Feed (2017)

Feed (2017)

Troian BellisarioTom FeltonBen WinchellJames Remar
Tommy Bertelsen


Feed (2017) is a English movie. Tommy Bertelsen has directed this movie. Troian Bellisario,Tom Felton,Ben Winchell,James Remar are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Feed (2017) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Olivia (Troian Bellisario) and Matthew Grey (Tom Felton), are 18-year-old twins born into a world of privilege and high expectations. There are almost no boundaries between them; even their dreams are connected. As the twins prepare for their last year of school together, an unexpected tragedy splits them apart, leaving the one survivor to learn how to live without their other half - or test how far they are willing to go to bring them back.


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Feed (2017) Reviews

  • Best Eating Disorder Movie


    As a person recovering from anorexia, I have to say that this is the BEST eating disorder movie that I have seen. It's such a shame that it came out so closely to To The Bone, because Feed is the movie that needs to be getting all the mainstream attention, not TTB. Feed does a wonderful job of portraying what living with an eating disorder is like without romanticizing the disorder or throwing out unnecessary behaviors. Of course as an eating disorder movie it has the potential to be triggering to eating disorder sufferers, but I think that they handled everything extremely well so that everything is as realistic as possible while still being as little triggering as possible. I think it was an AMAZING connection of how they portrayed Olivia's eating disorder as her deceased twin brother. That is EXACTLY what an eating disorder is! A trusted voice that you can't even see the harm in because you find so much comfort in it. The eating disorder was so incredibly hard for Olivia to let go of because letting go of it was also letting go of her brother. AMAZING. Perfect portrayal of what an eating disorder is like. I also loved how the focus was not on Olivia's weight loss or behaviors or body or anything. It focused on the root of the disorder, which is the part that everyone can relate to. Everyone's disorder is different because of different behaviors or body types or whatever, but we can all relate to the dangerous voice in our head disguised as a comforting friend. This movie did everything right. I cannot praise this movie enough. 10000000/10 and beyond for sure.

  • Very unexpected twist bringing new light to mental illness, anorexia and what it feels like.


    What an amazing performance and script showcasing our inner demons and battles. Troian brought a different light into inner struggles and hopefully, this movie will bring more awareness and less taboo about mental illness. Watching movies like these is what makes you feel more comfortable about speaking your truth and finally bringing a new perspective and openness towards battles a lot more people than we would like to admit, deal with. Definitely an amazing debut for Troian Bellisario as screenwriter and producer.

  • Feed is a piece of art.


    Never have I seen such a heartbreaking, eye-opening, beautiful film. Troian Bellisario's acting is just simply incredible, each scene very real and raw. The script is just fantastic, Troian is very brave to put this story out there especially with it being so personal to her. This film will make you feel many emotions and left me sobbing by the end. Have watched it multiple times since it was released and I can not stop thinking about it. I would highly recommend anyone to watch this masterpiece!!

  • Accurate.


    I have been dealing with an eating disorder almost my whole life, I've seen many movies and documentaries about it, and this one is the first one that perfectly captures the feeling i have never been able to express out loud. Troian did a brilliant job telling such a emotional story, which is also based on her own struggle, i applaud the intimacy she shared with the public, and im sure this film will help people understand what having an eating disorder truly is about: control.

  • A film of truth


    I have to say, as an aspiring writer who has been failed by society and its twisted way of diminishing mental health, I am in complete awe. I knew Troian and Tom were something but this is beyond. Rarely have I seen movies that depict mental health from a place that is so real. Rarely have I seen movies that show the ugly as beautifully as Feed does. I knew of Troian's history with mental health from what she has mentioned in interviews but honestly had I not known, after watching Feed, I would still know. There seems to be an authenticity to art when it comes from experience. There is a truth that however long you study a case, you can never truly understand and portray have you not lived through it yourself. I know too much how tough writing about certain things can be and that is also probably why I am so touched by Feed. Troian, you did all of this so courageously and I personally thank you for it. Tommy, your directing is so unique and delicate, I look forward to seeing more features of yours. Also, props to Jennifer Vecchiarello for the editing. I can oddly tell that this film was made for good reasons, and that makes it earn so many points.


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