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Kill 'em All (2012)

Kill 'em All (2012)

Johnny MessnerChia-Hui LiuAmmara SiripongJoe Lewis
Raimund Huber


Kill 'em All (2012) is a English movie. Raimund Huber has directed this movie. Johnny Messner,Chia-Hui Liu,Ammara Siripong,Joe Lewis are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Kill 'em All (2012) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Captured international assassins are locked up inside a high-tech bunker known as the Killing Chamber. To break out of this concrete hell they must duel each other, fight deadly ninjas and battle against gangs of masked maniacs. And... if they survive this, they will have to confront Snakehead: the lethal, deranged top dog who will stop at nothing to kill 'em all!


Kill 'em All (2012) Reviews

  • Just fights !! nothing more


    I was having high hopes for Kill'em all, but was left disappointed at the lack of creativity and enjoyment of this movie. it had what seemed to be an interesting plot, the idea behind it sounded cool and intriguing, but the delivery of that idea was below what is expected. the plot involves a group of highly professional assassins who got kidnapped and locked into a bunker together by a madman who forces them to play his game and fight each other to escape, for no clear reason, probably for his own sick entertainment. the fight scenes in the film were impressive to some extent, some well choreographed fight scenes that involve mainly martial arts, but they add nothing new to the hundreds of action films out there. the lead actress had some impressive moves and a cool sexy outfit, very delicious to look at. generally, the acting was just awful, very rigid and lame, those people seem like professional athletes, but just don't cut it as actors which really harmed this movie big time. the script and dialog was just as awful if not the worst i've ever seen in a movie, just awful writing, that nothing smart comes out of those actors, lame and boring dialog that i just screamed please shut up once a conversation starts ! Add to that a lame villain that looks like an Asian version of Blofeld of the Bond films, minus the cat. a bold villain in a grey suit with some good fighting skills actually, he also have an army of psychopaths and ninjas that ultimately fight our heroes. " one might ask why don't he just use his ninjas to fight each other for entertainment ? " the effects were also below average when explosions were involved, something that can be made with a simple editing program on your laptop. so generally, a boring film for the most part, low grade B film with only some good fight scenes as its positive, otherwise,atrocious acting and an avoidable B film that adds nothing new or special out of all the hundreds of B action films out there.

  • Lo-fi action-fest


    Raimund Huber's Thailand-based assassins-trapped-in-a-killing-chamber movie is low on budget but high on action, as stunt coordinator Tim Man delivers eye-popping fight scenes by the truck-load. The film boasts Gordon (KILL BILL) Liu as the villain, Joe (JAGUAR LIVES) Lewis in his final role, the scrumptious Zom (CHOCOLATE) Ammara as the heroine (who uses a couple of bricks to beat one huge bad guy) and loads of masked maniacs & ninjas! But it is Tim Man who really stands out, as the vengeance-seeking Kid, who cuts a swath through the hordes of attackers, getting his vest coated in blood! The film ends with a great showdown, as Zom & The Kid battle it out with top bad dude Snakehead (Liu).

  • All action and no brains...


    "Kill 'Em All" is a hang-over movie, plain and simple. There is almost no storyline connected to this movie, and it is basically just martial arts and action from the very first moment of the movie right up to the end credits. The so-called storyline is about a group assassins who are captured by a mysterious man and forced to battle against one another, with the loser forfeiting his life in defeat. But the small group of assassins manages to break free and will now track down their capturer. Yeah, that was basically the entire movie wrapped up in a couple of lines. The martial arts in "Kill 'Em All" wasn't all that bad, but there are far better martial arts movies available. Some of these so-called assassins could have used a bit more training and coaching, because their fighting skills didn't really come off as believable or good enough for supporting them as assassins. As for the acting in the movie, well it was next to not existing. This is a martial arts and action movie and acting is put in the background. No doubt about it. "Kill 'Em All" is good for some fun when you need to unhook your brain and just watch some senseless action.

  • Whoever said that viewers need plot twists and flawed characters?


    Simple premise: 8 assassins wake up in a room and are ordered to kill each other or be killed. Okay, so with a story that has all the makings of a kick-arse B-flick, a beautiful woman for the boys to drool over and some skilled martial artists to boot, why not a higher score? Because: But it's not all bad - I've certainly seen worse - and it's true to what it claims to be: 90 minutes or so of full-on action. Oh, and the final fight is actually pretty cool... but with so many other decent M.A./action films out there, I'd have a hard job recommending this.

  • Only one reason to watch. Zom Ammara.


    Like others have said, it is a total B movie, shot in a warehouse. The only redeeming quality was Zom Ammara (credited as Ammara Siripong). If you like Zom Ammara, watch it. Otherwise, there is absolutely no reason to consider it. The movie is basically fighting one on one. Fighting one on many. Then fighting the boss. It's the basic formula of most FPS campaign video games. The characters were really written to fill stereotypes, notably, dumb Americans are dumb Americans. It would have fit in well with the plethora of fighting B movies in the 1980s, but is sadly out of place being released a couple decades too late.


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