Hollow in the Land (2017)

Hollow in the Land (2017)

Dianna AgronShawn AshmoreRachelle LefevreMichael J Rogers
Scooter Corkle


Hollow in the Land (2017) is a English movie. Scooter Corkle has directed this movie. Dianna Agron,Shawn Ashmore,Rachelle Lefevre,Michael J Rogers are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Hollow in the Land (2017) is considered one of the best Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

While the notorious Keith Miller remains locked behind bars for murder, his family is paying the price of a tainted name. High in these mountains, bad blood runs deep. A year after Keith's crime, a body is found in a nearby trailer park. Keith's son, Brandon, goes missing and becomes suspect number one. His headstrong sister Alison decides to take things into her own hands and track down her brother to clear his name before the cops get to him. Can she prove her brother's innocence when all the evidence suggests otherwise? The harder she looks, the more people turn up dead. And soon Alison becomes a suspect herself. In a town tucked away between a mountain range, secrets get buried deep. And if she's not careful, she'll get buried with them...


Hollow in the Land (2017) Reviews

  • Quite gripping


    Hollow in the Land is quite an entertaining film. It will appeal to everyone who love watching small, low budget indie films. You also might like it if you enjoy films that have a darker, melancholic feel and are mostly character and performance driven. The story explores feelings of love, guilt, bravery, dedication and vengeance. If you live in a small town where everyone knows or want to know everything about each other then you will be able to feel a story even better in my opinion. The performances are good, characters feel real, the story is gripping, pace is even and there are some nice twists. I know Hollow in the Land did not receive many positive reviews so I suggest you see it and decide for yourself, you might be surprised.

  • Little entertaining movie


    I've seen a lot of negative reactions to this movie so just wanted to give my own opinion in contrast to that. Even though a small production movie, this is an entertaining flick with both decent acting and directing. I liked the way director played with mystery colors until the end but also the way he presented the social surroundings in the background as it's pretty realistic and much better than in most of the big production movies. Just before this movie I'd seen a new Hollywood flick of similar genre with really big names in it and it wasn't as half as entertaining as this one. Also managed to find out that this is the first feature movie of director Scooter Corkle and I must say I am pretty impressed. Keep on working Mr. Corkle, you are a very talented movie maker and don't mind the critics neither cause some of these can be really useful. I believe that as a movie buff but also as someone who studied movie-making. And information for all other viewers, I am not related to this movie in anyway as I am European living in Europe so this is really my opinion.

  • Capable Acting = Above Average Drama


    I thought this was an above average film made more interesting by the capable acting of Dianna Argon as the lead character, Alison Miller. Throughout the story, Alison has to deal with a lot of disrespect from others in this blue collar environment largely due to the relationship between her father's crime and the local community, but also because of her younger brother's unruliness and general bias from Alison's being a lesbian. This all conspires to make her struggle to find her brother and hopefully prove his innocence more challenging and thereby interesting. As the story develops, you learn there is a fair amount of interplay between the various people in the background and it can be a little confusing if you're not paying attention to the various character's names. If you do loose track as I did, it still manages to come together in the end. All said, in my view, a worthwhile watch.

  • Better than okay.


    This film was better than I expected but even at 90 minutes, it seemed long. Diana Agron was essentially the movie, in just about every scene, and she was pretty good. I suppose this isn't the most ringing endorsement, but I am not disappointed that I watched this film.

  • Who didn't hate him.


    Possible spoiler. Keith Miller has been in jail for a year when the film starts. He robbed a store drunk and then killed a boy on a bicycle. He gets 15 years sitting in a Canadian jail listening to Anne Murray. His daughter Alison (Dianna Agron), the town lesbian, is given guardianship of her 17 year old brother Brandon ( Jared Abrahamson). Brandon spends his time as a miserable teen. When Earl (John Sampson), a man who the whole town hated, is killed, Brandon, the main suspect goes missing and Alison plays Nancy Drew and uncovers secrets about the town. The investigation was "Winterbone" slow. The acting wasn't bad, but the pace needed to be better. Also all of the town secrets come at us at 75 minutes into the film without any real clues. We already have a guy we don't like and know it is going to go to him, but does so in a real idiotic fashion. Guide; F-word. No sex or nudity


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