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Love by the 10th Date (2017)

Love by the 10th Date (2017)

Meagan GoodBrandon T. JacksonKellee StewartKeri Hilson
Nzingha Stewart


Love by the 10th Date (2017) is a English movie. Nzingha Stewart has directed this movie. Meagan Good,Brandon T. Jackson,Kellee Stewart,Keri Hilson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Love by the 10th Date (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Four friends (Meagan Good, Kelly Rowland, Keri Hilson, Kellee Stewart) balance their dating adventures with their career ambitions at an upscale magazine, teaching themselves and each other how to get the most out of love and life.

Love by the 10th Date (2017) Reviews

  • Chick Flick on dating and relationships...


    I think this movie was made to be a theater release and for some reason ended up on Lifetime. You can tell because of the bleeped out curse words and sexual content. Although I wish they toned it down a bit, it worked as a Lifetime TV movie. I think this movie was fun and relatable in some areas, but at times went a bit over the top/silly and unrealistic. The struggles with dating and trying to find a meaningful relationship were mostly genuine. I loved the relationship, support, and "keeping it real" between the girlfriends too. It also was good at showing women and men in different stages of their own relationships (dating, married, celibate, etc) and choices, sacrifices each made for love and their own integrity or values. The movie was predictable but the acting was good. There were some fun laugh out loud moments (laughing with you and laughing at you) and some "oooh, girl I've been there" moments, as well as a few cringe-worthy, "would someone really do that?", and "they could have left that out" moments. All in all, this is a cute chick flick you can cozy up to with a glass of wine or tub of ice cream on a night you find yourself dateless and home alone...In My Humble Opinion 6/10 stars. 2/2017

  • Awful


    Just now seeing this movie and I created an account just so I could leave a review. It is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It was cheesy, corny and cringe worthy. I can't believe they're still making movies like this in 2017. The way it ended, I hope there's not a sequel to it. The open marriage plot was dumb. And the coworker getting with a gay guy was absurd. Don't waste your time.

  • Just BAD!!!


    I usually like movies with Meagan Good, but this movie was totally stupid. She plays a character who's extremely desperate to find a man to the point where it totally consumes her. This is the reason so many women end up in horrible relationships. This movie relays one message loud and clear: if you're a woman without a man, you better start trying HARD to find one under any circumstances. Another example of why I gave this movie 1 star: This main character's coworker ends up dating and then marrying a man they met in a club. Just one problem! He's VERY gay! Now, I have absolutely no problem with men or women who are homosexuals, but why on earth would it be written into the script to have this woman marry a man who's so obviously gay??? This movie sends many very bad and condescending messages to women, and it's very unfortunate considering the times we're currently living in. I certainly wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone unless they're just bored and have lots of time to kill.

  • Part 2 Please


    After watching the movie air on lifetime television, I've been watching it over and over again every night on the lifetime website. I've never hunted down a lifetime movie like I've done this one.I LOVE IT.Keep in mind that it is a comedy and It's funny, romantic, and full of Hope. I love Meagan good's character (Gabby) she's so carefree and full of life. I love how they incorporated, current and real life situation such as characters Nell & Freddy's Straight/Bisexual relationship because this stuff really happens. Although I do wish Meagan Good and Brandon T. Jackson's (Dante) character had more on screen romance, I feel like I didn't get to watch their bond grow as much as Gabby & Chris Kellerman's connection, so it made it hard to believe Dante & Gabby's deep deep love, but I love that the underdog prevailed. I really hope a part 2 comes out because I am a huge fan.

  • I loved the movie!


    I seen the movie as motivational and inspirational. I have many reasons! Okay! well women are not known to go after what they want. Sadly women are still til this day intimidated by the ones above them. Meagan Good's character was that way until she realized she's not going to wait for love she's going to search for it. Love doesn't always show up at your door step unknowingly. She embraced her worth with taking a huge step and chance with her job and she end up coming out on top because she realized she was worth it. Keri Hilson's character I liked also because she knew what she wanted when she married her husband she wasn't ashamed to let her wants and likes to be known. She embraced herself as well. Women are known to put their feelings and wants on hold because of being ashamed of how something may seem to look to others. As for Keller Stewart I liked her character as well. She showed that love is love it doesn't matter who you end up with. Humans are humans there's nothing wrong with having an attraction to both sexes. They fell for each other's hearts, minds, bodies and souls not the fact that one had dealt with both sexes prior. It's obvious her mate's character was just trying to find himself. I liked that it wanted people to see no one's life is perfect, nothing comes easy and life is all about taking chances hence the reason Meagan Good's character did what she did at the end of the movie regarding her job.


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