Förortsungar (2006)

Förortsungar (2006)

Beylula Kidane AdgoyGustaf SkarsgårdEmbla HjulströmJennifer Brown
Catti Edfeldt,Ylva Gustavsson


Förortsungar (2006) is a Swedish movie. Catti Edfeldt,Ylva Gustavsson has directed this movie. Beylula Kidane Adgoy,Gustaf Skarsgård,Embla Hjulström,Jennifer Brown are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2006. Förortsungar (2006) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Family,Musical movie in India and around the world.

Kidz in da Hood is the gripping and warm story of Amina, who came to Sweden with her grandfather three years ago. Amina has not yet received her residency permit and when her grandfather dies everything seems to fall apart. She temporarily hides out with pierced and tattooed rocker Johan, who lives in a worn-down suburb. The wild girl Mirre lives on the same floor as Amina and together they begin fighting for Amina to stay in Sweden and live with Johan.


Förortsungar (2006) Reviews

  • Not bad for children


    Kidz in da Hood screened as part of MIFF's New Gen strand for children. MIFF notes recommended it for audiences aged 12+, though in the absence of much children's cinema, and with my 6 year old having had much access to adult world cinema, I had no hesitation in taking him. While the film has "mild sexual references and mild coarse language", it really shouldn't be an issue for anyone but the prudish. The film depicts an orphaned nine year old refugee facing deportation from Sweden and how she finds shelter in a run-down public housing block, staying with a punk rocker. For me, a good children's film should cater for all ages, including adults, which means not underestimating the intelligence of children. Kidz in da Hood doesn't quite meet this criteria, yet my son enjoyed it immensely, as did the group of several children in front of us aged 8 - 12. It tackles issues of ethnicity, acceptance, crime and humanitarianism in a manner that is digestible for children, so is worth seeing for that alone. My son gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

  • Cute story with a real message


    Johan plays guitar in a small rock-band as is a generally really nice guy, but some of his neighbors holds strong prejudice against his lifestyle :)) One evening a friend of his brings two illegal immigrants, one young girl and her grandpa. The guy who brings them says both that the girls parents have been killed when her village was destroyed and that they will probably be expelled. Nicely enough this is not just social realism about outsiders and prejudice it is also a feel-good movie so eventually everything is OK. I think this movie was really good and definitely not just a kid's movie (i'm 36). It mixes comedy and social commentary in a way that made me feel good and concerned at the same time. No bad feat!

  • It was 'okej'


    This movie is no great shakes, but it's certainly not bad. It reeks of independent film, which makes it particularly strange when the MUSICAL NUMBERS happen! Otherwise, this is a cute story about a young immigrant who (I don't really understand why) is living with her grandfather in a ratty apartment with a (Swedish) 'rocker.' Grampa dies pretty short into the film, so the kid is alone with the nice guy, who's promised the grand-dad he'd take care of her. Meanwhile, the girl makes friends, has fun...and solves a crime! And in the midst of all that, we get songs and dances from just about every member of the cast. In America, this'd be strictly a kids' movie. So should it be here.


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