Go Goa Gone (2013)

Go Goa Gone (2013)

Saif Ali KhanKunal KhemuVir DasAnand Tiwari
Krishna D.K.,Raj Nidimoru


Go Goa Gone (2013) is a Hindi,Russian movie. Krishna D.K.,Raj Nidimoru has directed this movie. Saif Ali Khan,Kunal Khemu,Vir Das,Anand Tiwari are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Go Goa Gone (2013) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Comedy,Horror,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

Two friends, Luv (Vir Das) and Hardik (Kunal Khemu) are going through bad times. Luv has learned that his girlfriend has been cheating on him and Hardik is this close to being fired from his job. They both badly need a break and when their roommate Bunny (Anand Tiwari) informs them that he is going to Goa for a presentation, they jump at the chance for a vacation. Once in Goa, Luv meets a girl, Luna (Pooja Gupta) who invites him to a rave party organized by Russian mafia on a remote island. At the party, an experimental drug is introduced. Then, come morning, things go totally wrong for the three hapless guys and the girl. As it turns out, the untested drug has a deadly side effect...


Go Goa Gone (2013) Reviews

  • The perfect torchbearer of Zom-com in Indian celluloid; Go for it..it's quirky,zany laugh riot..


    Centenary year of Indian cinema started on a positive note with different genres being explored & various subjects being applauded by audience. The scenario is perfect to introduce new genres & the film fraternity did not let the opportunity go waste. With "Rise of the zombie" & "Go Goa Gone" Indian audience was introduced to the concept of Zombie. While the dark zombie-origin film "Rise of the zombie" came without any hype, the Go Goa Gone became an instant rage with its wacky promos. "Go Goa Gone" is basically a slacker comedy revolving round two friends Luv & Hardik & their frustration with mundane life. Be it girls or respective bosses the need of the hour is a break from the tin & bustle of material existence. When their third room-mate, geeky Bunny, had to go to Goa for an official presentation Luv & Hardik joined in & thus the mad adventure began as the trio attends an under-ground rave party in an isolated island miles away from Goa. Out of the blue, the island became infested with zombies & thus the cat-n-mouse game of survival began. "Go Goa Gone" follows the typical linear path of any mainstream zom-com film & the writers (Raj, Dk & Sita Menon) did a commendable job in introducing all the basic rules from the zombie-survival rule book. It is a perfect launch pad for the genre to a large Diaspora who're totally alien to the concept. The quirky slacker comedy gelled well with the narrative & sets the mood. The film is a 2 hour laughter marathon. The director duo (Raj & DK) showed their adroitness in making brilliant wacky dark comic films with "99" & "shor in the city". With "Go Goa Gone" they will surely become a known name amongst those who enjoys the tongue-in-cheek kind of humorous films. The film had been given a graphic novel narrative with intelligently divided into three chapters - "go", "Goa" & "Gone". Within the limited budget director duo successfully established the gore & violence involved with a zombie film & took only 2-3 scenes to establish the ugliness of the Living Dead(s) as they pounce on human body eating every ounce of it till the last flesh. A decade ago majority of the audience would have got repulsed by those visuals but with world cinema penetrating every households I don't think anybody would complain (apart from few weak hearted). The uniformity of film is commendable with sleek editing by Arindam Ghatak. Dan's cinematography is worth mentioning as he translates the whole island into a zombie inflicted territory. Within the comic milieu the fear of unknown lurking somewhere could be felt & the sudden shakiness of camera effortlessly captures the Attack of the Zombies. Along with the pace of the film, the humour has been equally spread throughout the narrative & those are situational thus never looks loud or slapstick. The scenes come alive actuated by hilarious dialogues which bring in a zany flavour to the proceedings (trademark of the director duo). There are many scenes which deserves mention for its execution like the initial scenes revolving around luv & hardik; Luv dumping his two-timing girl friend; their confrontation with Zombies & the confusion as to what those creatures are; Boris explaining the concept of zombies; Hardik being interrogated after having sex with a living dead..etc etc.. The make-up & graphics never looked fake which adds on to the credibility. With heads getting popped-up, bloods flowing like red wine, flesh getting ripped-off the effects are realistic enough to get audience approval. Sachin-Jigar's music gels with the mood. "Khoon Chus le" has already become anthem for majority of us who hates to wake up on Monday morning & slog our body to the workplace."Babaji ki Booty" is another gem of a song that reflects the mind of a person when one is "high". The second half might give you a feeling of Dejavu but then majority of zombie survival films moves in this set pattern. Being the first zom-com in Indian cinema the director duo aptly chose the basic concept without making a convoluted plot which might have backfired. There is homage given to iconic zombie film "Night of the Living Dead" to "zombieland" in the second half. The heart of the film reminds you of Edgar Wright's masterpiece "Shaun of the dead". Coming to the end there is also a social message against usage of drugs. The actors were in full form & seem to enjoy the madness of the script. Kunal Khemu as the lecherous "Hardik" is spontaneous & spot on. His energy & comic timing is infectious. Vir Das as confused lover boy "Luv" is flawless. Anand Tiwari as geeky mumma's boy "Bunny" is lovable & he has the cute smile which reflects the innocence in his character. The camaraderie within the boys is superb & that helped bringing in the required madness. Saif as the Russian Mafioso "Boris" is in full form & his accented English is a treat to watch. His dialogues "Let's Keel Ded People" & "Main Delhi se hoon bainchod" have already become a rage amongst the youth. Pooja Gupta looked gorgeous & instilled hotness quotient (and never just an eye-candy) in all boys' team. On the whole GGG is the perfect torchbearer for the zom-com genre in Hindi cinema. Moreover since "Delhi Belly" the audience haven't seen a hilarious smart slacker comedy. GGG seamlessly merged the two concepts (Zombie & Slacker comedy) & made one hell of a mad ride. Go for it - it's a laugh riot. P.S : There is a hint of a sequel & I am looking forward to some more madness in it.

  • Indian Cinema dares to experiment and wins!


    It's a rarity for Indian movies to step beyond the conventional(and convenient) love stories and venture into the unknown.'Go Goa Gone' tries that and does a commendable job.You have heard of romcoms,now there is a new genre and it's called 'ZomCom!'.The movie stars Saif Ali Khan,Kunal Khemu,Vir Das and many many zombies. There is good chemistry between the friendly trio of Luv,Hardik and Bunny.There's lot of slapstick humor,plenty of boisterous moments.The trio attend a rave party in Goa where all goes wrong.Thanks to a drug,suddenly zombies are spawning out of the blue and they are hungry for any human they can find.The trio find themselves stranded on an island with zombies all around and no way out.Enter Saif Ali Khan as a Russian mafia Boris.Off late Saif's acting has really transcended to a new level of confidence and this role is an example of that.His character is just so amazing.His dialog delivery with that Russian accent,his intimidating yet adorable looks,his intriguing persona-are all things you will love about him.You get a kick within when he says with that Russian accent- 'I kill dead people'.The rest of the cast has acted pretty good as well and i liked Kunal Khemu's(Hardik) performance.There are plenty of genuinely funny moments. Don't try applying your mind too much or connecting the dots,this one is just meant for fun.Watch it and enjoy!

  • Might just be the Summer Movie of 2013 you're looking for!


    I went in for the opening show expecting just as much as everyone else did from a film which built the hype calling itself the first ZomCom (Zombie Comedy) of Indian cinema, and I felt the movie delivered. The storyline itself is pretty simple with two stoner guys taking a trip to Goa with their socially inept friend where the effects of a new breakout drug go horribly wrong for the partying vacationers. The rest is just classic zombie-killing fun with guns, knives, whatever-comes-handy and more guns! The fun elements come from the rough language used throughout which doesn't try too hard and admirable visual effects. The ending might be predictable for those who have watched a fair share of Apocalypse movies but the film itself was quite fresh for me since it didn't try to shove another love story down the throats of the viewers. The acting was decent and the characters themselves were well-designed for this kind of film. Since it's a ZomCom, you might not get the gore scare you might be looking for. But if you enjoy youth-oriented comedies and are in for the Indian "Shawn of the Dead", this is the movie for you! Go watch it, before it's Gone.

  • Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K Rock again


    Coming from the directors of 99 and Shor in the City, both of which have a cult following in different age cinema , Go Goa Gone also does the justice to the tag of Different Cinema. Zombies concept was never used in Bollywood until the forgettable Luke Kenny's "Rise of Zombies" which released last month and went unnoticed. What makes GGG work is the plot with a comic element as the center. Kunal Khemu steals the show with his comic timing.(Praying to God and ending with Jai Hind is what will stay with you even after you leave the Cinema Hall) Vir Das is natural as always. Nice to see Anand Tiwary(Remember Mr. Pappu in Udaan) after a little gap.Confident Debut by Pooja. Saif is full on in his Russian avatar as Borris(Bareessss as he likes to b called in it.) No dull moments in the movie which makes it more of great watch. You will always be giggled by some or the actor by their comic timing. But in the end its still the Dierctor's movie. Raj and DK have stuck to what their previous movies had best in it and thats the comic timing(I am using this word the third time in my review because i seriously feel this is what makes us Raj and Dk's all three movies a gem to watch). Still waiting for my reviews, 10/10

  • 2 Hour Laughter Marathon!!


    The movie is about 3 friends out of those 2 are hardcore junkies, be it booze, weed or anything, they just need an excuse to get high. According to me Kunal Khemu was The Best Among the other actors of the movie, his expressions, comic timing were awesome & maintained a standard, even though the movie does contains some, I guess too many derogatory words, which will be fine with the youth. However don't watch with your parents, you'll be embarrassed. Well the movie is one of the best comedy movies I've ever seen in the past few months. I laughed like hell in the theater Jumped on my seat, threw pop-corn & I wasn't alone, the whole theater went crazy. Sooo just go & enjoy this amazing movie & most of the youths of this generation can relate some of the scenes of the movie with themselves. P.S-- Don't Buy Cold drinks or eatables because the movie is a complete laughter ride & you might choke yourselves while laughing. (just kidding)


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