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Gudumba Shankar (2004)

Gudumba Shankar (2004)

Pawan KalyanMeera JasmineAshish VidyarthiRajan P. Dev
Veera Shankar


Gudumba Shankar (2004) is a Telugu movie. Veera Shankar has directed this movie. Pawan Kalyan,Meera Jasmine,Ashish Vidyarthi,Rajan P. Dev are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2004. Gudumba Shankar (2004) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Shankar aka Gudumba Shankar, a petty-thief, falls in love with Gowri. When Shankar learns that Gowri and her family are harassed by powerful goon Kumaraswamy, he sets up a plot to fool kumaraswamy.

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Gudumba Shankar (2004) Reviews

  • Kshana Kshanam (or RTS) + DDLJ = GS


    Well, i summarized it in the title. But still it has got it's own mind to look into and enjoy watching it. Coming to the story, the first part of the movie is apparently inspired from the movies Kshana Kshanam/Hairan/Romancing the stone. Second part is obviously looks like Dilwale. Still it has got so much comic part n romance. Over all, it's like a every-time-you-watch-it-you-enjoy-it movie. Music in fantastic. All the actor from Pavan to Bramhanandam are really good. Also, the villains of the movie are shown doing comedy which is unique about the film. The words like Hudu.. are very funny. It has so many one liners that i forget all the lines when i finish watching the movie and i will enjoy when i watch it again. In one line, the movie is superb. Pavan tried to do a different movie but unfortunately it bombed at the box office. I have got to mention about the action sequences which have been choreographed by Pavan himself. The last action scene is so natural that it looks very scary. The hero beats the villains and beaten by them in such a manner that it all looks so real, terrifying but still terrific. Kudos to all that are involved in this venture!

  • easily one of the best films from Powerstar


    The energy levels shown by Powerstar in this film is Unmatchable. especially in Lele Ivvale song , Chitti Nadumune and the best one Killi Killi. This movie was a box office average only because people couldn't accept Pawankalyan in that poor avatar. For me this film showcased Pawankalyan real acting power and always stands no1. followed by Tholi Prema Jalsa and Kushi. Brahmanandam getting blackmailed part has infinite repeat value.


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