Lilith (2018)

Lilith (2018)

Felissa RoseMichael WainwrightThomas HaleyBrialynn Massie
Alexander T. Hwang


Lilith (2018) is a English movie. Alexander T. Hwang has directed this movie. Felissa Rose,Michael Wainwright,Thomas Haley,Brialynn Massie are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Lilith (2018) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

Lilith would have been the first woman of humanity, but she was expelled from heaven and doomed forever for opposing the patriarchal system of the kingdom of heaven. Now she is back, with her servants and her thirst for vengeance to destroy the order created by God and the Devil.

Lilith (2018) Reviews

  • Lilith


    LAME! First ten minutes into this movie and I had to turn it off. Dialog is horrible, scenes are predictable, and the acting is bad.

  • Not entirely bad for an antology, but


    Yes, the acting is terribly weak. The directing is lame. All the cinematic crew are, with the exception of the props may, sub-par. It worth 4-5 out of 10, if you can get over these unqualified actors, weird camera angles, and overal half-amatourish weaknesses, but this is like Cradle of Filth without the over-the-top violence what moved that movie. Lastly, Noël VanBrocklin has some physical condition what makes her do those weird, smirky, one-sided smiles, or what? She is beautiful, but need some actingclasses and a mirror/watching back what she's doing, or will end up in porn. Not that anything's bad with that.

  • Yet Another Abject Piece of Garbage with Phony Good Reviews


    This movie is one gigantic piece of garbage. Excruciatingly badly directed with no real plot and non-existent acting. Writing? I get the feeling this script was written by that one in six billion monkeys who randomly typed on the keyboard. IMDB says the budget of $300K. They should have bought a house and had an investment that would give returns.

  • One of the scariest movies of 2018


    Alex T. Hwang's film Lilith delivers the scares. Lilith is a demonic version of Death Wish! All evil doers will feel he wrath. Lilith is a clever original anthology. There is no host, but all the stories connect. Lilith Is in the title role of each segment, letting out her revenge on evil people! The movie starts off with an intro to our title characters Lilith player by the talented and beautiful Felissa Rose. And also we meet Detective Ryan Carson (Thomas Haley), who is out to kill Lilith for some unknown reason. But is unfolded through out each segment of the anthology. Which cleverly ties all the stories together. Young Love written by Richard Aguirre is a story about a young student Brialynn Massie who is having a sexual affair with her much older and married teacher (Michael John Murphy). His fun little romp of pure sex and promises of leaving his wife blind her until the unthinkable happens. She discovers she is pregnant! Her best friend played by Lara Jean is worried on how she is dealing. Also two boys (Hunter Johnson and Charles Chudabala)from her class suspect an affair. One of them that was promised a date flips out when he finds out what has occurred. A terrible result unfolds when she confronts the teacher and he blows her off feeling alone and desperate. Now her best friend and the two friends try to extort money for there silence on her pregnancy and what has happened due to the teachers heartless actions. But in comes Lilith and all hell breaks loose and the blood flows as Lilith makes the evil ones pay for what they did! Care Taker, a segment written by Anthony Werley Stars Vernon Wells. He plays a dying man on oxygen and in a wheelchair waiting to die and be reunited with his dead wife! Lilith comes in the image of his dead wife (Jennifer Nangle)and a game of cat and mouse pursues and more an more of his past is revealed. As sets the pattern of this excellent acted segment revenge . This has to be one of Vernon Wells most powerful performances that I have seen. It's a really chilling segment! Lust, also written by Anthony Werley. This starts off with a sex addict (Colton Wheeler) that is caught pleasuring himself watching porn by his wife (Emily Coupe). He pleads for her forgiveness and she leaves him behind for a retreat that she is attending! Hanging with his friends they comvince him to contact a call girl to relieve all his stress and needs. A beautiful women arrives at his house and he really relieves a lot of stress in on of the sexy of the stories! Once again Lilith returns in the form of the prostitute to help him with his perversions that may blow his mind for the ultimate sex! Lilith doesn't like lying cheating husbands! Serial Killer, written by Paul McFall, Richard Aguirre, and Alex T. Hwang. Is a bloody creepy serial killer on the loose story. He lured innocent young girls to his house and has his way with them. Torturing and performing sex acts then killing them. His latest victim may be to much for him to handle when Lilith (Devanny Pinn)arrives looking once again to avenge his victims! What I love about this is that Ale T. Hwang directed all the segments leaving it flawless the in style and continuity of each story. Your really not watching a an anthology but a well told story in segments that all intertwined and make sense at the end. You really get to know who and what Lilith is about. All the stories have to do with revenge on men that do wrong to women and Lilith is sought of a savior for tormented women. All there horror that these girls endured in these segments would of gone unnoticed and these men would of been set free to continue to do there misdeeds! Each women she portrays are different in nature and different types of women. But in the end they all have one thing in common they have Lilith in there lives! Thomas Haley as the suffering dad out to find out all he can about Lilith is a strong actor and has fun with his role. He gets to show every emotion and really carries the role with a lot of confidence and professionalism! A young actor that I have seen a few times all ready Charles Chudabala is a really witty scene stealer and a joy to watch! He is fresh off of a starring role in The Ugly Sweater Party and does it again here! Hwang also has a lot to do with a majority of the stories. The stories all worked well and fed off each other. The young ladies who played the different stages of Lilith all deserve praise in there vengeful results of there assailants. There are a few times I jumped and Hwang knows how to play the audience and catch them off guard. Cesar Withingham contributed excellent cinematography and took this movie's look to a higher level. The movie quality and sound really adds to the appeal of a very enjoyable horror movie that deserves a look. Cinematographer: Cesar Withingham Editor: Richard Aguirre Makeup and FX by: ChronixFX Written by: Richard J. Aguirre, Paul McFall, Anthony Werley, and Alex T. Hwang. Produced by: Kathleen W. Hwang, Thomas Haley, and Anthony Werley. Starring: Vernon Wells, Felissa Rose, Devanny Pinn, Jennifer Nangle , Michael Wainwright, Charles Chudabala , Hunter Johnson, Lara Jean Mummert , Brialynn Massie, Noel Jason Scott, Colton Wheeler, Thomas Haley and Mark Schaeffer.

  • Definitely See It!


    Lilith was extremely original in that it was more of a violent art compilation than a traditional horror film. In true nature of an anthology (with each story having its own individual set of writers and actors), all of the shorts had a different definition of the true meaning of horror while all being connected to the supernatural demon. "Serial Killer" depicted my Worst Nightmare!!! Watching a charming good samaritan offering road side assistance turn into a merciless sadistic cold blooded murderer tapped into my greatest fears. I was on the edge of my seat - too afraid to watch and too fascinated to look away. "Care Taker" really shined with it's fresh writing as it explored the horror of how low a man's morality can sink. The protagonist, who was a dying elderly man, was a special type of evil - committing indiscretions against women while he was living and requesting his dead angelic wife to be removed from heaven in order to keep him company in hell while he was dying. "Young Love" was the most touching. The plot revolved around a married high school teacher who dumped and abandoned his teenage student after he learned that she was pregnant with his child. The teacher eventually ended up paying for his sins with his blood, but the horror that struck me the was the deep psychological pain I empathized with in the student's feelings of heartbreak, shame, and hopelessness. "Lust" lived up to its name as it was the most graphic and shocking out of all of the shorts. Definitely See It!


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