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Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny (2010)

Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny (2010)

Kim DelgadoKevin HartLeBron JamesShaquille O'Neal
Shannon Hartman


Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny (2010) is a English movie. Shannon Hartman has directed this movie. Kim Delgado,Kevin Hart,LeBron James,Shaquille O'Neal are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny (2010) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

"Seriously Funny" stars Kevin Hart performing in front of a sold out crowd live from Cleveland, Ohio - where he delivers his hilarious and unique brand of comedy. In this unforgettable night of comedy, Kevin is in rare form and funny as ever!

Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny (2010) Reviews

  • It's Better Than You Think


    I have always admired Kevin Hart's acting, but honestly i didn't have high hopes in watching, " Seriously Funny". Finally when i started watching the act, I pretty much was out of the laughing seat. But slowly, Kevin's act starting catching me up. The jokes and the hilarious stories builds up and gets on you slowly. I don't know if i took time getting his act or his jokes got better as time flew by, but i suggest everyone to take a glimpse at this DVD cause its worth it. And if you some people are wondering what he talks about, well most of the stories are well connected to him, and he knows how to make that to a great laughing matter.

  • Non-stop comedy that will leave you breathless


    Kevin Hart has delivered a solid, polished set of comedy in this DVD offering from codeblack entertainment. From the beginning of his act, he endears himself to his audience through a series of admissions to inadequacies as a parent, a spouse, a fighter and lover. Everyone in the audience could identify with him, as the material was fresh and very relevant.And, all of the things he rants about, happens to all of us in one way or the other. Many comedians use the family unit and it's idiosyncrasies as a vehicle for their guffaws, but few have implemented this tool with such finesse and relentlessness. Kevin mentions his uncle who'd spent fifteen years in prison and was institutionalized to the point that everything he talked about came from a prison mentality-barking at kevin to 'say it with yer chest' ( or add some bass to your voice) and calling on kev to jump in and whoop someone's butt in a bar as if he were ordering a gang hit. the delivery was razor sharp, and the familiarity of the subject rang true. excessively funny. Kevin goes on to bash on his wife for spoiling his gangsta-style intimidation moves in public. He relates that even if he were a passive person and not violent at all, that was THEIR business. in this spiel, kev threatens to go 'pop the trunk' and retrieve a gun and 'shoot this s**t up' while his wife says 'what are you going to get out of the trunk, the carseat?'. What guy hasn't had some version of that play itself out in their lives? relevant. Sharp. Hilarious. The Entire set is non-stop, no dead spots, no long build up or time consuming segues, right to the point, right to the giggly jugular joke after joke. His impersonations of crying women, of his kids, other guys-all believable and magnetic. Kev's facial expressions are a mighty tool that he uses to pry away any defenses we might have and makes it impossible not to laugh. Too good to miss, I would recommend this DVD to anyone who needs a good long laugh.

  • Kevin Hart is hilarious


    Kevin Hart in this was hilarious. His stories and jokes from people falling, his family, and just regular jokes I couldn't take it. He literally had me laughing from beginning to end. I wish I could see another Kevin Hart performance live. As I watched Kevin Hart in this comedy I really enjoyed seeing Lebron James reaction and Shaq's reaction watching the show and their energy. Kevin Hart is one of the best top comedians I have seen. I wish I saw a combination of Kevin Hart and Chris Rock on a show. Kevin Hart honestly busted my gut from me laughing so hard with his jokes and he needs to peel the someone's muffin cap back blue and say it with his chest that he's a great comedian.

  • The Black Thunder NAILED IT


    I watch any and everything with Kevin Hart!!!! It doesn't matter if it's his stand up routines or on of his many funny af movies!!!!!!!!! My 3 adults sons and myself want to request more movies with Kevin and The Rock, Triple H, John Cena and Shawn Michaels!!!! Also please consider making Jason Stratham or Bruce Willis in a few movies with him!!! They all are very capable and are great at comedy!!!!! Keep the laughs coming Kevin AKA The Black Hammer!!!! ????????????

  • Seriously... not THAT funny!


    Kevin Hart is one of the special black comedians that I "dig". I enjoyed his every little appearance in movies. As a stand-up comedy fan, I was really looking forward to see him on stage and all I can say is he could do better! As an actor, he's good. As a writer, not that good. However, he compensates that with funny gestures and mimics that he owns and a real live energy. The jokes are fine, maybe he sometimes uses too common routines. He has some hilarious moments when the crowd goes wild, especially when he tries to imitate some basketball stars participating in the audience. Overall, an entertaining show that I recommend to all of the real stand-up comedy fans.


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