Golkonda High School (2011)

Golkonda High School (2011)

SumanthSwathi ReddySubbarajuTanikella Bharani
Mohana Krishna Indraganti


Golkonda High School (2011) is a Telugu movie. Mohana Krishna Indraganti has directed this movie. Sumanth,Swathi Reddy,Subbaraju,Tanikella Bharani are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Golkonda High School (2011) is considered one of the best Drama,Family movie in India and around the world.

A school in financial trouble hires an ex-student with a chequered past to regain the glory of its once famous cricket program

Golkonda High School (2011) Reviews

  • Commercial movie with a message


    I still remember the moment when I was introduced to this movie. It was while checking out review for Khaleja that I came across this upcoming movie which was compared with 'Chak De India' for sharing similar plot. Of course I was curious to watch the movie to explore this connection but my curiosity was put on hold by work. It was during one of these weekends that I was reminded of it. I happened to watch the movie and here I am with my review. Talking about plot, yes, it bears some similarity to CDI but you will not be reminded of this while watching the movie. Presentation of the movie is neat and from start to end the sole-purpose of the movie is well defined. For me, presence of the coach was just catalytic. In fact real hero of the movie is the team and the kids. The transformation from being disoriented bunch of students to a focused team is very well portrayed by them. There are two things in the movie that I disapprove. Firstly, romantic song which is a total misfit and just gives the commercial touch to the movie. Secondly the overly-dramatic climax. I could not believe that a school team playing for championship did not have any extras? Though I don't have sports background but I still remember that our school cricket team did have extras to substitute the players during crisis and they were not just any regular extras but good players. After reading that the movie is based on a book written by an ex-cricket player, this disapproval just got strong. Concluding message of the movie is, undoubtedly, good but the above mentioned drawbacks does not allows me to give a 10-on-10 points to the movie.

  • Truly educative and entertaining...


    As I watched the movie, I couldn't help but note the similarities with the English movie, Coach Carter. However, GHS has its highs and I do appreciate the movie as a whole. Sumanth plays the lead role well, but not as impressive as in Godavari. Besides the fact that it was shot at Don Bosco High School, Hyderabad (my own school) there are several aspects of the movie that appealed to me. The storyline and the overall moral and message delivered through the movie: Games are an integral part of education and children have a right to play. In an age where books and ranks alone offer a bright future, the movie rightly points out the importance and the great values that sports and games inculcate in students. The movie does not downplay the academic part of education. Even though it does subtly make a caricature of teachers, students and the classroom, the overall impression conveyed is healthy. The role of educators as ones who mould the hearts and minds of students with firmness and an equal dose of love and concern is well portrayed. The message by the coach to his pupils that a true man is not one who twirls his moustache and is ever-ready for a fight but one who is willing to take any risk and face any danger to achieve what he considers his true calling, is great. The focus is rightly maintained on the boys (team) rather than the romance of the coach and the English teacher. All along the movie, values like courage, perseverance, team spirit, friendship, upholding truth, solidarity and a willingness to change for the better are portrayed realistically and artistically. However a few things I thought the director could have avoided so as to ensure that the sub-plots do not mar or give wrong ideas: the use of cell phones in schools, the overuse of foul language by the students (though it does present a realistic picture), and the rather 'silly' teachers essaying the role. On the whole, a movie worth watching and emulating. It rightly focuses on values rather than slapstick comedy or silly entertainment.


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