Love, Again (2015)

Love, Again (2015)

Teri PoloPaul JohanssonChloe BabcookLini Evans
Michael M. Scott


Love, Again (2015) is a English movie. Michael M. Scott has directed this movie. Teri Polo,Paul Johansson,Chloe Babcook,Lini Evans are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Love, Again (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A couple on the brink of a divorce must work together on planning and preparing their daughter's marriage. While they don't want to disrupt their daughter's happiness by announcing their divorce, they must learn to work together to keep the wedding going, and soon discover their marriage just might be worth saving.

Love, Again (2015) Reviews

  • Sappy but Touching


    Okay, sappy but still touching. It reaffirms the power of love and the strength of marriage within a lasting bond. Besides, Teri Polo is always a dream. The plot is simple, two people who have had a 25 year marriage have grown apart. They were once madly in love, but now they sleep in different bedrooms. They are considering divorce when their daughter comes home and announces her engagement. They return to their original place of marriage in Maine because the daughter wishes to emulate them by marrying there. Gradually, over a few days, they realize that they are still very much in love. This could be a Hallmark card for sure, but as someone who has just celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary, I was moved.

  • Hallmark misses a mark again


    Not bad. A bit sappy at times, but definitely better acting than their usual films. What was really irksome though, was the inability of Hallmark people to use their brains. They filmed it on the west coast of Canada; rainforests, Pacific Ocean, Haida art, etc etc and the morons at Hallmark placed the story in Maine. If they insist on having the story line be in the USA, then place it in Washington State, where it looks similar.

  • Interesting story of parents divorcing and then finding out they need to keep it together for their daughter's imminent wedding.


    This is a cut above the usual daytime movie simply because of the excellent acting by Teri Polo. She made me believe in the hurt, busy, wife who had somehow lost her marriage. Her characterization was top quality acting. The other actors were adequate, nothing stood out from their performances. I did like the supposed setting of Camden, Maine, but I'm not sure that's where this was filmed. All in all, a very pleasant movie to view with some unexpectedly tender moments and real feeling that surprised me. It's fun to be surprised by a Hallmark movie which are usually quite predictable. Like I said at the beginning, kudos to Teri Polo. She made the movie for me.


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