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God's Compass (2016)

God's Compass (2016)

Karen AbercrombieT.C. StallingsJazelle FosterJoey Ibanez
Stephan Schultze


God's Compass (2016) is a English movie. Stephan Schultze has directed this movie. Karen Abercrombie,T.C. Stallings,Jazelle Foster,Joey Ibanez are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. God's Compass (2016) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

On the night Suzanne Waters celebrates her retirement, she is faced with a series of unexpected crises.

God's Compass (2016) Reviews

  • Excellent acting, well-put together Christian story.


    This movie will become a new Christian favorite, with excellent acting, good direction, excellent cinematography. The main characters are a couple of Christian film favorites: Karen Abercrombie and TC Stallings, from The War Room. There is also an appearance by Robert Amaya, whom you'll remember from Courageous. Its a well-made film about a family going through some tough issues, you feel like you're in there with them, going through what they're going through. What I really loved about this film is it gives you a little miracle - not a big one, but a little one - just miracle enough for the characters in the story to know that God's hand is in this.

  • So Much Unrealized Potential


    I'm all about plot and story and this film had the potential of being a hit in these areas with all that is introduced into the movie, but unfortunately most of this potential is just never realized. For example, I'm still not sure what the star's retirement from a school had to do with anything, but it would have been nice if that was developed more. And as mentioned by another reviewer, the name of the movie seems not to fit, but that's because they never really explained God's compass in the storyline. Sure, we knew the lead's husband liked boats and he had compasses and she talked about God leading us in the right direction, but because it was the title, it needed MORE. Perhaps those connecting scenes were left on the cutting room floor. Also, I'm not sure why both reviewers thought the acting was good. Yes, the lead, Karen Ambercrombie, was amazing. And the juvenile delinquent she cares for, Joey Ibanez, fit the part perfectly, but almost everyone else was various degrees of not quite realistic to just plain awful. For instance, Jessica (Jazelle Foster) is laughing and happy in the car when they come across her husband and Eli (Ibanez) looking for Eli's sister. Why it doesn't work is because even though her recently born child is doing better, he is still in the hospital in neonatal care. I'm not saying this movie isn't worth watching, I'm just saying that I know it could have been so much better, but it almost had a low budget feel. For instance, the sound seemed a bit off in a few places. Not even close to War Room.

  • Should've had a different title


    God's Compass is basically a story about a woman who decides to take custody of a troubled juvenile to save him from jail and help him in the right direction. That's the only connection to the title I can think of. Everything else about a compass seemed awkward and without any practical application. But if you can forget about that, it was actually a good movie. It had a good story, good script, good acting, and a happy ending. Sometimes we don't know the reasons why we are led to make certain decisions. In this movie, Mrs. Waters eventually finds out why. Jazelle Foster and Joey Ibanez, (who do not appear on the front cover of the DVD) gave exceptional performances. I think that they both have a bright future in the entertainment industry.


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