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LANG Hindi
TIME 2004
Amrita Arora Shantanu Chappana Aashish Chaudhary
Karan Razdan


Girlfriend is a Hindi movie. Karan Razdan has directed this movie. Amrita Arora,Shantanu Chappana,Aashish Chaudhary are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2004. Girlfriend is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

'Girlfriend' is a story about two intimate friends Tanya (Isha Koppikar) and Sapna (Amrita Arora) who have always been together since they were in college. Now they live together and each one of them is fond of the other, to that extent that if one does something, the other follows. Sapna meets Rahul (Aashish Choudhary) when Tanya is out of town for some work. Sapna finds herself in a relationship with Rahul and by the time Tanya is back, Sapna has already fallen for Rahul and starts loving him. When Tanya learns of this relationship, she is jealous and reacts very adversely and in her jealousy and possessiveness comes out when she meets Rahul. Now Tanya goes all out to break Sapna's relationship with Rahul and her hidden agenda and desires come to light in the later part of the film.


Girlfriend Reviews

  • Pitiful

    SashaHalima 2004-09-11

    I was actually disappointed in this movie. It was suppose to be one of those films, from the previews etc., that was liberal and accepting and opening new doors in Bollywood cinema...it was everything but that! This is one of the most closed minded films I've ever seen. The promos and previews give off the impression that this film is applauding homosexuality, but it isn't. It's actually a extremely conservative film, that contradicts all of its promotional items. As a young person in the new generation, who is a free thinker, it's very disappointing, to see one's culture come farther and farther and more accepting to the new ways of the world, only to be shot down by a film like this. I am not homosexual, but I have friends that are, and this film could be considered offensive if anything. Offensive, without reasonable doubt, and no redeeming quality, as other one-sided/racist/supremist/conservative etc. films have -- i.e, American History X, Fire, The Believer etc. Spoilers.... "Girlfriend" makes homosexuality out to be a bad thing. These people didn't choose to become this way, it just happened, and this film treats it like they are a spick of dirt that should be killed -- as is Isha's character, who is also clinically insane in the film, is. But if we must compare it to other Indian controversial films, let's compare it to Kya Kehna with Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta. Boy flirts with girl, Girl flirts with boy, Boy and girl have sex before marriage, Girl gets Pregnant without being married... The different between these two films is that in 'Kya' in the end Preity's character, talks about the fact, that when a baby is born in wedlock it's a gift from god, but when it's born out of wedlock it's treated like a rotten tooth in society. Babies didn't ask to be placed on this earth, so why should they suffer, and is her baby actually some sort of rotten tooth? Of course not and we get a happy ending. In Girlfriend, lesbianism is denounced, degraded and then the Lesbian in the film, is killed because she's insane. This movie really DOES NOT have steamy scenes, they don't exist, it's all in the promos. Indian films with steamy scenes -- check "Jism" , that is what Indian cinema is scared of. I remember seeing articles about protesters protesting "Girlfriend" and burning the posters. I found it amusing because, after viewing the film, Lesbians should be burning the posters because it makes them look bad. The film is extremely tame and pretty pitiful. I give it a 3 -- Amrita, Scenes and I feel sorry for it. A better movie in the same general area -- "Fire," "Earth," "Jism," "Touch of Pink".

  • According to Razdan, Lesbianism Is A Result Of Childhood Sexual Abuse...

    Chrysanthepop 2011-03-20

    Karan Razdan is known for his B-grade films. 'Girlfriend' was one of his attempts to make it into the big league. At that time, skin-show flicks were the trend. If it weren't for the casting of actress Ishaa Koppikar, this would have been just another forgettable B-grader. The direction is sloppy and the writing is pathetic. 'Girlfriend' is offensive to homosexuals and women. The characterization is atrocious. Apparently, according to Razdan, a lesbian is a woman who has been molested as a child and as a result of that, is only sexually attracted to women, and hates anything that has a penis. Continuing by Razdan's logic, a lesbian's girlfriend is pretty much just a pushover repressed woman who sleeps with said lesbian only because she hasn't found the idiot penis who would hit on her with cheesy lines and marry her. Surprise, surprise, the boyfriend turns out to be a neurotic and possessive homophobic git. Oh, and I cannot even find the right words to describe how homosexual men have been portrayed here. The supposed love scene with Koppikar and Arora is so lousily shot that it's laughable rather than erotic. It's funny how the movie tries to make Isha's Tanya the hateful villain but the viewer ends up liking her more than the two other idiots. Special mention goes to the background noise, I mean score, that spoonfeeds the viewer and turns this into a soap opera. Performancewise, only Isha Koppikar stands out as the strong and dominant Tanya while everyone else is ridiculously bad. Not to worry because the badness does inadvertently provide some humour.

  • Movie with highly explicit scenes!

    abundela76 2004-06-18

    Thia is not an Ideal Indian Drama.It contains very graphic scenes as it deals sensitive issues like lesbians very casually. The films revolves around two girl friends. They cross the limits of alike sex relationships and started loving each other at the limit of lovers. One of the girl fall in love with a guy but this sparks an element of jealousy in her girlfriend. There is no practical angle given to the film it's just lust of same sex living beings with lots of steamy scenes.Indian audiences would certainly like the allowed pornographic material but would be tired of watching this baseless, senseless movie even once.No chance of watching it with the family or even with your Girlfriend. In conclusion this movie fails to recognize and reflect the true essence of same sex relationships.This movies not only faced aggressive actions from Indian Hindu Hardliners but also from Gay and Lesbian Community. However, amongst all this controversy the film is assumed to do fine business and get the money back with some profits.

  • Ridiculous and utterly offensive to LGBT+ people

    sarakhan-02200 2016-03-31

    While I can appreciate how daring it is to address homosexuality at all in Hindi cinema, this particular film addresses it in a way that is not helpful to the LGBT+ community at all. It's actually damaging. 'Girlfriend' doesn't treat the topic (what it's like to be homosexual in India) anywhere near seriously enough, and it portrays homosexuals in a terrible light. Tanya is obsessive, and she promotes the toxic ideas that (a) lesbians are simply 'man haters', (b) that you have to have experienced some kind of 'trauma' to 'become' a lesbian, and (c) that homosexuality is some sort of evil that must be purged. In addition to that - though the latter is definitely my main criticism of the film - Rahul and Sapna's relationship makes absolutely no sense. Tanya may be a terrible person, but he is too. He pretends to be gay to 'get closer' to Sapna, whose initial reaction is appropriate, but somehow comes to find this ploy of his charming... which is absolutely ludicrous. The political controversy caused by this film is ridiculous enough because homophobes are just that: ridiculous. The LGBT+ community, however, has every reason to be outraged by 'Girlfriend'. This film is an insult.

  • Could be better

    silvan-desouza 2014-10-28

    The film had a new theme of lesbianism which was promoted too as a sex sleazy film however the handling of the subject is very rudimentary. The film starts off as a normal romcom with 4-5 songs and then slowly we are glued to the screen but the film has several issues like child abuse being a reason for turning into a lesbian is far from convincing, Also the handling at times is too old fashioned. Direction by Karan Razdan is average Music is decent Isha Koppikar excels in her role which was difficult to play,Amrita Arora is not a great actress and is okay, Ashish Chaudhary overacts in many scenes, Sumit Niljhawan has a cameo and he is odd rest are okay



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