Iron Doors (2010)

Iron Doors (2010)

Axel WedekindRungano Nyoni
Stephen Manuel


Iron Doors (2010) is a English movie. Stephen Manuel has directed this movie. Axel Wedekind,Rungano Nyoni are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Iron Doors (2010) is considered one of the best Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A young man must escape from a mysterious locked vault before he dies of dehydration.

Iron Doors (2010) Reviews

  • *Spoiler* - a nowhere movie


    This movie starts out like the "Cube" with one person waking up in a bank vault with steel walls all around him. No idea how he got there or why. Next to him is a dead rat in various stages of decomposition. The usual screams for help; threats against those for putting him in there; etc. He finds a key in a light, which opens a cupboard. Inside is an oxy-acetylene blow torch and some goggles and a hammer and chisel. Neither are effective against the door (esp. when the torch was not used with a blue-flame to cut steel). He gives up on the door and tries to get through a wall. Eventually he gets through the wall and finds an almost similar setup within, except for a coffin, containing an African woman. They both try to get out of the room and as they try to get out of the 2nd room, the door behind them opens. Inside is a hole in the floor, much like a grave site. They are close to death and there is not much more opportunity left to escape. As they are digging through the grave to escape, the door behind them opens and it reveals "a forest like expanse, complete with waterfall; birds and animals." * * *The End * * * At this point, I couldn't help but wonder what was the story about: - who put them there; - why were they subjected to mental and physical torture to try escape - how were they going to live in this forest area It didn't satisfy. Hence, the 1-star rating.

  • Could have been a decent Saw/Cube ripoff, but was annoying and pointless


    I rarely review anything, but this was so bad I had to warn others. As another review has (thankfully) already done a summary of the film, I'll skip that part. Problem #1: The male character is irritating as hell. He's constantly making ridiculous comments to himself and just really did not give me the sense of the character being freaked out OR nonchalant. He was just... there. Problem #2: The idiocy of his behaviours.. I know, it's a movie, and he's not really thinking straight, but I was getting annoyed by how much nonsensical stuff he was doing to fill time. Major problem #3: The ending. What? I get the feeling this is some kind of a religious ascension to heaven story, maybe the "averting the eyes" to have the vault door open is something about god.. I don't know. No explanation. Overall, skip it. Avoid like the plague. An explanation for the entire scenario would have been nice, but if it was a thought-provoking ending the filmmaker was going for, I was so irritated by the film and characters that I honestly didn't care at all about figuring it out, and just chalked it up to being a crappy film.

  • Interesting little indie film.


    I went into 'Iron Doors' with no expectations whatsoever. Aside from reading a blip on a review site about how this film was actually sort of interesting. I tend to agree with at least half of the reviews on the site, so I figured I would give it a go. I'm also a sucker for Cube, and it sounded like it would be in the same realm. You all know the story, so I'm not going to repeat it or spoil it. Iron Doors, is about a dude stuck in a room with an iron door. This turns into multiple rooms with iron doors and the main character trying to figure out how to get the heck out of dodge. He goes through everything I expected he would go through *aka: drinking urine, eating maggots, etc*. You do what you got to do to survive. This escalates to him finding a key in a lamp, to opening a locker, to finding a blowtorch and a chisel. He eventually gets into another room (by chiseling his way through a wall)and meets an African American lady who speaks German or Zimbabwe or such. I eventually got the point though...the director is trying to tell us something morally. These two characters eventually get together based off of survival. It doesn't matter if they are black/white...speak English or another language...they have a connection now. They both recognize it and end up having sex as the main character is basically on his death bed. Then...after she hydrates him with her tears..they figure out a trick about the iron doors, finally...and they keep moving through more rooms. I don't want to go past the explanation of the actual plot here, but there is an ending. It was foreshadowed...and it actually makes sense if you think about it. I was pretty much expecting it and that's why the rating got dragged down to a 7. I'm much more kind to indie films because they are usually doing something different. I don't want to watch Fast & the Furious 64, and if you are the same as me, you will enjoy this treat. Just don't go expecting The Prestige, and you will come out pleasantly surprised.

  • Leaves you guessing... and not in a good way!


    There are a few things that need to be said about this movie... a) Go into it with an open mind and it does have the ability to grab your attention. Don't expect greatness in storyline, acting or even communication. b) Unfortunately, it doesn't give you a reason to pay attention by the end of the movie!!! I honestly was going to give it a 3 overall... and then the final 30 seconds of the movie occurred and my friend and I were both staring at the screen with the pivotal W T F face (and then the ensuing shouts of various profane remarks about the eighty minutes we just wasted watching it). Remember how Inception leaves you guessing even when the movie is finished... and you wind up having discussions with friends about those last crucial moments in the movie. This movie has a very, unexpected ending, yet you won't be discussing it with anyone afterward.

  • Adam and Eve


    I believe this film is for those people that understand it takes time and hard work to establish moral fiber. !!!SPOILER!!! Classification: Thriller/Sci-Fi Short Answer: Very little CG, interesting plot, not for those people that need to be entertained every second of the film with 'Flashy Action'. This one makes you think... Long Answer: If the Iron Doors would have opened without any effort, how long do you think the guy would have lasted in the wild? He sure wouldn't have gone after the female because it would have been too much work to get through the wall. He had to learn to be resourceful after giving up hope on several occasions. Early in the film he proved he was spineless so he needed to break out of his shell of luxury, and re-mold himself into a stronger person mentally. The everyday human and the survival human are two different beasts entirely, this was a well displayed principle. Once he figured out that there was another way, he worked for it and did what he had to do to survive. At one point he made a comment about Aliens, just as a joke to himself in his monologue; this was a great example of foreshadowing... Interesting take on terraforming with the Adam and Eve aspect. The main thing that made the two of them unite was the fact that they both understood one common goal, survival. The language barrier was necessary to build a bond between them. This film takes the essence of their human nature, shreds it, and proves they are selfish animals with moral boundaries when presented with life threatening situations. They did what was right, even when their backs were against the wall especially when all hope seemed to be lost. The doors were to prove that in order to succeed, sometimes you need to have blind faith, hence no looking at the doors. I could go on for a while about this, interesting film. Think about it afterward for a while before posting a poor review... This one is art. This is an interesting theory. Thank you Stephen Manuel!


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