Helicopter Mom (2014)

Helicopter Mom (2014)

Nia VardalosJason DolleyMark Boone JuniorSkyler Samuels
Salomé Breziner


Helicopter Mom (2014) is a English movie. Salomé Breziner has directed this movie. Nia Vardalos,Jason Dolley,Mark Boone Junior,Skyler Samuels are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Helicopter Mom (2014) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Maggie Cooper thinks it would be so cool if her son Lloyd were gay. So cool in fact that she signs him up for a college scholarship for gay kids, sets him up on dates and then for good measure outs him to the entire school. And then Lloyd meets a girl.

Helicopter Mom (2014) Reviews

  • Dumbest Movie I have ever seen.


    This film is so stupid.I mean where does one begin? The mother (though the actress was really good) was plagued by a terrible script that made her attachment to her son seem like a reverse Oedipus Complex. Besides that this movie is cringe inducing with it's "gay humor" that doesn't really come off as funny but more unintentionally homophobic. You see only two gay teens (who are side characters in a movie trying to sell itself as an LGBT genre movie I might add)who act like the most stereotypical cartoons of real people ever made. The were kinda like the gay teens in high school that all the other gay teens don't like because they are stupid and obnoxious.If you are a gay like me it feels like a black guy watching a ministerial show. How this ever got a premiere at Frameline I will never know.

  • Idiotic, annoying, patently unfunny, and anything but entertaining.


    Helicopter Mom is idiotic, annoying, patently unfunny, and blatantly homophobic. It is in many ways a film from a different and far worse era. Head-to-toe it plays like a lackluster piece of late-90s teen sit-com drek. The film isn't even remotely relevant and it overflows with dated references. Then there is the issue of the film's central plot: that a mother would be so aggressively separated from reality to determine that her son is gay before he has even reached a conclusion. It is ridiculous and disgustingly offensive. At every turn it simplifies a whole crop of people, defining them by nothing more than who they love, and aggressively stereotyping them along the way. As if this weren't enough to stop watching, it then cripples its characters with dialogue that is unrealistic and clumsy. There are so many elements of Helicopter Mom that make it a failure. It is a lazily shot made- for-TV movie that certainly won't find an audience with any demographic. The script is written with the skill of a second-grader with no sense of character knowledge, spinning about with a dizzying amount of unmotivated character shifts. There is no consistency to anything and large sections of the film are absolutely incoherent. The film is so mired in a quagmire of sub-mediocre drivel that it can be considered nothing but forgettable. The best thing that can be said about Helicopter Mom is there's an ending, unfortunately it comes ninety minutes too late.

  • This flick is beyond idiotic


    Hands down, one of the worst flicks ever. Nia Vardolos is a gifted writer and actress and I adored her in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." But someone steered her wrong in "Helicopter Mom." Overview: Financially pressed single mom Maggie has some reason to wonder about her son's sexual identity. A sensitive type boy who hasn't had a relationship despite being pursued by girls at his school, especially pretty cheerleader Carrie, the boy finds himself attracted to both boys and girls. Maggie assumes he's gay and attempts to set him up with various males. She takes it upon herself to submit an application for him for a gay student college scholarship, forcing her son to play along with the deceit. From there it just keeps getting dumber. This is worst than a bad sitcom. It's offensive, relies on poor stereotype jokes, and Nia is simply not her best in this. This flick is beyond idiotic!

  • This has amateur written all over it!


    This movie has little plot and zombie-like "acting" which puts the deep freeze on anything you might want to get out of the film. Aside from Ms. Vardalos, there's a reason the rest of the cast is made up of unknowns and little known bit players. Ms. Vardalos is astonishingly horrible in this and quickly making herself even less relevant than she's already become by being in amateur movies like Helicopter Mom. There are zero redeeming qualities about this movie and everything from the cinematography to the wardrobe makes it look like a bad student film. The only thing that's funny about this film is that apparently the sales company, distributor, production company, producer and/or director are posting bogus positive user reviews to try and trick people into watching this thing. 99% of the people see right through it which makes the losers behind this movie even more pathetic than they already are for putting out a trashy movie like this. The very few critic's who even bothered reviewing this movie unanimously panned it. Even if you can download this thing for free off the internet, your time is worth far more than subjecting yourself to 80 minutes of stupidity.

  • Dummbest Movie ever.


    This is no way to bring out a mother.. the way she is portrayed.. O MY GOSH>. so Nagy so unrealistic and SO condescending . its so obvious he is straight and yet leaves the poor girlfriend with no closure.. The last birthday surprise was total BS. made me vomit. not the way to portray mother's love.. its been insulted left and right and the girl she threw herself for him yet he does not reciprocate? every thing is weird except the DAD. Nice character well played.. but then This movie made me review ,. its so awfully bad. The Futile attempts to make comedy is nothing short of a disaster and I had so much respect for Nia Vardalos. She just ruined it.. But then its about a Helicopter mom who always hovers.. that she does.. teaches a lesson how NOT to be as a parent but these lessons are too frugal .. no meaning no depth.. nothing is right with the examples given..This is Sexual harassment from mom to ask a son what he Masturbates to.. Its the dad's job.. for the lack of one.. there was one.. Ugly jokes..Come on? sticking posters? way too much


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