Khaleja (2010)

Khaleja (2010)

Mahesh BabuAnushka ShettyPrakash RajBrahmanandam
Trivikram Srinivas


Khaleja (2010) is a Telugu,Hindi,English movie. Trivikram Srinivas has directed this movie. Mahesh Babu,Anushka Shetty,Prakash Raj,Brahmanandam are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Khaleja (2010) is considered one of the best Action,Drama movie in India and around the world.

The story revolves around a remote village in Andhra Pradesh plagued by a strange disease killing a lot of people. The soothsayer of the village predicts that God would come to their village for rescue. Meanwhile, Raju (Mahesh Babu) a cab driver in Hyderabad goes to Rajasthan to handover an insurance cheque to a man's family who dies in his car. In a strange situation, Raju meets a man from the village and gets to know about their problem. Soon Raju realizes he is none other than the God-sent, the soothsayer predicted, and the rest of the story is all about how Raju takes up the responsibility to rescue the village from the clutches of evil.


Khaleja (2010) Reviews

  • Very Good Entertainer!!!


    Mahesh's most long awaited movie Khaleja is out with many Expectations as it is Mahesh -Trivikram Combination. Though the movie did not reach the Very High Expectations, It projected the new angle in Mahesh. Trivikram had his mark in direction and dialogues. Action Sequences in the movie are very Excellent. The Picturization of Various locations in Rajasthan are beautiful. Songs didn't reach audience but the background Score and title music is very good. The way Mahesh delivered dialogues is Humorous and entertaining. Though the story line in the second half touches the spiritual matters, It is Interesting and bagged the positive response Though the initial talk about movie is somewhat negative, i have no doubt that it will slowly pick up the Hit talk.

  • very good entertainer


    A new story.very interesting to watch. Dialogue delivery of Mahesh Babu is superb.In fact it is a big plus to the movie. The way Raju character turns serious situations to comedy is an innovating try and very hilarious at many instants. Dialogue is very nice and sprinkled with comedy everywhere. Subhashini being shown as an unlucky girl in the first half makes the movie interesting. Anushka and Mahesh chemistry is great and they look beautiful. A very nice entertainer.It is really a Khaleja!

  • Great movie and good acting by Mahesh


    The movie is excellent with lots of comedy in it. Mahesh did a one man show and he was totally different from his other movies. 1st half goes with good comedy and in second half the main story starts. The interval bang is wonderful. Though movie carried divide talk its managed to get good collections. over all its a must watch movie fr good entertainment. Mahesh acting is a plus point. Mahesh body language and fights are marvelous. Anushka has done a good job. Shafi and Rao Ramesh did a good supporting character. comedy by Brahmanandam and Ali was also good

  • A Good Entertainer - Breezy and Fun Filled First Half.


    Well, Guys come on...its gud enuf movie amidst all big movies like Robot on the screens,,,, I am not really sure why people are claiming that its a boring one, To be honest even though the story is not that good, Still the movie is very entertaining , fun filled Situational comedies all the way in the first half and second half is something which is average and they should have done it better but mind u even second half is not boring. In my opinion , Mahesh babu's performance has saved this film..,U will know it when u watch it...its 100% mahesh's show all the way till the end, 100% credit to Mahesh for his performance, And if you watch it from Thrivikram's movie perspective , YES ITS A DISAPPOINTMENT WHICH LACKS A STRONG STORY OR TURNS OR TWISTS, And Manisharma's music is decent, "SADA SIVA" song is tooooo goood with excellent cinematography,,,,Hatss offf,,,,! SHAFI - Goood performance as Supporting actor. Anushka - Glamorous, Final Verdict - DESPITE OF NEGATIVE FLAWS , ITS A GOOD ENTERTAINER AND MUST WATCHABLE ONCE FOR MAHESH, RATING - 7.5 -Cheers.

  • very nice movie


    this movie is simply the best movie . don't just listen to the critics go watch this movie and then you will find it lot better.everybody is gonna enjoy this movie a lot. the best movie for hero ever . direction is too good . go watch it for sure and enjoy the movie.story is very simply , but the taking of the movie is really good. especially the action of hero and his dialog delivery are amazing. you just cant stop laughing when you are watching this movie. songs are very good too especially the songs , the way they took that song is too good. comedy everything is just perfect... don't miss this movie guys once again. must watch movie...


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