Haraamkhor (2015)

Haraamkhor (2015)

Nawazuddin SiddiquiShweta TripathiTrimala AdhikariMohammad Samad
Shlok Sharma


Haraamkhor (2015) is a Hindi movie. Shlok Sharma has directed this movie. Nawazuddin Siddiqui,Shweta Tripathi,Trimala Adhikari,Mohammad Samad are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Haraamkhor (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Shyam is a school teacher in a village. He is married to his ex-student. Sandhya, and her best friends Mintu and Kamal are some of his students. Sandhya's mom abandoned her as a child and her father, Raghuvir- a police inspector has started dating someone new, but was waiting for the right time to tell her. Kamal has a crush on Sandhya but she desires her teacher. They meet in secret and start having an affair and have sex. One month later, she reveals that she hasn't gotten her period, so they make a secret trip to the city. At the woman's clinic, Sandhya is recognized by her father's girlfriend, who keeps her secret. Sandhya is not pregnant. When they return to the village, Shyam tells Sandhya that they should stop seeing each other and keep their relationship strictly a student-teacher one. But rumors reveal their secret anyway.


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Haraamkhor (2015) Reviews

  • "In a small Gujarati town, a school teacher has more than an academic interest in one of his female students." Is it ?


    Finally!!! This film got released; though, it has been released in a select few screens . 'Haramkhor' have an ambiguous start, an uneasy yet beautifully shot interval and an unexpected end. What is it about ? "In a small Gujarati town, a school teacher has more than an academic interest in one of his female students". Trust me, it is more complex than this and i won't spoil it. This film can be seen from the eyes and actions of characters. Characters are well written and played even better. Even small character as 'shaktiman' is well build. +1 for the character development because a few people can achieve that. Shweta Tripahti - A big applaud for her. I never expected that she(actually anyone) could to do justice to the character. She is the big thing here, people. The issues her character is going and how she reacts to it reflects more about the real struggles(i won't spoil) of women( or young girls) in this country. Nawaz - Honestly, most of the film collection(box office) is dependent upon him. He is superstar for independent film and his timing is perfect. Watch out for his humor to keep smile on your faces but soon you will realize why film is called 'HARAMKHOR'. Irfan khan AND Mohd samad - They bliss this film with innocence and immaturity. A naive journey for love and brotherhood. They are undoubtedly one of the reason why this film is beautiful. I guess, they make casual audience feel more comfortable. As a movie - The most important aspect of the film is how different things are falling in the places. The flaws that them more real. As a motive - I cannot even begin to think how hard it was for the director put pieces in the places. Reasons being how sensitive our country is and how taboo is the topic. Kudos to Shlok Sharma for putting the thought and effort for putting forward the motive. It was definitely worth it! Lastly, I have seen the censored version. I might have missed out some scenes.

  • An art film about school and love set in rural India


    I love art movies and Nawazuddin Siddiqui is one of my most favorite actors. Whenever I hear that his movie is out - I want to see it. We saw "Haraamkhor" at the theater but didn't bring our daughter with us. I was told that it will have some sexual content and lots of bad language. The movie is set somewhere in rural India, the landscape is bleak and dusty. The heroes are a 15 year old student Sandhya (Shweta Tripathi) and a school teacher Shyam (Nawazuddin Siddiqui). Sandhya lives with her father - a policeman and Shyam - with his wife. Although we were warned by the note on the screen about a serious problem that Indian government schools are having, especially regarding girls, I had no idea about how will this "female problem" will be depicted. I was actually expecting some horrible female abuse (current Indian trend). But there was none of that. The lead female personage Sandhya came up as rebellious, expressive, strong and "modern" girl. We do not see the "tradition" here, the caste etc...After watching it I felt that "Indian village may not be that bad after all". I found more positives than negatives in it. There wasn't a lot of bad language either. I didn't even notice it and while there were some naked backs, it wasn't too sexual. Of course, the acting and the dialogues were amazing, my husband thought though that the scene with the windmills was overdone, but I liked it. I take it as if local people probably would watch the same scenery again and again (as there is not much to look at in a small village). There seemed to be two parallel stories happening in the movie at the same time. One was the Sandhya's and Shyam's "chakkar" (affair) and the other one was the little boy's Kamal's (Irfan Khan) one- sided crush on Sandhya. Those two stories seemed to intertwine very little with each other somehow, meeting only occasionally. It was fun to watch the act of Mintu (Mohd Samad) and Kamal (Irfan Khan), because they were kids and acted effortlessly and naturally. I was wondering if they were the real village kids picked up from there and asked to act or were they some young geniuses...I thought one needs a lot of guts to run around in underwear and pull off whatever they were pulling off. The magnetism between Shyam and Sandhya was weird and amazing. She was just a 15 year old and Shyam was probably 25 - 30 or so...The young actress face created some sort of magic on the screen when together with Shyam. Sandhya's father, the police inspector (Harish Khanna) was a very interesting character too. He was distant, skinny, a little philosophical. He too was not a stereotypical police officer and it was nice to see it. I rated this film 9 stars because despite all of the things that I loved: the cast, the location, the photography, the dialogues, the humor (yes, there was some good humor), the "mood", the music, there was something about the story where I hoped for some more completion, more power (?!). Although perhaps it's the type of story where completion is not possible: the whole film seemed like a fragment captured by a camera of someone who passes by...There seems to be no defined beginning and no defined end and it doesn't seem to matter...Maybe that was the director Shlok Sharma's idea? Other than that I enjoyed the experience, the calmness, the humor and the realism of "Haraamkhor". It felt like peeping through a keyhole into someone's village, someone's life.

  • excellent movie to start with 2017


    plot is good . acting is superb by all character. must watch for all. not at all boring . ending is thrilled. movie starts with good speed and its doesn't feel bore at all. nawaz deserves this role,no one can do better than him. sandhya and kamal is must watch role, they justified their role. editing is good. it raises the recent topic of society. no bullshit in the movie. its worth than more in Bollywood. movie is short duration so no lot of dance , bullshit drama. simple story but clinch dialogues. if this movie would have released ,this would have got lot of appreciation but i don't know about Bollywood. this movie is better than other crap in the market. no songs,means no time wasted on all fancy dresses. plot looks funny till end ,but it thrilled at the end because of the twist in the story

  • Nawaz & Shweta did a great job but Mintu,Kamal & Neelu added solid contributions


    Awesome Movie, it is right this movie might not understandable to everyone but it has a different zone viewer.A Full bag of acting skills whether it is Mintu (Md. Samad) or Neelu(Shreya Shah). Sunita(Trimala) also did a great job. Shaktimaan(Haneef) is mind blowing in this movie. No words!! If you love acting then you must watch this movie.

  • Nawazuddin does it with his brilliant performance ...one realistic movie...!!!


    Nawazuddin does it again...!!! His acting was nonetheless to perfection in Haraamkhor...sandhya a 31 year old in real and plays a school girl, how she pulled it I don't know but she certainly did... I watched the movie but better than what i expected, it had a really good story line and performances by everyone in the movie was really good...i understand the movie might not be everyone's cup of tea, if the same movie had a bigger star cast in it, it would had done a good job in the box office collection, cause we people are such hypocrites we down look at movies which don't have a bigger star cast, but if you judge haraamkhor as a movie in itself and storyline it's definitely worth 10/10... so for a educated person like me i can give the movie 10/10 and since the movie is not all glittery glittery like a typical Indian Dance movie people are seeming to lack taste and knowledge and start judging movies negatively...


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