Engeyum Kadhal (2011)

Engeyum Kadhal (2011)

Jayam RaviHansika MotwaniSumanRaju Sundaram
Prabhu Deva


Engeyum Kadhal (2011) is a Tamil movie. Prabhu Deva has directed this movie. Jayam Ravi,Hansika Motwani,Suman,Raju Sundaram are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Engeyum Kadhal (2011) is considered one of the best Romance movie in India and around the world.

A tale of a suave, rich and a successful young business man Kamal who wants to break all hectic shackles around him to go on a vacation to Paris, France. In a boy meets girl story, destiny brings Kayal, an Indian girl brought up in France, into his life. Rajasekhar, Kayal's father, runs a detective agency. She is shocked when she comes to know from reading his father's case that a client is currently following Kamal, only to kill him. Kayal decides to save Kamal's life. The saviour act turns into love between them. Kamal leaves France and Kayal is shattered. After almost a year, they meet again and things take a turn.


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Engeyum Kadhal (2011) Reviews

  • Waste of time, movie established nothing but nothing


    Jayam Ravi is known for his cheesy movies, add this to the list. Stereo typical movie which had 'NOTHING' new to offer. I am happy at least for the fact that the movie was rather short and did not take too much of my time. The movie was filled with Jayam Ravi s overacting and Hansika's average performance. The few comedy scenes are trash and adopted from many different movies. I still cannot figure out why Prakash Raj was even in the movie? Was he there to visit France and offered to appear for free or was he actually involved with the movie back screen? The screenplay was an absolute disaster. Dialogues offered no feelings. No kidding, if this movie was taken in India, it would not have half the success its actually got. The only thing that I got out of the movie was to see a bit of Paris and one entertaining track. Anyways completely over rated movie and a waste of time.

  • Over all a gr8 Romantic Flick for the holiday season


    Saw "Engeyum Kadhal" today....No new things in the film except the flawless filmography....Harris' songs add a special dimension to this film...I have never witnessed a crowd with this much energy as they made relentless noise throughout the film in the theater that i watched in Chromepet...So much for watching it in the first day first show itself....Hansika is like an angel...No words to describe her cuteness...Jayam Ravi really fits like a T in this role....Prabhu Deva's direction has improved a lot...But still a little more attention to details is missing...The opening song gave me Goose bumps after seeing Prabhu Deva in full flow....All the songs were filmed with a gr8 effort and especially the Nangai song which rocked the entire theater....A one line story and a one line screenplay but what makes this movie a special one?.... Portrayal of the Characters....Only four established characters in the film but Prabhu Deva proved that it's enough to make the audience to glue on to their seats....No twists or turns or any kind of speed bumps except some Mokka comedy of RajaSundaram....I think it's Harris Best album after a long time....My friend's told me that the story had bee stolen from the film "Orange"..But it doesn't matter where u get inspiration...It matters that how u represent it...In that Prabhu Deva excelled in many ways...Nirav Sha is going to be one of the busiest photographer after this film...His lighting sense is out of this world..Had a thought that i just watched an International film solely because of the photography...And as u know its easy to film if the location is as beautiful as Paris..U can find so many bits and pieces of music stolen from here and there...But Harris a perfect assembler...But what puts u off is the Cliché of so many Hollywood films...But nobody is taking such an elaborate risk as Prabhu Deva has taken for this film...Its best to watch it in theaters ...If u r a die hard romantic...It's a must watch....Over all a gr8 Romantic Flick for the holiday season...:)

  • Filled with nothing...


    Engeyum Kaadal begins on a refreshing note. It is so nice to see Prabhu deva back on the silver screen doing what he does best, dance! The title song makes you feel fresh and does bring a smile. AGS entertainment and Sun pictures join together and dish out a movie that promises much and does deliver, though not in entirety. Jeyam ravi has been a star with extreme results. His movies have either been runaway hits or they have failed to kick off at all, E.K will surely change that trend. Engeyum Kadal is a movie that is pleasant to watch for most part and it is to the credit of the entire team to have delivered a clean package which might not explode into a blockbuster, but will not fail to impress either. The movie begins in Paris, the city of Love and we are introduced to the lead characters in the movie. Kamal (Ravi) as his screen name suggests is shown as a Casanova who enjoys his life to the fullest. He is a business man who takes a month off his schedule every year and travels to Paris to spend a free and happy time. In comes Kayalvizhi( Hanshika) an Indian and a music student who lives in France with her detective dad (Suman). What happens when the Lady meets the Man forms the rest of the wafer thin story. For its credit the movie, which has very few characters, keeps your attention on the lead pair. The ploy could have gone terribly wrong but the casting has been spot on! Ravi looks suave, rich and every bit the lover boy and the heroine passes muster both in looks and acting. Classy Cinematography: The original hero of the movie though is Nirav Shah. His camera and the way he has captured the beauty of France and Paris is breathtaking and is responsible for taking the movie up by a few notches. A prime example is the climax which follows the same old cliché but instead of irritating you, the visuals spell class and you forget everything else. Every frame spells sincerity and the lead pair have added real sheen to the movie. Prabhu deva has done a neat job with the screenplay but it would have been even better had he taken care of the pace a little. Editing (Anthony) is top notch as usual and the dialogues are also quite good. Harris jeyaraj's music for the movie has been popular for quite sometime now but sadly the best songs in the Album "Nenjil Nenjil" and "Thee illai" appear at the wrong times and the viewer is a little perturbed by them. But the visualization of the songs are so fresh and lovely that you can tolerate the placement. The other songs carry with them a heard before feel. Performances: On an individual level Ravi has improved by leaps and bounds. His acting, body language and dialogue delivery have become diametrically opposite to what they were in his earlier days. His footwork in particular deserve special mention. Hanishka is decent for a débutant and passes muster. Raju Sundaram as Ravi's friend does tickle your funny bone and Suman as the heroine's father does his role quite well. Bottom-line : The biggest strength of Engeyum Kadal is the fact that the movie has no irritating elements. There are a few scenes in the movie which might appear a cliché and a few more that may bore you, but overall E.K is a neat, contemporary, family movie that can be enjoyed, if watched with an open heart.

  • Good filmatography, Bad plot and Ugly screenplay


    I advise, if you have no other possibilities to kill your time, you to watch this film. Besides cinematography and little music , this film got nothing.Hansika tries hard herself to appear cute and cool.Even though she succeeded in few scenes,many scenes she was like an oil drop in water pretending like a water-drop . I liked the introduction anyway. But after that film goes cheesy.Jayam Ravi ,I think, had an overconfidence that too many people 'll like this. Director overestimated that Hansika - Jayam Ravi and the boneless screenplay of their scenes would be more than enough to make people enjoy this movie. So he didn't give much importance to comedy(and Rajasundram). Besides these complaints in entertainment side, they didn't accomplish anything artistic also. The whole screenplay is disaster. Its been there in lot of movies for centuries. I would have enjoyed more if Prabhu Deva had re-maked an average Telugu Masala film(as he usually do). Note:I hate Telugu masala films.

  • as a whole , really wonderful!!


    ENKEYUM KAADHAL ( 2011 ) Tried 2 times to watch this in my laptop but slept off, and finally third time I saw this , felt good at the end. A nice, not so bad love story. Strictly for A ONE TIME watch. Its about a multi millionaire businessman KAMAL in France ( ya ya, tamil films have this and even they have moved out of India ) who celebrates one month every year after his long work schedules, in Paris. He is scared of the term LOVE. ' no commitments , no disappointments, no regrets' that's his motto. And into is life comes a girl KAYAL, who simply , just like that , in a second falls in love with him ( it had to happen quick , otherwise the film would be 5 hours long ). But our hero isn't that type na, so she tries to make him love her by telling him some false boy friends' list like he kamal's list of girl friends. By the way, her dad is a private detective who spies on the people whom his clients want to and gets the details and whereabouts of them. And this naughty KAYAL who is his daughter reads all the case files , and that's how she comes to know KAMAL. He leaves KAYAL also just the usual way and our heroine ( she has a pakka tamil name KAIVALLY) is left heartbroken and that leads to a song. As usual it takes a 5 minute song for our hero to realize that he is in LOVE and gets back to heroine. AS any other love story, this also is the same. No difference at all. But the way it is shot, some cool songs ( though all ain't picturised that well. my favorite is the very first song featuring director of the movie ENKEYUM KAADHAL ) and some nice scenes, Hansika's acting at some places . There are some good moments that I loved. As a whole, it's good.


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