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Fourth Man Out (2015)

Parker YoungEvan ToddChord OverstreetJon Gabrus
Andrew Nackman


Fourth Man Out (2015) is a English movie. Andrew Nackman has directed this movie. Parker Young,Evan Todd,Chord Overstreet,Jon Gabrus are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Fourth Man Out (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

A car mechanic in a small, working class town comes out of the closet to his unsuspecting, blue-collar best friends.

Fourth Man Out (2015) Reviews

  • Simply Amazing - Touching & Heartfelt


    I was taken by surprise with this movie. I know that it is classified as a "gay" movie but in truth it is a "human" movie. It is a story of acceptance and finding our way in life. I could relate to this movie on so many different levels. It was touching, heartfelt,romantic, and had some truly funny moments. This dealt with an average guy who had an awakening in his life and he decided to share it with his friends. It then became a journey for everyone around him - some who accepted and others who did not. There needs to be more movies like this as the script was well-developed, the actors truly cared about their roles, the production quality was top-notch, and there was a genuine heart to the movie.

  • Wow! A touching story about coming out of the closet.


    I saw this as a pure dudes film, and I can't believe how much I like it, and how much I related to it. 4th Man Out is a true testament of what it means to have diversity in film. It's about stereotypical frat boy types who have a coming-of age moment when one of them reveals to the others he's gay. It's a story of true male friendship as the team adjust to a life changing moment from someone they knew all there life. It was funny. I feel like it was design to teach guys how to be a true friend to one another. It has all the jokes from a frat boy comedy. On the same level, it's romantic. I'm not into the romcoms yet this one was excellent, as Adam, the fart boy who comes out of the closet tries to find love, and his best friends attempt to help him. the movie was just so nicely done. It feels like the filmmakers had a personal connection with the story content and it breathes all over this film. Very impressive and worth checking out.

  • A sweet film


    This film tells the story of a young man who works as a car mechanic in a blue collar town. He is gay but no one even suspects, hence people are shocked when he finally finds the courage to come out. Fortunately, his friends and family remain supportive of him. The nice thing about "4th Man Out" is that it is real. The characters and their experiences are real life like. They are ordinary people who faces ordinary things. People can easily relate to the story. There are a lot of funny moments too, and they can also be related to be the viewers, such as Bradstar. I enjoyed watching this film a lot. It is very sweet.

  • Just four straight blue-collar guys. Only not exactly.


    4th Man Out (2015) or Fourth Man Out (original title) is a film directed by Andrew Nackman. The four men are blue collar guys who have been friends since high school. They hang out in bars and strip clubs, play poker together, and have girlfriends whom they might just marry some day. That's all pretty standard, until one of them tells them that he's gay. The other three guys don't know how to act, what to say, and what not to say. That's the premise of the film-- you've known this guy all your life, and suddenly, he's not exactly the same guy you knew. Coming out stories are never simple--in real life or in movies. Coming out to your parents is one thing. Coming out to three guys who don't hang out with gays is another matter again. The film really worked for me, because I thought that the reactions of the three friends were realistic. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad. The three sit around saying, "He's our friend, he's still the same guy. No, he isn't." There some overwrought moments, and my wife thought that the denouement of one of the sub-plots at the end of the movie was unbelievable. However, we both liked this film, and we think it will appeal to straights as well as to gays. We saw this film on the large screen at ImageOut, the very successful Rochester LGBTQ Film Festival. It will work very well on the small screen also.

  • A delightful bromance


    Director Andrew Nackman crafts a very engaging and moving portrait of a small town bromance as a car mechanic comes out to his unsuspecting friends. Adam (Evan Todd) and childhood friend Chris (Parker Young) are the front and center of this bromance as Chris attempts to reconcile and engage his buddy Adam in helping him find true love. Very comedic dating scenarios turn powerful additives to a story that feeds on the feelings & trepidation of both men as they stumble and awkwardly deal with one another during this trying time of their friendship. Their love is unconditional, sometimes messy, as they don't quite know how to share or communicate their feelings. But this is what makes this bromance so much more charming. On many occasions during the film, you feel the love both men share for each other bursting out of the screen with sometime as little as a look or the withholding of words. The acting is powerful, and stirring causing a yearning and hoping that both Chris & Adam would find each other instead of someone else as Chris helps Adam find an appropriate mate. The other drinking buddies Ortu (Jon Gabrus) and Nick (Chord Overstreet) really try their darndest not to embarrass themselves in an attempt to camouflage their homophobic fears to comic results. Fourth Man Out is a breath of fresh air for a story that has been told many times before in many different languages, however writer Aaron Dancik throws you several curve-balls throughout the film that unhinge a deep seeded desire to see Chris reconcile with Adam on another level as other small town issues surrounding Adam's coming out resolve themselves to a satisfying final act. A beautiful film, splendidly shot with outstanding performances from a very capable cast making Fourth Man Out an unforgettable film.

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