Glossary of Broken Dreams (2018)

Glossary of Broken Dreams (2018)

Johannes GrenzfurthnerCharlie PoulonDaniel HasibarStuart Freeman
Johannes Grenzfurthner


Glossary of Broken Dreams (2018) is a English,German movie. Johannes Grenzfurthner has directed this movie. Johannes Grenzfurthner,Charlie Poulon,Daniel Hasibar,Stuart Freeman are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Glossary of Broken Dreams (2018) is considered one of the best Animation,Comedy,Drama,History,Music movie in India and around the world.

Puppets. Pixels. Anime. Live action. Stock footage. - Lumpennerd Johannes Grenzfurthner gives an ideotaining cinematic revue about important political concepts. Everyone is talking about freedom. Privacy. Identity. Resistance. The Market. The Left. But, yikes, Johannes can't tolerate ignorant and topically abusive comments on the "Internet" anymore. Supported by writer Ishan Raval, in this film, Johannes explains, re-evaluates, and sometimes sacrifices political golden calves of discourse. - Not to be used with false consciousness or silicone-based lubricant.


Glossary of Broken Dreams (2018) Reviews

  • Very enjoyable buffer overflow!


    I saw GOBD at the Vermont International Film Festival. Loved every overbearing second of it. I'd call it a braindump on stages of disappointments with persistent political ideologies. Being embedded deeply in leftist, political nerd culture, the movie tries to address topics in depth, and as the filmmaker stated in the Q&A, he couldn't have dumbed it down further. It's also a marvelous trip through film styles and packed with popcultural inside jokes. Buffer overflow! (Can't believe I'm giving a doc with a political agenda 8 stars. I've never done that before! I usually like films about animals!)

  • Wunderwelt of Politics


    In a wild collage of puppets, pixels, stop motion and live action stock footage, Austrian auteur Johannes Grenzfurthner gives us an insight into his mind and ideology with this cinematic revue about politics. At its core, "Glossary Of Broken Dreams" is a rant against society in form of a list of words and concepts. A glossary of today's issues. The why's and how's. The way it's all put together is amusing. So was I entertained? Yes. Yes I was. Even though it was a little fast for the information being presented... it was still entertaining. Check it out. I will definitely rewatch it.

  • Sesame Street for adults


    Finally a good film from Austria. Why am I not surprised that it's a low budget production and that the filmmaker is an artist? Austrian cinema can be so boring and pretentious. Please excuse my bashing of Austrian films...maybe I'm biased but here is a film that does exactly what it promises: entertain and explain the world...almost like a Sesame Street for adults...a rich tapestry of styles & information. I think it will be one of those films that i will rewatch in a couple of years and say... yes, it was right about it all.

  • Colorful documentary


    A colorful film about politics and the problems of political thinking in the age of internet culture. It is insightful and very funny. Only problem I have is that it is a bit too fast. It is almost impossible to follow all the threads, references and jokes. I'm not an English native speaker, so maybe that's part of the problem, but, very well deserved 7 stars from me. Hope that there will German subtitles in the future....

  • What genre is this?


    Another feat by director-writer-actor Johannes Grenzfurthner. He pulls off an almost impossible task: being seriously funny while being dead serious. I don't even think this film can be considered a documentary. Nothing is documented, not even re-enacted, and it's also not a mockumentary or docufiction. It uses whimsical narrative and musical elements to explain political theory and philosophy. I think Grenzfurthner created his own little genre. Docufarce? Documentravesty?


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