Grass is Greener

Grass is Greener

GENRES Documentary
LANG English
TIME 2019
B-Real Steven Hager Damian Marley Snoop Dogg


Grass is Greener is a movie starring B-Real, Steven Hager, Damian Marley, Snoop Dogg

A look at America's complicated relationship with cannabis.

Grass is Greener Reviews

  • Things you already know, but it's entertaining.

    SouthOfHeaven6 2019-04-22

    It pretty much all comes down to racism. With hip-hop, weed got more associated with black/hispanic people. Some interesting facts, but could've been better. Clearly biased, but damn rotting in jail for small amount of weed is infuriating to see. America's relationship with drugs will always be complex no matter how huge weed is in popular culture. The lesson you should never forget is this: always consume with MODERATION.

  • Well Paced, well made, and very interesting.

    athirumalai 2019-04-21

    This documentary really outlines the history of cannabis in America. It really explores the cultures and art that weed fostered, explaining with great detail the motivations behind political and cultural movements that followed its introduction to the US. It does well applying that cultural lens to understand the ongoing issues faced by many communities ravaged by the war on drugs. A solid documentary and worth a watch.

  • Beautifully edited, remarkable content!

    sashkanov 2019-04-21

    In reading the user review, I am shocked at how many bigots feel the need to go out of their way to slander this film. It does a wonderful job at portraying the arguments of pro-cannabis, as well as highlighting marijuana's similarities and differences to alcohol and cigarettes (two very legal drugs). At its heart, this film is not only about cannabis but about America's history of institutional racism, and is a must-see for anyone who views themselves as for equality.

  • Well made documentary

    ricardobustamantehernand 2019-04-22

    The main idea of it is established at the beginning. It invites you to watch it from the perspective of the ones that had suffered it the most regarding consumption of marihuana. It shows you historic facts that help the viewer to understand the problematic behind its demonization. This particular documentary handles a very complex topic. It should be noted that is not about if drugs are good or bad, if this one or that one needs to be legalize, it is about understanding that the political motivations behind it. You may agree on this o not, but certainly it should not affect how you would rate this documentary.

  • it makes you wanna try

    ops-52535 2019-05-03

    Its not an objective presentation on the case of using the weed, its more of biased kind of historical recollection on the drug,racism, and the drugwar as a political weapon in neo modern american history. its darn well made, and when i watcehd it i used 6 hours,due to derailments and crashing into other websites and the wiki to make sense of things, and i now know everything about industrial hemp, and the ''hemp for victory'' slogan of 1942. thank you for this docu, its strange,honest and very subjective to the positiveness of jive or reffer or weed or what itsa called. im sure its a good pain reliever, and would cry out loud for all of us struggling the excrusiating pain and agony of fibromyalgia and myopathia, that dies from the sideeffects of paracetamol and whatever prescribed medication, let them have it, is the last outcry from the grumpy old man



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