Last Call (2017)

Last Call (2017)

Rhys IfansJohn MalkovichRodrigo SantoroTony Hale
Steven Bernstein


Last Call (2017) is a English movie. Steven Bernstein has directed this movie. Rhys Ifans,John Malkovich,Rodrigo Santoro,Tony Hale are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Last Call (2017) is considered one of the best Biography,Drama movie in India and around the world.

The last days of the poet Dylan Thomas as he dreams and drinks.

Last Call (2017) Reviews

  • Through Dylan Thomas, we learn - about ourselves, about life.


    I had the privilege and pleasure of attending a screening of this film and I wish that I could award it more than ten (out of ten) stars. Intelligent, insightful, impactful. Complex, compelling. Sensational, stupendous, spectacular. An exceptional concept, exceptionally done. The ovations and accolades this film received at the Rio, Savannah and Arizona film festivals is an indicia of that which is to come for this award worthy work. The writing - the production - the direction - the acting - all tremendous. Steven Bernstein did what the very best do: he positioned everyone involved with this film to be the very best they could be - he positioned everyone for success - he made everyone with whom he worked better than they might otherwise have been.

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    An effective piece of writing. It's not an easy film to understand at first, but if you comment to it, it'll make sense and you'll leave feeling satisfied. I I had the pleasure of watching an early screening of Dominion. At first, it was difficult for me to understand where the film was leading me to. I'm often able to either predict or confirm the events that happen in the story as I'm watching them. However, in this film, there seemed to be no linear pattern I could follow. This quickly changed when I began interpreting this story being told through a dreamlike lens, in which the narrator (in this case our protagonist, Dylan Thomas) is opening his mind and his heart, so that we can directly feel and understand his humanity, while at the same time, showing us his perspective from a state of drunkenness where we see him as an unreliable narrator, and therefore, have to challenge him and what he perceives while making our own conclusions about what truly happened. The troubling thing about the way in which Steven Bernstein has depicted this man is that we are never led to sympathize with him. That being said, it's important to recognize that this film does an excellent job of showing the complexity in Thomas' story, the great fear an artist has of his own art, and the golden cage of hell within which an addiction can trap you. Again, this film is artistic in every sense of the word, an experience that made me leave the theater having to make sense of what I had just seen, but important, because it underscores the fears and traumas we experience from the things that are supposedly fulfilling and good for us; our friends, our family, and our work. One other note is that after the screening, Bernstein offered a Q&A discussion with fellow producer Richard Gladstein. While our discussion was first based on the content of the film, its interpretations, the impact it made on individual audience members, and the challenges of making a film ahead of its time, perhaps the most crucial point Bernstein made about art is that it surrounds itself with risk. Specifically, Bernstein confessed that this film which he loves is also the source of great worry; he worries about how people will receive the film, what his future in filmmaking looks like, how universal the story is and if it truly is relatable. I mention this because it represents an important authenticity by the filmmaker, and symbolizes an important relationship between the artist, his artwork, his subject, and his audience, necessary in order to make a powerful film. Truly, one of the most authentic films I have seen in a long time. Go watch it.

  • Dominion provides an interesting new perspective on Dylan Thomas' life


    When it comes to films based in history, Dominion is a rare gem in a sea of monotony. This dynamic film captures Dylan Thomas in a way that made it feel the viewer is actually looking in on the life of the tortured poet. The black and white cinematography invokes a feeling of being inserted into the time period, and thus the viewer becomes a part of the story and creates an interesting new perspective. This stylistic cinematography works hand in hand with the poetic-ism of the script to bring us a snapshot of the poet Dylan Thomas' life. Dominion is a film that will captivate audiences with its unique dynamic and harsh realism of the story line. Furthermore, the cast's portrayal of the characters brings a sense of realism to the viewer, and keeps them wanting more.

  • Being Dylan Thomas.


    This movie is pure cinematographic magic. In 1 hour and 41 minutes, Bernstein manages to reveal the multifaceted Dylan, a rather Herculean feat in and of itself! A talented poet with rock star status who was self destructive, alcoholic, depressive, a great romantic, a bohemian, an intellectual and a true charmer. With the strength of his words he could easily charm his female audience. Watching the movie gives the audience an insight to the director's mind; a genius, perfectionist , with self doubt, handsome and a healthy dose of humour. As a genuine master of light and "mise en scène", the movie exudes emotion that is supported by a stellar script. The absence of colour instantly immerses the audience in the captivating world of Thomas and his depression in the 50's. A number of occasional well placed splashes of colour are very refreshing and mark the moments of happiness and true love as Thomas would like to include in his life. There are a number of theatrical and poetic elements throughout the story. Bernstein masterfully balances the stellar performances of the six main protagonists. An instant classic worth of multiple academy awards, it should be used as reference for film, art and psychology schools!



    My relationship with this movie is very special. Mr Bernstein visited the island of Corfu on May 2018 in order to visit the university I graduated from, Ionian University. The island was so charming that he decided to premiere his las feature film not in Athans but in Corfu. Everbody was very happy to watch the movie on the island. Then, my dear professor sent me an e-mail and told me that the movie needed to be subtitled immediately. So we decided to accept the challenge. We did the subtiling in 3 days without sleeping, eating and having to go to work every afternoon. I loved the movie so much that I could not resist. First of all, the script was magnificent. It was a pleasure to translate a high quality script that had so many intertextual references which you have to spot. All in all, the movie had its own symmetry and geometry. A movie speaking about life with all its all the joys and sorrows. A poet filled with a lust for life being exploited by everybody, all the social institutions, trying to take advantage of him, to make him feel mad and guilty because he can to bear the weight of such a cruel world. So he writes about life in a poetic way incessantly in order to find excitement. I was staring through the cage of those meticulous ink strokes - at an absolute beauty.


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