Load Wedding (2018)

Load Wedding (2018)

Mehwish HayatHania AamirSamina AhmadMohsin Abbas Haider
Nabeel Qureshi


Load Wedding (2018) is a Urdu,Punjabi movie. Nabeel Qureshi has directed this movie. Mehwish Hayat,Hania Aamir,Samina Ahmad,Mohsin Abbas Haider are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Load Wedding (2018) is considered one of the best Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Load Wedding is a social comedy encircling the stigmas attached in our society to weddings with just the right blend of light-hearted comedy, ironic situations, and intense emotions. The story unfolds with Raja "Fahad Mustafa" who lives in a small town with his parents and an unmarried sister; Baby Baji. The plot takes a twist when Raja finally musters up the courage to profess his feelings for Meeru (MehwishHayat) but life throws a curve ball at him. The sudden demise of his father that very day leaves Raja with the responsibility of filling in his father's shoes and also finding a husband for his sister. Call it luck or God's master plan, Meeru's steps in Raja's life brings about just the right amount of luck that he needed, but fate again takes another downturn leaving Raja and Meeru with only 24 hours to arrange for the dowry that would save his sister's wedding.


Load Wedding (2018) Reviews

  • A Movie On A Social Issue Dowry


    Its a very balanced movie and it was entertaining as well. it highlights the evil of dowry and the way it affects the marriage of every other girl.

  • A strong film with a strong message


    Producer Fizza Ali Meerza and director Nabeel Qureshi team up yet again with a strong message and a powerful cast to deliver a highly watchable film with a convincing flavour of culture, emotion and authenticity. Load Wedding is the story of Raja (Fahad Mustafa) from Nirali, a small town in Central Punjab, Pakistan, where he runs a wedding decoration shop. Raja has an over-weight sister, Farhana (Faiza Hasan) and as per tradition, he cannot get married before she does. Farhana or "Baby Baji" is refused proposals not just because of her weight but also because of the dowry demands of prospective in-laws. This is not the end of Raja's troubles as he has loved Meeru (Mehwish Hayat) since the two were children but life and circumstances prevent them from getting together. In the initial part, Raja cuts a sorry figure as he grapples with various problems, ranging from financial difficulties to coping with orthodox, small-town family values. The film is about his struggles to rise above these obstacles and win the girl he loves.

  • Desi wedding


    It was full house last night. its very difficult to get a ticket for Load wedding. it's movie of full desi comedy and romance.

  • This will be remembered for years!!!


    For me this movie is the most powerful film of the year behind teefa in trouble (in terms of quality) this movie is winner all the way, beautiful direction, wonderful dialogues, impactful message that shows the real image of our society. i would recommend you to watch it in cinema 10/10

  • One of the finest social comedies


    Story is the backbone of a film. The story of this movie was simple yet extraordinary. For the first time ever in the history of modern Pakistani cinema, a film highlighted issues faced by widows, the issue of dowry and the exploitation of people's emotions by the media and tv shows. Acting by Fahad Mustafa was amazing and after watching JPNA 2 and this movie, it made me a fan of him. Mehwish Hayat, like always, is a delight to watch on screen. Hayat's grace and acting skills have considerably enhanced over the years and she is one of the "real" film actresses of Pakistan. I hope she gets to do more movies in the future. Samina Ahmad as the mother played the typical desi mother and flawlessly portayed the character. However, Faiza Hassan as Baby Baji stole the show as she played a sister in distress who is not getting married on time and is fat-shamed most of the time. Load Wedding takes you to a small Punjabi town of Narali. And for the first time, Punjabis were not stereotyped in any way by portaying them as loud, etc. Direction by Nabeel Qureshi and the storyline along with the cinematography was excellent. After Cake and Motorcycle Girl, this movie might also be a game changer for Pakistani Cinema. I hope this movie is a blockbuster on the box office as well. Deserves a 10/10.


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