London Dreams (2009)

London Dreams (2009)

Salman KhanAjay DevgnOm PuriAditya Roy Kapoor
Vipul Amrutlal Shah


London Dreams (2009) is a Hindi movie. Vipul Amrutlal Shah has directed this movie. Salman Khan,Ajay Devgn,Om Puri,Aditya Roy Kapoor are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2009. London Dreams (2009) is considered one of the best Drama,Music movie in India and around the world.

Bhatinda-based school-going Arjun wants to follow in his much-maligned grand-father's footsteps and attain fame at the Wembley Stadium much to the chagrin of his father. After the latter's passing, he re-locates to live in Britain with his paternal uncle, and when admonished about his career, runs away. Years later Arjun will attempt to gain fame along with two associates, Zoheb and Wasim, and his sweetheart, Priya. He returns to Bhatinda and asks his childhood slacker and trouble-maker friend, Manjeet Khosla, to also join his band - a decision that will not only cost him his popularity, his career and dreams, but also his love.


London Dreams (2009) Reviews

  • London Dreams: 80% awesome!


    I have been waiting for London Dreams since the days Rajkumar Santoshi was the director, the movie kept on delaying, and was eventually shelved. Later, Vipul Shah picked it up and the movie started rolling. Because of the name Vipul Shah (Aankhen, Namastey London, Waqt) and the wonderful cast of Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn and Asin was known, I was expecting a spectacular musical. The movie did give me a satisfying feeling, though it missed out on a few things, unfortunately. The first half is very entertaining and keeps the viewers interested, the climax is also very gripping. Just the ending spoiled it all, it feels like Vipul Shah forced the movie to end, it could have been so much better. Performance wise Salman Khan stood out once again, Salman carried the whole movie on his shoulders, he was very entertaining and very convincing. Asin looked beautiful and delivered a good performance, though her role was kind of small. Ajay Devgn was wonderful, the intensity of his character was visible in his very expressive eyes during the whole film. Everyone thinks the music of this film is very weak, I disagree because I feel the movie is good, not great though. Barso, Mann ko ati bhave, Khwab jo, are foot tapping. The Wembley song performance by Ajay could have been a different composition. The defect of the movie only lies within the last 7 minutes of the movie, which is such a pity, because I really liked the initial 2 and a half hours. You should go for this movie if you want to see gripping performances, great cinematography and emotions. Don't watch the movie if you hate movies which have very bad endings! Overall I would rate this movie 8 out of 10, because of superb Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn, Asin, the direction to a certain extent, and the great locales.

  • Either the filmmakers are retarded or they think that the viewers are!


    I ended up watching this movie before even going through any of the reviews, on the request of a female. Just out of curiosity, I thought, let me find out if there are people who actually recommend others to watch this movie. I am quite shocked to find such long and positive reviews on this website that makes me conclude that it's a scam. As far as my opinion goes, I have to ask,"are these filmmakers retarded or do they assume that the viewers are retarded?" The movie is atrocious on so many levels and I'm not even talking about the story or presentation. So, these bunch of guys plus one girl (the lead actress) form a Music band; guessing from the constant presence of guitars it is supposed to be a ROCK band. Hell, when did dancers started becoming the part of a Rock band??? Anyway, let me accept it as the-Bollywood-version-of-a- Rock-band, but amusingly enough all the scores which actually had these two guitarists doing all kinds of cool "ROCK GESTURES" and I am assuming they were playing the instruments, the sound of the guitar was completely missing!!! I simply can't comprehend the magnitude of stupidity here.... I am just going to conclude here because it is absolutely not worth pointing out any further flaws in the movie. Bollywood directors seem to have no shame anymore!!!!!!!!

  • A good take on professional jealousy but with a feeble musical score.


    Vipul Shah once again returns with his uniform Punjabi flavour & the India-London theme. Taking another step ahead of his "Namaste London", this time he impressively comes up with a good take on pop singers and the back stage drama in their over famous lives. But in an otherwise well directed, intense and emotional drama, he is sadly not accompanied by an equally enjoyable musical score (as in Namaste London), which was much needed by the subject and its script. So minus the songs and uninspiring music, here we have a well directed movie with some entertaining & enlightening moments and a worth watching climax (again subtracting the last song). With a story about changing relationships between two childhood friends, "London Dreams" starts with a notable opening dialogue from Ajay Devgan and then moves into the flashback of the same overused fields of Punjab. After a few introductory scenes, a song and 20 minutes into the movie, enters Salman Khan, who simply sets the screen on fire with his superb effortless acting and hilarious comic timing. From here on the film takes off in actual terms giving way to a brilliant in-flight sequence where Salman interacts with the passengers, an airhostess and the security men in his own impeccable style. And then the first half ends with a well conceived on-stage sequence, which successfully excites you enough to see the rest of it. Post interval the narration moves into more serious matters, showcasing the cut-throat competition between artists, the feeling of jealousy among themselves and the evil games they play to taste success in their professional lives. The emotional conflict between Ajay and Salman further leads to a completely unexpected and splendidly conceived climax which gives new meaning to the spirit of friendship between two artists and childhood friends. In fact the climax sequence of Salman and Ajay at the Railway Station rightly deserves to be applauded for its superb writing and enlightening execution. Salman straight away wins the heart of every single viewer in the theater, coming up with a completely unimaginable solution to the problem existing between the two friends and gives a new meaning to the "Art of Forgiving". But a whole song after their re-union was not creative or intelligent from any angle and the movie should have ended right at the Railway Station. Performance wise Salman comes at the top with a great act, which includes comedy, emotion, tragedy and even trauma of a drug addict. Ajay Devgan gives another intense and explosive performance different from his current famous comedy movies. He looks dashing in his rough performer getup, but lacks the youthfulness and body flexibility of a rock artist. In other words, he seems to be quite stiff in his stage acts and moreover his self torture scenes were also not needed at all. They give you the feeling of Deja vu, like the one seen in Amitabh's "Mahaan". Asin is breath-taking gorgeous and looks much better than "Ghajini". Her short Sita-Gita act was enjoyable only because she looked equally beautiful in both kind of dresses.Om Puri is cool and calm in his few scenes and notable dialogues but Ranvijay Singh gives an OK performance in his debut movie. He looked more confident in his "Roadies" act on the small screen. Aditya Roy Kapur, as Ranvijay's brother is impressive & Brinda Parekh repeats her act of "Corporate". It can be said that director Vipul Shah is back with a commendable effort talking about the ugly side of human characters who happen to be stage artists in the current script. But the theme is equally relevant in any business form in this cunning monetary world. Vipul realistically directs few praiseworthy sequences in the movie like the one where Salman transforms two lines of a song in different kind of compositions having different tastes and the worth watching emotional climax scene at the railway station. However, along with these well directed ones, he also delivers a questionable sequence, when all the four members of the band except Ajay freely move out of the Wembley Stadium's green rooms to the lonely, dark backyards, breaking all the security circles, on the very night of their much awaited performance. Unfortunately, Vipul majorly faulted on his choice of compositions for a project which entirely talks about a musical band and its members. For such a script based on music itself, the songs and score by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is too feeble to get register.In fact the most important song of the movie, which the band plays at their night in the Wembley Stadium, is completely uninspiring and boring. On the other hand the cinematography captures the essence of the subject superbly. The stage sequences and the Wembley have been shot real well along with some great computer graphics. Conversely, I wondered that if a project is around Punjab and also requires a great amount of Punjabi language, music and feel to be incorporated into it, then why not they hire some actual Punjabi Professionals for the job, who can rightly guide them about the Punjabi dialogues, their pronunciations and the Punjabi melodies in the songs. For instance, Salman keeps on calling Ajay as "Bhara" which means brother, with a faulty pronunciation. Summing up, I would like to say the "London Dreams" just missed out to become a masterpiece flick based on a good subject. It is Salman's movie all the way, who will appeal to everyone from a city professional to a village farmer. Besides him, the movie and its theme will also appeal to wannabe artists from the younger generation. But it cannot be called a finely polished product as it has many unwanted songs and scenes which could have been easily edited out. And I wish it had some good melodious songs which would have taken the brilliant performances in the movie to another level altogether.

  • A Nutshell Review: London Dreams

    DICK STEEL2009-10-30

    I've got to admit though my interest in the film is none other than to follow up on Asin's phenomenal Hindi movie debut with the blockbuster hit movie Ghajini last year, and while it took almost 12 months for the release of her latest Bollywood movie (her first real one since she starred in an earlier, original version of the same role), she's one of the many stars I'm following as my introduction to the current wave of Hindi films, from Deepika Padukone to Ranbir Kapoor, and of course the established ones, which includes Salman Khan in this same film. While one may not see Asin being featured too much on the promotions and the trailers, I suppose there's a valid reason for that. In fact, she probably got relegated, in my opinion, from leading lady in Ghajini, to supporting role in London Dreams, so much so that her character Priya becomes just one of the many background dancers in the Indian pop group band of the titular name, which is naturally a pity as the camera doesn't even linger too long to show us some of the moves learnt. However, the good thing here was that she's the token love interest in a triangle between the two leading male characters, and in pure Asin style, took advantage of whatever limited time she has to flesh out Priya as best as she could, a woman caught in between fulfilling her traditional roles in her father's household, yet caught up by the bright lights that the city has to offer, together with a totally different, perhaps more attractive pop culture to want to become a dancer. And fate would lead her to Ajay Devgn's Arjun busking at Trafalgar Square with a makeshift band made up of two brothers of Pakistani descent. If I could read this on another level going by how the plot developed, it's akin to a warning of sorts against consorting with foreign elements to harm one's own countryman, which should be an absolute no-no at any costs, because it will only open up such bonds to utter destruction. Surely the greed and jealousy of man may frustrate from time to time, but to lead to betrayal would be asking for a downfall. London Dreams plays out like a classical Cain and Abel type story, where two brothers, one jealous of the other for his talent and recognition, plots the downfall against the other behind his back in betrayal most foul. Arjun has a dream, and that is to take his music to London, and play at the renowned Wembley stadium, where his grandfather had failed in his time and returned to India a broken man. He spends his early teenage life honing his musical skills, and ever ready to sniff out any opportunity to scale the music ladder until his goal is reached. His is a singular mind obsessed with the single goal, so much so that he's willing to self-flagellate (!) himself when his mind gets swayed by Priya and the chance for romance, or any other distractions that crosses his path that day actually. Ajay Devgn plays Arjun with enough menace and envy to make him believable as a man who would go to great lengths and at any costs to ensure his road to glory is not jeopardized. Salman Khan's Mannu on the other hand, is blessed with great musical talent without even trying, and while Arjun sees this as an advantage to be gained should he bring Mannu back to London and join his band, little did he realize that Mannu's country boy demeanour would start to win the fans over, as well as Priya. There are plenty of scenes which set up this innocent usurping of another's thunder, and the decisions that come to spark off the entire turn of events just after the intermission. As a musical film, somehow the songs and dance sequences didn't really stand out, although in general they weren't that bad, but not too memorable as well, other than the pulsating number first performed at Trafalgar Square. Salman Khan proves why he's one of the three King Khans of Bollywood through his rendition of a simple boy with simple pleasures, with plenty of cheekiness combined with great comic timing to bring in some laughs. That airplane scene was a classic light hearted touch in what was a dark tale about bringing down a best friend using the cruelest of methods and exploiting the weakness of another for no good benefit. The ending too was too clean and too quick, where a pep talk magically puts one into empathy mode with perfect hindsight. I had expected a lot more from London Dreams with its premise and its cast, but what came across was something still palatable and won't get you all riled up like the audience in the film, but with potential as a successful box office dream likely going unfulfilled.

  • Crap movie


    The movie is a total crap. We have two good actors who are miscast and meat-head of an actor Salman Khan(How did Indians and the glorious Indian Cinema end up with this ape, speaks his dialog like a monkey and dances like a chimpanzee!) just to attract the female audience. The story is crap. The characters poorly sketched. Non existent story telling. No editing to speak of. Ajay Devgan as a Rock Star..that is a dream in itself! The movie drags along to the point of decadence. The whole charade about Arjun bringing his Manna to London, let him grope his girlfriend and let him not play at Wembley (Vimbley in the dubbing process pirated in Filthystan by cousin's of Kasaba) is absurd. Salman Khan's over the top acting or faking is too painful to watch. I remember seeing some good movies from this producer Vipul Shah, but this is not one of them. It seems all the good directors are falling prey to the Box Office mania..that the Mumbai Media Morons have created. This is yet another crap movie in the lines of "Wanted" with idiot actors like Salman Khan who has no place in a good Hindi Cinema. He is good to the Indian Cinema as Titanic was to the winter cruise business! On a positive note-I like Asin character dancing Bharatnatyam when she changes to the Western style dancing when the teacher is not looking.


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