Girl on the Edge (2015)

Girl on the Edge (2015)

Taylor SpreitlerPeter CoyoteGil BellowsAmy Price-Francis
Jay Silverman


Girl on the Edge (2015) is a English movie. Jay Silverman has directed this movie. Taylor Spreitler,Peter Coyote,Gil Bellows,Amy Price-Francis are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Girl on the Edge (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Family movie in India and around the world.

A troubled teenager falls victim to an online predator. Unable to cope with the trauma, Hannah Green becomes self destructive, and her parents make the heartbreaking decision to send her away to an alternative healing center in the wilderness.

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Girl on the Edge (2015) Reviews

  • Good drama about overcoming emotional trauma


    I don't know why other reviews on this movie were negative. I liked it, it was touching. It's about a teenage girl overcoming emotional trauma and about how a family can drift apart and then be healed. When kids act out, there's almost always a reason. Sometimes terrible things can happen to you but it's never too late to calm down, (put away your phone) and find your inner calm and peace.

  • This is a must watch for all young girls and mothers!


    I watched this movie several times and every time I catch something new. It takes courage for a father and his daughter to share their story in order to help others women that are suffering from sexual assault PDT. I believe this movie has the ability to show other young women that suffered sexual abuse or sexual assault that they are not alone and there is hope to get past the pain. A very inspirational and heartfelt movie!

  • Excellent journey of healing through equine therapy


    I found this film not only touching but educational.  Sharing a true story about bullying and abuse is very topical,  these film makers successfully take your on a journey that includes both the family and the young teens journey through treatment.  It was truly inspiring to see how equine therapy helped the victim recover with self esteem and  self confidence and begin anew.  I think every family should sit with their teens and share this film as it's a gold ticket on what lessons are available to be shared.

  • Pleasantly surprised!


    OK look, we are all different. I like this, you like that, that sucked, this sucked, blah, blah, blah!! As the movie started you get the sense that you have seen this formula a hundred times! And yes you have, however, these formula films sometimes work! I would consider this a heart felt film and combined with "chick flicks" I would say about 3 percent of them take up my time! But for me it worked. Rarely does a soundtrack alter my opinion of a movie, because I am a metal head, but this one made it for me! And being biased, because I am a horse fan, this also helped, however, none the less though I enjoyed it! The most surprising thing was that the main character was based on a real person. Wait till the end credits!! The horses were trained by using the Liberty horsemanship technique!

  • Don't bother


    I watch a lot of movies. I write very few reviews. I have a rule not to watch anything below 5.5 rating on IMDb and make few exceptions. Anything above a 7, and I get excited. The rating for this excuse for entertainment was 7.4 at time of writing. I've watched a lot of movies. This is not a 7.4, hence I'm writing this review to inform you that it's one of about 20 movies I've stopped without watching, and the only one rated on IMDb so highly. C-grade cinema at it's finest. Wasted 20 minutes on a movie that should almost certainly be below my 5.5 cut off line.


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