Koto no ha no niwa (2013)

Koto no ha no niwa (2013)

Miyu IrinoKana HanazawaFumi HiranoGou Maeda
Makoto Shinkai


Koto no ha no niwa (2013) is a Japanese,English movie. Makoto Shinkai has directed this movie. Miyu Irino,Kana Hanazawa,Fumi Hirano,Gou Maeda are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Koto no ha no niwa (2013) is considered one of the best Animation,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Takao, who dreams of becoming a shoemaker, skips school and is sketching shoes in a garden in the middle of Tokyo. He meets a mysterious woman, Yukino, who is older than him. Then, without arranging the times, the two start to see each other again and again, but only on rainy days.

Koto no ha no niwa (2013) Reviews

  • Garden of Words and Shinkai


    Although I don't make reviews of movies (only read and maybe comment with friends), Shinkai's movies just force me to. My first comment was of, in my opinion is this director's best work to this day, 5 cm per second, and so this is going to be my second comment. With that long introduction said, I must say this movie surprised me, with a scenery a OST worthy of the highest regards (like Shinkai has us used to) and a character development spot on. Not the deepest analysis in each character (he couldn't do that in 45 min) but deep enough for the audience to understand them and know what they are going through which is the whole point of the movie. All this wrapped up with a spectacular climax. Although you feel the climax coming, you don't expect a climax like this, with that much energy, sentiment, and art, all in 2 min long. To finish, a little opinion on Shinkai, I have seen all his movies and I sense that him, with this movie, just realized what are his strong points: not huge movies with 8 characters and lots of themes (a ground where Miyasaki flourishes) but little situations where few characters stand for being truly humane and how they confront problems that ,at that time, mean the world to them and shape them for the future. He's a director that likes to test new grounds (part coming from being a young) but he's also getting reaching his full potential. That's why "Voices from a distant star", "5 cm per second" and this movie are his best work to date and "Voices from deep below" and "place promised" being his not so good movies (although I liked them).

  • Absolutely stunning.


    I have no words that can describe how in love I am with this movie. I stumbled upon it randomly, thought the art looked lovely, and decided to give it a view. I'm so glad I did. The artwork and animation is just breathtaking. The landscapes and city scenes are almost photo realistic, attention being given to the tiniest of details. I would consider it on par with Studio Ghibli at least. I consider myself very critical when it comes to animations, and it takes a lot to really wow me, but this took the cake. I came with no expectations, and left wondering why this movie isn't more widespread and the need to tell everyone I know to watch it. Though the film is only 46 minutes long, it feels like a feature length film. I was captivated for every second of it, and will be watching it many times in the future. Too long, didn't read? Watch this movie.

  • Visually stunning with a good story


    I've seen most of Makoto Shinkai's anime. When I first saw 5cm per second, I was amazed at how well the emotions of the characters dwell in the environment around them. Garden of words is no exception. The refined use of environment and ambient effects (sound, music, weather etc) contribute greatly to the film's story. There isn't much to say about how Makoto does it and if you're going to like the style but give it a watch and you'll know. Overall, Garden of words is a really good piece of art. It's definitely filled with Makoto's signature style and a definite recommendation to watch.

  • stunning in its vision...a work of art DON'T SHUT IT OFF AFTER THE CREDITS START ROLLIING


    i've seen all his films and personally, this is my favorite. in this film he tweaks his animation style a little bit...just a little bit and i think the results look even more stunning. the guy(Shinkai)just keeps evolving and getting better. two main reasons why i watch his movies 1:animation is out of this world 2:the story-lines that he comes up with. his films are the only ones that hit that chord of loneliness and longing consistently...never manages to not put a lump in my throat. the story starts off by introducing the male protagonist Takao, who is 15 years old and in his first year of high school. Takao aspires to be a shoemaker and make something of himself. he also likes the rain and where he lives it rains a lot. every time it rains Takao has a habit of cutting first period and going to the park where he has a special place where he sits and draws designs of shoes. one rainy day, a young but older woman is also sitting in that place, drinking beer and eating chocolates. she seems sad. they have a awkward little first conversation. every time it rains she is also there in the park in that place. they get to know each other a little bit. during one stretch of rainy season it rains like for a week and they see each other everyday...he jokingly says that she gonna get in trouble at her work for calling out so many days. what happens afterward is love discovered, love losted...and a sense and a feeling of hope for the future. again, my favorite in story and animation. the film is a very short 46 minutes and the time just flew. i just wish it could have been longer, maybe there will be a sequel...if you watch the movie you will know what i mean.

  • (Rwo) Review : GARDEN OF WORDS Is Cheesy, But Has Heart


    Promoted as a feature-length film, Shinkai Makoto's Garden of Words surprisingly only lasts 46 minutes. However, it was enough for the director to portray human emotions as well as understand the purpose of relationships. The word "love" in modern Japanese is "ai", but in the ancient language, it was actually written as "koi", which is a compound of two other Kanji means "solitude" and "sad". Though Garden of Words is set in modern times, "love" in this film will be portrayed in its original meaning, which leads to a story about longing and loneliness, as well as suggesting an unhappy ending for love. At the center, there is Takao, a 15-year-old student who wants to become a shoe-maker. On rainy days, he often plays truant in a Japanese-style garden and learns to make shoes there. By chance he meets Yukino, a mysterious woman much older than him, and whenever it rains, the two of them meet each other in the garden. Over time, their relationship deepens and the mystery surrounding Yukino finally reveals itself on a dry day. Similar to Shnkai's previous films The Place Promised in Our Early Days, 5 Centimeters Per Second, Children Who Chase Lost Voices, the most impressive thing about Garden of Words are the vibrant & unique visual elements. In this latest film, he continues to develop his own unique style. Clean and cute, a little bit cheesy even, Shinkai uses excessive glare and light pink tones, and the result is a bombastic impressive 46- minute picture. The park's natural setting, with green trees drooping into the water, the wind stirring the small rocks, creates a space ripe with romance and poetry, which helps ease anxiety. Although the scenes in the school, Yukino's house, train station etc were beautifully drawn, the brightest points in the painting of Garden of Words are the natural moments when two people sit in the park together and enjoy the stillness of emotion. Garden of Words delivers a simple, soft love story, though many would argue that it is taboo. The director knows how to manipulate love, make it as natural as rain, by arranging the meeting at a far away location from where they work/study, only meeting on rainy days to make their feelings vibrate. Eventually, when the truth of their fate is revealed, the audience completely accepts it, because their love for each other is full of sincerity and cultivated diligently through the rainy days. Garden of Words is a triumph of visual style over substance. It can be very predictable, can be very cheesy when two people are hugging and crying at the end. But the movie creates honest and fresh emotions, accompanied by an impressive visual expression. Garden of Words is not simply the binding of the last two people through some lines of Japanese poetry that they read to each other, It is also the shining of unique storytelling style with images. And with the blink of an eye, a small gesture is enough to say everything about human emotion, words probably are not needed anymore. Garden of Words gives you a unique experience, exploring the visual and aesthetic language of love. Trung Rwo


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