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Knight of the Dead (2013)

Knight of the Dead (2013)

Feth GreenwoodVivien VilelaLee BennettDylan Jones
Mark Atkins


Knight of the Dead (2013) is a English movie. Mark Atkins has directed this movie. Feth Greenwood,Vivien Vilela,Lee Bennett,Dylan Jones are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Knight of the Dead (2013) is considered one of the best Action,Fantasy,Horror movie in India and around the world.

Hunted by raiders, a band of crusading knights escorting the holy grail are forced into a forbidden valley of black death. What they discover is far more terrifying than the plague. Overrun by hordes of flesh-eating zombies, their only chance for survival is to hack and slash their way to freedom.

Knight of the Dead (2013) Reviews

  • Another hour or so I'll never get back


    There are many bad movies out there, but most have a disappointing, cliché setup to start with. This movie actually had the concept going for it. So cautious though I am with any title -of the dead, I did decide to give it a shot. Knights, the plague, zombies... works for computer games so why not a movie right? Wrong... I should have known better, I really should have. The acting is bad and cliché at best, special effects are absent so basically zombies are recognizable by either white faces or bandages. The whole movie is shown in a nearly colorless scheme, which though it works for some movies here just added to the overall feel of "low budget". The plot plays out exactly as you expect including all possible obligatory story progression. I write this 'review' just because I would have wanted a warning before I pressed play this morning, so there you are.

  • Waste of time.


    This was just so ridiculously dull. I couldn't even pay attention. The characters were boring, the plot was boring & the effects were awful. Even by low budget standards. I wouldn't recommend this. I can't even think of anything to fill in the 10 line minimum. Thoroughly disappointing movie. Don't waste your time. The sex scene was even disappointing & that's a difficult feat to achieve. Still not 10 lines. Well I can talk for England usually so the fact that I can't write a 10 line review says it all. Boring, dull, time wasting crap. 1/10

  • Worst film this year ARGHHH ORRGGH by a mile


    What a load of rubbish - Worst film this year ARGHHH ORRGGH by a mile My partner fell asleep after 2 minutes and woke up at the end. Did i miss anything she said ? - NO not really, in fact not at all. Some movies are so bad they become good - this movie is so bad it will just go on getting worse for ever Plot - (what do zombies say again ?) What plot ? Acting - ORRRR ARGGGGG ERRRRRR - lets all run, - what acting ? Budget - how on earth did they get one ? ORRRR ARGGGGG ERRRRRR Even the scenery didn't bother to turn up. Most films are in colour , some black and white , there's a very good reason why 50 shades are grey aren't popular :) For those of you really interested here's the plot Hello i've come to collect the Holy grail - oh all right here it is - please leave my pizza over there Thanks,- bye then - you can die now (even though you looked fine when we arrived) Must have been the anchovies ! and it just gets better and better ORRRR ARGGGGG ERRRRRR. Maybe the original Welsh version was better LLLORRR LLLARGGG LLERRR. If you asked a bunch of 5 year old kids to make a zombie movie - they'd do better - a lot better. I wouldn't even use this movie as a place to put my mug of coffee on !

  • Bleak and poor


    I agree 100% with Sjaak Schulteis' review. This movie's appalling, in spite of a promising pitch: the Holy Grail moving through a zombie-filled valley of the shadows of death in the hands of fearsome knights? The plot could have been a killer. Alas! What a disaster. The lack of color, terrible acting, poor shooting (not even giving justice to the beauty of the surrounding landscape...), poor assembling and editing, and this overall, lingering, "this is a (dead-)serious movie so us guys, actors, need to act tough and avoid any hint of humor" feeling just got me worked up in the end, struggling to watch the whole atrocity. I did, eventually, but there was no redeeming for this lazy movie. Actors behave like they are wondering why they're on the set. The storyline never makes it to cruise speed. There is no suspense or challenge of any kind that makes it worth watching it to the end. A total collapse.

  • Some dead are better left dead...


    "Knight of the Dead" was bad, no doubt about it. And you have that sense of impending boredom and doom lurking about you right from the very start. The storyline in the movie was next to non-existing, and it was weak at best. And the movie wasn't really helped much along by having one-dimensional characters that lacked personalities and any level of worth to make you care the least bit about them. "Knight of the Dead" is filmed in very dull and earth-tone colors, which was kind of interesting enough, as it did help to paste the image of a bleak and gloomy world set in the middle ages where zombies roam around the countryside. However, it just got to much in overall, because you sit there and want to see more colors in the movie eventually. One of the better things in the movie was the the costumes. They looked nice enough and had some fairly interesting and nice touches to them. The acting in the movie was adequate. Mind you, it wasn't mind-boggling, award-winning or outstanding in any memorable way. But people did good enough with the jobs they were giving. They were just fighting an uphill battle against a storyline with virtually no proper plot or meaning whatsoever. There is a little bit of gore throughout the movie, but hardly enough to satisfy gore-hounds and fans of the zombie genre. And it is most definitely not enough to make up for the ghastly lack of storyline. You would think that zombies in the middle ages would make for a good setting, and you would be right about it, but not everything that glitters is gold, and this movie sure wasn't that! "Knight of the Dead" is boring and rather pointless. The movie never really got up in pace, but just trotted straight ahead in a dull pace, never working up any kind of excitement or scares.


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