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Hello Destroyer (2016)

Hello Destroyer (2016)

James Clayton Chelah Horsdal Gary Busey
Kevan Funk


Hello Destroyer (2016) is a movie. Kevan Funk has directed this movie. James Clayton, Chelah Horsdal, Gary Busey are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Hello Destroyer (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Thriller,War movie in India and around the world.

A young junior hockey player's life is shattered by an in-game act of violence. In an instant his life is abruptly turned upside down; torn from the fraternity of the team and the ...

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Hello Destroyer (2016) Reviews

  • Hockey nightmare in Canada.


    Damp, grey concrete hallways lit by flickering, greenish fluorescent tubes, are the sad and depressing norms of junior hockey league arenas everywhere. They are but a rudimentary channel for the mindless cattle to shuffle to the icy killing field. As hockey movies go, this is no "Mighty Ducks". Filmed in dungeon hues, where nothing, and I mean nothing is ever presented in a good light, "Hello Destroyer" is a tough, brooding, slow, depressing slice of adolescent life, and perhaps, the most truthful film on the subject ever made. Anyone who's ever been privy to a dressing room screaming tirade from a demented coach will know. There's very little spoken - only groaned and grunted - as is customary in the Canadian junior leagues that is littered with hopeful, but immature athletes. Scholastics are not high priority here. Sporting a prisoner of war hair crop courtesy of the customary hazing ritual, Tyson Burr is a tough rookie, elbowing his way into the macho club clique, and stumbling quietly and dutifully through the only life he knows. Very few actually succeed at hockey, and Tyson's path is derailed quickly after an unfortunate on ice incident. Hung out to dry by his team, the sensitive teen's career, and life, now hang in the air. "Hello Destroyer" pulls no punches in dissecting the ruthless nature of a win at all cost sport, the pressure of dead-end careers in small town Canada, and the harsh barriers in an old school family that struggles with communication. A spellbinding and very important film.

  • The perfect sad movie: It's a punch in the stomach most viewers can't handle.


    The stereotyped Hollywood of happy ending does not apply to this movie: Thankfully. It's not a easy movie to handle. It won't make you feel better. It will remind you how tough the world is and how simple decision can permanently affect your life. This movie is to be appreciated for its wonderfully simple yet profound acting, very little dialog but lots of emotion running with the marvelous cinematography. The end is tough to handle and it opens a debate about the frailty of youth in the contemporary world and the lack of efficient psychological care for the tough times.

  • So, so, sooo bad....


    How this movie got nominated for anything is absolutely beyond me. This was the most aggravating film I have ever seen, half the movie was (unnecessarily) silent. And yes, I get the whole "dark, depressed" theme but this had the potential to be so much more. The character grows on you and you empathize with him as the film progresses but this thing just had no direction from the start. If this was nominated for anything that speaks volumes of the standards of Canada's film industry.

  • Slow and silent


    The slow pace allows the audience to feel the agony and loneliness of Tyson. It creates an intimate feeling and allows the viewer to see Tysons guilt and reaction to his situation. I wanted there to be more dialogue in some scenes but ultimately enjoyed the silence. I also thought that there should have been more relationships developed between Tyson and his teammates. After watching the film I appreciated the directors choices and thought that the film conveyed the message of violence in not only sports but everyday society.

  • Was looking for a good hockey movie


    Rotten tomatoes have this 100%. I assume that means 100% of being horrible. It was slower than watching grass grow. Hockey teams are like families, they will support you through and through. This movie portrays otherwise. After an accident the whole team, fans and family act as if he intentionally committed murder. They show no aspect of anyone trying to support him. Horrible, horrible movie. Rotten tomatoes lost all my respect.


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