Joey (1997)

Joey (1997)

Jamie CroftRebecca GibneyAlex McKennaHarold Hopkins
Ian Barry


Joey (1997) is a English movie. Ian Barry has directed this movie. Jamie Croft,Rebecca Gibney,Alex McKenna,Harold Hopkins are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1997. Joey (1997) is considered one of the best Family,Adventure,Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Billy is a boy who is trying to save a baby kangaroo called Joey after its family is captured and taken to Sydney. Billy travels to Sydney to reunite Joey with his family only to discover that Joey is not the only one who needs to be saved. Linda, the young daughter of the U.S. Ambassador joins Billy as they fight to save Joey.


Joey (1997) Reviews

  • A classic example of Australian humor


    This is a great example of Australian humor which is prevalent throughout the movie. With less known names such as Jamie Croft ("The Real Macaw") and Richard Moir ("Round the Twist"), this movie is bound to be enjoyed by those who appreciate and understand the Australian culture, and more importantly, the humor. Although a couple of Americans appear in this film, they fit in well with the storyline, which is presented as them being introduced to the Australian way of life, which makes a nice change from the usual attempts which American film makers make to put an Australian spin on what is essentially an American film, mostly unsuccessfully. Being made by an Australian film company and including Americans, this movie simply works. The storyline is consistent and demonstrates perfectly a true Steve Irwin style approach to animal activism and conservation, in this case, the protection of Australia's most well known animal icon: the kangaroo. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in Australian movies, movies about animals and movies about conservation. But most of all, those who enjoy a good laugh and appreciate the uniqueness of Australian humor.

  • Surprising good movie


    When you look at casting, you probably won't find great names; but this adventure-comedy flows extremely well without the need of great acting performances. The story is simple and it works because it doesn't take place in USA but in Australia, and also because almost everybody is concerned with the amazing australian kangaroos and its environment. There are great shot compositions, and I suppose its natural to expect more from its director's work.

  • Kinda goofy but OK for family fare


    This movie is reminiscent of the Wonderful World of Disney from the 1970's. It is similar in many ways to "Air Bud" or "Monkey Trouble" but a little bit more on the slapstick side. It has a fairly predictable plot line and some corny lightning shots, but nothing too scary for young kids (and the kangaroos are sort of cute). Young Billy is a bit of an oddball locally because he is very fond of animals (even giant ants). When the obnoxious neighboring farm hires a city slicker to clear the 'roos off their property, one baby kangaroo (Joey) is left behind. Billy then strikes out for Sydney in an attempt to reunite Joey with his parents. Along the way he meets the American Ambassador's daughter and they team up to stop an illegal kangaroo fight. The cops are bumbling, the villains are melodramatic, and the kids are plucky. Just what you'd expect, but a diverting watch nonetheless.

  • Great for kids


    So this was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. It put me into a Kangaroo and Australia phase for a while. Now that I'm older I watched some of it and I realize it's definitely more of a kid's movie. There's nothing wrong with that, there are many kids movies that are really good, but adults probably won't have much reason to watch this one without kids present. The acting is OK, I realize now that the music is ridiculous (but perfect for the movie) and there are some scenes that are kinda silly or campy. There may be one or two things I would understand better if I was an Australian. Long story short it's an OK movie in the eyes of an adult but it is AMAZING in the eyes of a kid.

  • Kept Me Occupied


    I wasn't expecting to much from this film on a Sunday afternoon with rain etc. but I was quite surprised. The concept of character saves animals is definitely not original, but I feel the film competes quite well with some of the films that can slip out from Australia. After seeing it once or twice it gets a little tedious, and so do the jokes, even if the film was slightly out of my age group. But the first time I watched it I laughed a little. Even though I had not heard of many actors in the film (if any, given my knowledge on Australian films & TV), they all seemed to be comfortable in their roles. Let's face it, it was never going to be a big successful movie, but I think, given the time, it could definitely help fill up a rainy day.


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