Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain (2000)

Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain (2000)

GovindaSonali BendreRinke KhannaMilind Gunaji
Mahesh Manjrekar


Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain (2000) is a Hindi movie. Mahesh Manjrekar has directed this movie. Govinda,Sonali Bendre,Rinke Khanna,Milind Gunaji are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2000. Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain (2000) is considered one of the best Comedy,Crime,Drama,Musical,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Gangaram alias Ganga has been raised by his foster parents who reside in the village thus he gets accustom to village life. 24 years later his birth parents multi-millionaire Avinash and his wife Radha comes to ask him to move into their bungalow located in the city to which Ganga agrees and goes to bid farewell to his friends and girlfriend Saawni. While in the city Ganga is introduced to his elder brother, Milind, his wife, Supriya, and his younger brother; Ganga finds it very hard to adjust to the city life and is often scuffed at. Avinash arranges his marriage with equally wealthy Tina to which he agrees although he is not comfortable with this marriage as he is still in love with Saawni; meanwhile Ganga's honest policy gets him and his new found family into further problems.


Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain (2000) Reviews

  • Rustic Comedy


    A typical Govinda movie, with lots of wise cracks and goof ups.....but HILARIOUS ! Strictly for Govinda fans only......anyone else, Handle with Care as it tends to go a bit overboard. But all in all, a good movie with loads of good peppy tracks which pop in regularly.. Downer - The 2 heroines. Saving Grace - Govinda

  • A comedian, a village belle and the city sex kitten


    Comedian Govinda - Ganga,leaves the city at a young age to get a cure for an illness which for some reason can only be cured in the village and returns 20 (should be 40!) years later. Village Belle Sonali Bendre - Sawni,Ganga's love (h)interest is a girl at the village that he dances with and always gets really humorous with. City sex kitten Rinke Khanna - Tina,the most sexiest thing in the world falls in love with Ganga after coming to the city and she expresses it and she jumps into her dresses and gyrates her hips and dances to the chartbusting popular hit 'Kem Chhe'. Ganga realizes the city has changed.Bombay is now Mumbai made up of seven islands and is no more a nice city to meet people with.It is now a carbon copy of NYC with thousands of builiding and sky scrapers kissing the sky and 12 million cruel city people that know nothing about village people. Govinda is very good as Ganga,except now he is 40+ and needs to stop running around with younger heroines (Kareena and Amisha and Bipasha and Diya and Amrita are his next victims) at the time in 2000,Sonali was 24 and Rinke was 23,and he was 42! Sonali puts a smile on your face.Not only is she just beautiful and dancing to songs,but she gives herself to the audience and does it well. Rinke was the USP of this film and after a long gap between her debut and JDMGRH,she makes you give her attention with a whole new look and putting the 'sex' in sexy,because while she is dancing in one song,she feels the song a little too much and starts getting into it!Plus,she is in one of the 20 most popular songs of the year 'Kem Chhe' which was my favorite with Sunidhi Chauhan singing in a sexy tone! Reema Lagoo and Supriya Karnik are not just supporting artiste now,because they were both first-rate and I am glad they are getting more roles instead of the airhead comedian mom or the evil duhtie gyal. 8/10.PS,if you want to see sexy,watch Rinke in the songs and Sonali in the beginning.

  • Rent it if you like Sonali


    'Sonali Bendre' were the 2 words that coerced me to rent this movie, which normally I wouldn't have (Govinda factor) and Oh boy!, Do I get a decent portion of it :) . The movie starts with Govinda's standard antics in a stereotypical Bollywood village. He goes on dancing and prancing around with Sonali (Kewl!). The hell breaks out when Sonali's folks go to Govinda's folks with her matrimonial. It is rejected and 'fatal illness' story (so funny) is narrated, which is miraculously cured at that moment. So Pa (Shakti) comes to take him 'home' (I never understood why the Ma did not come). The foster mom plays a drama so that Govinda goes with Pa, and he takes his Deaf and Dumb friend, ironically named 'Sannata'. The part 2 starts, Govinda tries to acclimatize himself with the Bollywood stereotypical urban modern family which has it's own problems. In the process of solving the problems, Lo behold Rinki Khanna pops up, (where personally I think, the Kapadia lineage gets less attractive by the decent) and the romantic triangle is complete. For the rest see the movie. Tolerable photography and storyline. Some songs are good, especially with Bendre babe, as well as well picturized. The 'Prem Che' song is pretty catchy. Have Fun!

  • Crap


    VAASTAV(1999) a film people remember even today, It was Mahesh Manjerekar's debut as a director and Sanju's turning point after his jail return and it's also one of the best performances by him and one of his best films After VAASTAV Mahesh gave another outstanding women oriented film ASTITVA(2000) which too worked well and Tabu gave an outstanding performance The same year Mahesh gave a decent though recycled film KURUKSHETRA which also had Sanjay Dutt again who gave an excellent job and then his supposedly debut NIDAAN released which too was a good film Surprisingly in the same year JDMGRH released which was trash Mahesh tried to make a comedy and faltered badly After this film barring a few here and there Mahesh slowly lost his touch The film is terrible, in fact one of the worst comedies by Govinda The comedy is bad, there are jokes made on people being cockeyed, A person repeating his master's last line every time and lot more even the main plot is a joke, Govinda due to some disease has to stay away from his family and grow up in a village The film tries too hard to be funny but falls flat Most of the jokes are bad and even the romance, drama is bad The finale sees a murder mystery involving Milind Gunaji and Rakhi Sawant which leads to a change of heart in his Bhabhi who hated Govinda till then Direction by Mahesh Manjerekar is terrible, he shouldn't direct comedies Music is okay Govinda does very well in dramatic scenes, Mahesh again proves he can direct actors very well in drama but in comedy? Govinda does his best but sadly due to the badly handled scenes his comic act seems repetitive Rinki Khanna is awful Sonali is decent Amongst rest Shivaji Satham and Reema after VAASTAV again play parents of the hero and are good in their parts especially Reema who mostly gives her best in Mahesh's films Amongst rest Kunika and Milind Gunaji are theatrical Shakti Kapoor annoys in comedy but is decent in serious scenes Rakhi Sawant is horrible amongst rest the guy playing Sanata(from VAASTAV) is okay

  • Movie is good


    Overall movie can be watched for once . I liked Sonali Bendre very much in O Piya O Piya romantic song. She has done a very good romance and given enough sensual expressions which will make strong arousals . Especially her navel and waist in that song is very hot to handle. Love you Sonali.

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