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Helena from the Wedding (2010)

Helena from the Wedding (2010)

Dagmara DominczykPaul FitzgeraldDominic FumusaJessica Hecht
Joseph Infantolino


Helena from the Wedding (2010) is a English movie. Joseph Infantolino has directed this movie. Dagmara Dominczyk,Paul Fitzgerald,Dominic Fumusa,Jessica Hecht are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Helena from the Wedding (2010) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Longtime couple Alex, a lawyer-turned-struggling-playwright, and Alice, an insecure woman, have recently married and invited several of their couple friends to Alex's parents' cabin in the upstate woods for New Year's Eve: Don and Lynn, a poor writer who would rather come up with crazy thus ultimately-doomed business ideas, married to a domineering lawyer who seems oblivious to her drinking problem; Steven and Eve, a lawyer and his expectant wife who have previously admitted to attending marriage counseling; and businessman Nick, who left his wife Melissa for a much-younger model, Lola, but they have now broken up so Nick arrives alone. All of the guests being their open and not-so-open relationship dysfunctions and set them against Alex and Alice's honeymoon bliss. But the existent cracks in Alex and Alice's marriage have the potential to split wide open with the last-minute addition of British model Helena, whom Alex and Alice know only casually as one of Eve's bridesmaids--whom ...


Helena from the Wedding (2010) Reviews

  • The uninteresting answers are in the eyes (of alcoholics)


    It's New Year's Eve and we have an assembly of couples all in varying stages of happiness, meaning unhappiness, in their relationships. But each relationship status is likely to change when Helena shows up. You know, the character that we seem to know about before we've even met her, and the one that they all met at the wedding. Whose wedding? I don't know, just one of the unhappy nameless couples. These characters weren't all that interesting and the fact that they were having difficulty connecting with their better half was both tiresome and obvious. Of course they're having relationship difficulties – they are all alcoholics. There were more bottles of wine in that cottage than the square of the number of people there. Even the pregnant one drank, but I think we're supposed to forgive her because marriage is hard. But we're not watching to focus on the peripheral characters or the wine, we're watching for Helena. What's so special about Helena? She's sexy. She's blonde and a model. Other than that I don't know what's so special about her, she hardly speaks. Gillian Jacobs is a better actress than one would assume based on her sitcom résumé, but here they gave her some weird accent so maybe it is best she says nothing. Once Lee Tergesen and the beautiful Melanie Lynskey get me connected to them, and I almost start caring about what will happen with Helena in the picture, the credits roll. Well they gave each other a look first. The kind of look where all the answers are in the eyes. It's better to end a movie that way if the questions they answer are interesting enough in the first place. Helena who? From which wedding? It's all quite forgettable since it's too hard to care enough to come up with your own answers.

  • An Idea Removed from the Oven too Soon


    Helena from the Wedding is a classic example of a film written with a single idea in mind, then stretched out to fill a 90-minute run time. In this film, eight seemingly happy friends spend New Year's together in a cabin in the woods, though over the course of the story, we find out that the characters are each struggling with different levels of unhappiness. In this type of story, typically the characters go on a journey of self-discovery that leads to personal growth by the end of the film. In Helena, however, nothing ever really happens. The writer does a good job of fleshing out the different character's mental anguish, but then fails to deliver on the follow through on their collective stories. As soon as the credits started rolling, I scratched my head and asked: "Soooo... what happens now?" That's not really a desirable place to leave a viewer at the end of a film. Especially one that wasn't intended to leave an opening for a sequel. It was a valiant effort, but I think the writer/director can do better.

  • Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot


    Approaching his "mid-life crisis" early, 39-year-old writer Lee Tergesen (as Alex) arranges a New Year's Eve party at his parents' seemingly secluded cabin. Younger by a few years, new wife Melanie Lynskey (as Alice) wonders if she's still attractive. They play host and hostess for two couples and two stragglers. The party of eight has varying degrees of closeness, with the main commonality being the men are old school chums. The protagonist is Mr. Tergesen. Important to Tergesen are the two "single" guests - uncommitted Paul Fitzgerald (as Nick) and blond model Gillian Jacobs (as Helena). The titular Ms. Jacobs was a bridesmaid at Ms. Dominczyk's wedding and Tergesen finds her very attractive... The first guest "couple" is muscular Dominic Fumusa (as Don) and perpetually tipsy Jessica Hecht (as Lynn); they have a troubled marriage, with sex. The second guest "couple" is head-shaved Corey Stoll (as Steven) and pregnant Dagmara Dominczyk (as Eve); they have a troubled marriage, without sex. Yes, she is carrying his child, but it is from a rare encounter (note the mystery of condoms in his briefcase is revealed in a later scene). We follow the various groupings as they drink, smoke and snort coke. A big crisis occurs when the backgammon board is knocked over... A piece is missing! ***** Helena from the Wedding (3/14/10) Joseph Infantolino ~ Lee Tergesen, Melanie Lynskey, Paul Fitzgerald, Gillian Jacobs

  • thought provoking and timely


    A well written script with skilled direction of a terrific cast! The characters are representative of many we all know. Each character's story is one the viewers will be familiar with and it's likely they are representative of experiences we've all had or will have in the future. The appeal may be different for all age groups. Having been married for 45 years I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and those the same age as the cast/characters will have a different perspective but I am certain their reaction will be just as thought provoking as i found the movie to be. Mr.Infantolino has a promising future in film and I look forward to his next one!

  • Nicely done I thought


    Visually pleasing for sure. I can see how it may be boring. It's more aesthetic than stimulating. The story isnt much to discuss, but the camera work and editing is not at all awful. The main characters are captured beautifully.

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