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Life Partners (2014)

Life Partners (2014)

Leighton MeesterGillian JacobsAdam BrodyGabourey Sidibe
Susanna Fogel


Life Partners (2014) is a English movie. Susanna Fogel has directed this movie. Leighton Meester,Gillian Jacobs,Adam Brody,Gabourey Sidibe are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Life Partners (2014) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Sasha and Paige's co-dependent friendship is tested as Paige gets serious with a guy for the first time.

Life Partners (2014) Reviews

  • Good story, peaked properly , and a nice ending .


    The comedy was spot on, and the romance was not overused as many Rom- Com have become lately, brought on the surface the lesbians part of romance yet not too much involved which was really great producing, the casting was also successful, characters we'v seen on TV and some in a few movies and still managed to look fresh and new even for Gillian Jacobs and Gabourey Sidibe. i would'v make it more twisty and knot the plot a little more but the story still got out great the way it is. and as i said it was Good story, peaked and grow properly and it nicely ended . so bravo for the cast and Susanna Fogel for a good directing and writing ;)

  • Life Partners full of real life fun that appeals to men & women equally. Super fun!


    See this movie! I thought I was suffering burnout from ROMCOM's until "Life Partners" reinvigorated the genre with a modern take. If you enjoy "Modern Family", you will enjoy this. It is a story of 29 yr old best friends, one straight, one lesbian & what happens when one, inevitability finds love first. I'm all too familiar with this concept, having had roommates who moved on ahead of me. For one, the 24/7 benefits of support changes only in gender, & for the other, life becomes a temporary vacuum. Leighton Meester looks like a young Winona Ryder & plays the more interesting character. That said, the two main characters really sell the friendship with very real, well written dialog performed with mercurial back and forth. The movie is hilarious & showcases dramatic personality conflicts in the dating world and outside the best friend relationship. I liked that it didn't focus on the stereotypes of lesbian & straight dating so much as the commonalities. In truth, the experiences deal with more similar issues than unique. Each character undergoes a positive transformation in their life which most will identify with as a part of maturation. This in no way is to suggest the movie is too serious. Most of the movie is pure fun as you date vicariously through the characters, privy to their pet peeves & post- date autopsies. The movie captures the finer parts of the twenties & is surprisingly gender neutral in it's appeal. I highly recommend it as a fresh story about familiar topics for anyone in their twenties, or just wants to relive them, while having a great time. Excellent movie! I rate it 8/10 stars for the script, the actresses, the believability & ability to engage men & women alike. Knox D. Alford, III

  • Undecided


    I am not too sure whether I like this movie or not. It doesn't grab me, but on the other hand it's not too awful. I enjoyed it to a point. It's a light hearted friendship comedy. I thought that the dialogue was excellent, on point, intelligent and well thought out; but I don't believe that the story went anywhere, it was a bit meandering, somewhat like this review!. I didn't think too much of the acting ability of the leads, but the supporting cast was uniformly excellent. I would still recommend it to men and women alike, but not as a priority must see.

  • Almost feminist twist on typical romantic comedy


    Life Partners can be viewed as a feminist version of the typical boy meets girl trope, but this film focuses more heavily on the friendship between two women. Paige, played by Gillian Jacobs is an uptight lawyer who is complemented by Sasha's care-free attitude. Paige hopes to meet a man that she likes as much as Sasha but believes it is impossible until she meets Tim. Sasha seems to be free falling through life as she blazes through relationships with various women and jobs she doesn't like while she attempts to become a musician. The movie opens with the quirky friendship between Paige and Sasha as they attend a local Pride Parade and they watch America's Next Top Model. The plot lures you in with the typical romantic comedy and chick flick aspects but you soon realize that this film has more than its face value. Life Partners quickly becomes a film that delves into real life problems, such as settling down in life and holding onto the friends you have because they seem to be the only ones that can keep you afloat. The plot, although mostly female driven, can easily resonate with people of all genders. It does not have the perfect ending for every character and thus seems more realistic than any film like it. Involving almost a full cast of female characters, Life Partners easily passes the Bechdel test that seems to be a challenge for most films. With the help of their other friends, all the females in this movie truly grow at their own pace and staggered to seem more natural than other romantic comedies illustrate. Susanna Fogel did an amazing job of writing and directing a film that achieves a perfect a quirky comedy that balances humor with drama and normalizes the LGBT culture, which most other films find hard to achieve. Fogel also successfully avoided the cliché of "best friends being in love" that completely elevated the story line. The chemistry between the characters leads you to believe that the actresses posses the same chemistry in everyday life.

  • mildly humorous


    Sasha (Leighton Meester) is gay and best friends with straight Paige (Gillian Jacobs). Their best friends are Jen (Gabourey Sidibe) and Jenn (Beth Dover). They are inseparable until Paige meets Tim (Adam Brody). Paige is an environmental lawyer. Tim keeps quoting movies. Sasha is a musician in a dead-end job who doesn't play music. Paige accepts Tim's marriage proposal. Sasha keeps dating immature girls like Vanessa (Abby Elliott) and Mia (Greer Grammar). The first half is sweet and a bit of quirky. It's mildly humorous. It's two best friends growing apart as their lives change. The second half is a slightly better. The humor has a little bite. There is some personal drama but it never truly gets too dramatic. Both Meester and Jacobs have endearing qualities. Overall, it's a light, sweet and mildly funny life stories of late twenty-somethings.


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