) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Uday dreams of becoming a police officer and serving his country. His dream is accompanied by a fierce determination and drive to make his dream come true. Even as he courageously treads on his chosen path, he is confronted by the face of evil in the form of a crooked police officer, Shankar. But Uday soon meets with a television employee named Kaveri and once again finds his life upside down.


Dum (2003) Reviews

  • Strong performances by Diya Mirza and Viveik Oberoi


    As the title suggests, it takes a lot of Dum(guts) to go up against corruption within any police force, but Viveik Oberoi, who plays the main protagonist, a young man whose life long dream is to become a man in uniform is determined to step up to the plate. The film revolves around this young man and his daily family life which is shattered when a simple outing with his girlfriend (played by Diya Mirza) lands him on the most wanted list of a very corrupt police inspector whom Viveik's character attacks in defense of Diya's. His family and friends become a target as a battle of who's who ensues for the next one and a half hour of the film, in which there is a lot of heartbreak, bloodshed and tears and the audience is left at the edge of their seat to see who will emerge triumphant in this battle? Will it be the plucky police wannabe boy with big dreams and a short temper, or the corrupt iron-fisted police inspector which a thirst for blood? To find out, don't miss a single second of Dum!

  • Dumb


    E-Niwas who made the cult film SHOOL followed by the decent LOVE KE LIYE KUCH BHI KAREGA which flopped came back with DUM(2003) which was a flop. The film has a done to death story which works against it The story is not just predictable, it's done to death However some scenes are well handled like Vivek clash with Atul Kulkarni, Several other scenes like Mukesh Rishi's flashback too is well handled but the film gets prolonged in second half and finally ends on a predictable note,The director too resorts to nonsense things to move the story forward like Vivek lifting up 80ks of Weight. Direction is okay but the script suffers due to predictability Music is decent, Title Song was superbly choreographed, rest songs are okay Vivek Oberoi plays his part well, this was his 4th film after COMPANY,ROAD and SAATHIYA which won him laurels but this film flopped Dia Mirza is okay, Atul Kulkarni is simply outstanding and makes you hate him, Govind Namdeo,Yashpal Sharma and rest are typecast Mukesh Rishi is okay,Sheeba is okay

  • Satisfying Bollywood action movie...


    Vivek plays a man who dreams of becoming a officer; as his training begins he encounters a corrupt police officer who begins a vendetta against him... The film is an average action film that is meant to entertain and it does..yes some of the fights are unrealistic but when you're bored...its very appealing... The Dum song was also entertaining...while Vivek Oberoi's career never see's daylight again... Diya Mirza is pretty as always and provides the much needed eye candy...thats about it..


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