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Johnny Gruesome (2018)

Johnny Gruesome (2018)

Anthony De La TorreByron Brown IIAprilannMichael DeLorenzo
Gregory Lamberson


Johnny Gruesome (2018) is a English movie. Gregory Lamberson has directed this movie. Anthony De La Torre,Byron Brown II,Aprilann,Michael DeLorenzo are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Johnny Gruesome (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Horror movie in India and around the world.

Based on the award winning horror novel by Gregory Lamberson. When rebellious high school student Johnny Grissom is murdered, he returns from the grave as a revenge crazed supernatural creature.

Johnny Gruesome (2018) Reviews

  • Painfully slow


    One of those flicks you sit thru thinking it's gonna get better and never does..... Trying to wrap my head around a budget of $240,000 when it seems like something could've been done for $100 bucks

  • Seriously Lacking In Quality


    Johnny is a teenage revenant back from the dead and seeking revenge on those who did him wrong and betrayed him. Just finished this up. This film is based on a book of the same name written by Gregory Lamberson. I've never read it but after watching this film, I can say that the STORY isn't bad. However, that's the only thing going for this movie. Let's start with the acting. Yeah. Um..it's pretty rough. I can't say that even one actor played their part with any skill. Every actor in this was off. You could really see that the acting was being forced and that takes away from the viewer's ability to invest into what is happening. Sorry but it really was rough. Let's move on with the sound design and cinematography. Maybe the boom operators are new to the film industry but the audio seemed to sound hollow from time to time and the actors just didn't seem to be picked up with any consistency. The songs for the soundtrack seemed amateurish too. There were some ok moments with the cinematography but it had some weird moments too. Makeup and special effects. I guess the makeup was passible. There was some CGI stuff and although you can clearly see that it is low budget, it may have been one of the better aspects of the film. The good things about this are that I found out what a revenant is and Johnny was a character I could get into. I'm not too crazy about zombie flicks. I know that I'm in the minority here but they just seem so played out and they come in so many variations that I am just over them. Johnny is a bit different. A revenant is a being that has reanimated their soul into their former body with the goal of revenge. A zombie is mindless. They do not remember their former lives. A ghost can remember their former lives. I'd never heard of a revenant but they are interesting. Bottom line. This is a great story made with a low budget and unseasoned professionals. If you can get past the acting, watch it for the story alone. I'm really glad I made it to the end. Hopefully someone else will come along with a better budget and a bit more finesse and do right by the story.

  • Really bad.


    Just don't waste your time. No budget and boring, plot is bad too. Weak acting also. Avoid unless a die hard zombie fan like me. Still feel cheated though.

  • Gruesome?? When?


    I didnt expect a great deal from this before watching it and that's exactly what I got nothing.. It was laughable to the extent of diresome...If you are thinking of watching this I wouldn't bother. Nobody in it can act and the effects for this generation are really bad. If this was made in the early 90s it would of been passable.

  • Johnny Gruesome


    When I was seventeen-years-old I was browsing novels at the local WaldenBooks shop when I came across a paperback that caught my eye. It had a skull faced maniac on the cover and was entitled Johnny Gruesome in a awesome font. The next two days I read it cover to cover and fell absolutely in love with the story and of the characters. I even wrote the author, Gregory Lamberson, a fan letter and he wrote back! I told him I'd love to see JG on the silver screen one day and he said he hoped that in the future it would become a reality. Fast forward to 2018 and the Johnny Gruesome film is here! I couldn't wait to watch and my expectations were met ten fold! The cast is fantastic at bringing these characters to life especially Anthony De La Torre (Johnny), Byron Brown (Eric) and Chris Modrzynski (Gary). I especially liked Modrzynski's performance, reading the book I hated Gary and couldn't wait for him to buy it, but Modrzynski brought humor and charm to such an evil character that you can't help but like him! All in all a great slasher flick with cool kills and a slasher killer worth rooting for!


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