Lo chiamavano Trinità... (1970)

Lo chiamavano Trinità... (1970)

Terence HillBud SpencerSteffen ZachariasDan Sturkie
Enzo Barboni


Lo chiamavano Trinità... (1970) is a Italian,English,Spanish movie. Enzo Barboni has directed this movie. Terence Hill,Bud Spencer,Steffen Zacharias,Dan Sturkie are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1970. Lo chiamavano Trinità... (1970) is considered one of the best Comedy,Western movie in India and around the world.

A drifter comes to town where his brother is sheriff. His brother is actually a robber who broke the real sheriff's leg and left him for dead, and became sheriff in order to hide out. They team up against the local land baron who is trying to get rid of the Mormon settlers in a valley he wishes to own.

Lo chiamavano Trinità... (1970) Reviews

  • Let Bud and Terence entertain you.


    'Lo chiamavano Trinità' is one of the most charming and funny comedies ever made. The incredible duo Spencer/ Hill is fabulous. When you watch 'Lo chiamavano Trinità', it's like you get a good feeling all the time (you will get the same feeling if you watch the sequel). 'Lo chiamavano Trinità' is very unpretentious - and the simple jokes hits you all the time. It has also wonderful music (the sequel has even better music). Trinity is for me without doubt one of the most charismatic characters ever in filmhistory. I have to mention a quote: Mescal: It's mierda! (When tasting the farmers soup) Rating: 8 of 10.

  • One of my all-time favorites!


    I LOVE this movie! Probably the most epic with Bud & Terence. Super-funny spaghetti western. All the typical elements of their films are present: lots of bar fights, people flying everywhere, the usual, wonderful cheap jokes... legendary the final mega-fight between the mormons and the bad guys! A Must-see for every age! :D

  • One of the few comedy westerns I like - - watch out for the lousy DVD


    (aka: THEY CALL ME TRINITY) I have to admit I'm not one for comedy westerns but this one was actually funny in parts. It's almost as funny as SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF (1971) and I would almost consider it a welcome addition to my DVD collection were it not for the fact that the current Direct Source Media DVD weren't so awful. Trinity (Terence Hill) a dirty, dusty drifter-turned bounty-hunter comes to town to pay a visit to his horse-thieving half-brother Bambino (Bud Spencer) who's pretending to be the real sheriff. Bambino's looking for the best way to rustle some of the Colonel's horses before he leaves and he's not interested in letting Trinity cut in. In the meantime, the Colonel (Farley Granger) is doing some plotting of his own, not only to get rid of Bambino but also to displace some Mormons who are settling on some land he wants for his own cattle. The fights, the stunts and the gunplay Trinity and Bambino play on the Colonel's men is hilarious. I like it when Bambino uses the bottom of his fist to hit the bad guy's on the top of the head. And the ending fist fight scene at the Mormon's camp cracks me up. No wonder this film made Hill and Spencer popular in Europe. Like I said, the DVD is a travesty with a transfer that's watchable but looks like it was lifted from a VHS source. The print itself the transfer was taken from is pretty grainy with bad splices and an audible hum in the soundtrack. It deserves a failing grade. The TRINITY series needs the Anchor Bay DVD treatment, really bad. Since these Euro westerns were so popular, I'm surprised they haven't secured the rights to it yet. 7 out of 10 -

  • story shines through ever deteriorating sound and picture


    just bought this and the sequel on dvd. every time i see a new american market copy of this movie the picture and sound just get worse. that no one has given this film the treatment it deserves... original sound/language, subtitle options, dubbed version option, letterboxing, restored print and sound, etc... makes a thoughtful person wonder. my sometimes too protective mother let me watch this movie as a kid and watching it now i wonder why. i think she was a sucker for sexy leads. it embodies everything that is/was deemed tasteless by those who would know and really don't. it's the long gone pre pc violence of bugs bunny cartoons, three stooges dysfunction with a twist of simpsons atheism. it begs no qualitative analyses of point or moral only craft. and craftwise it's glorious. cheap, direct, clever and simple. somehow it all adds up to something more than meaningless debate on harmful vs. harmless, not to mention it's hella funny. i like it all from the burt bacarachish neil diamondish theme song to the dubious decision to dub. (and by the way this film is very well dubbed. if you don't feel so i'm guessing you haven't watched many asian films.) clucher's film is not just a great western it's a great movie period. like it's protagonist it's carefree, dirty (really dirty), and decent. if i was unbiased i'd give this movie a 7.5 or 8 out of 10. but this movie sits close to my heart. especially when enduring the endless flow of garbage at todays cineplexes. 10 out of 10. some favorite funny lines "our weapons are faith and love." brother tobias "only love shall combat evil..." sarah and judith "god is with us" brother tobias thanks mom

  • A true gem of western/comedy movie.


    I first saw this Trinity movie in the mid-seventies and laughed and snickered through it. Recently, I watched it again, and found that it held up well over the past decades, and recommend it highly. The humor in this movie is both subtle and broad. The lead actors, Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, slyly parody spaghetti western stereotypes without hamming it up. They do a masterful job at underplaying their characters' brotherly dislike of each other. There is plenty of broad humor too. Trinity is so scruffy and dirty that when he sits down to eat, puffs of dust fly up. The production values are generally pretty high; this doesn't look like a cheap movie. But the dubbing, as in any dubbed movie, is very obvious. Still, this is a highly enjoyable movie.


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