Maharshi (2019)

Maharshi (2019)

Mahesh BabuAllari NareshPatricia PintoPooja Hegde
Vamshi Paidipally


Maharshi (2019) is a Telugu movie. Vamshi Paidipally has directed this movie. Mahesh Babu,Allari Naresh,Patricia Pinto,Pooja Hegde are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Maharshi (2019) is considered one of the best Action,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Rishi, a millionaire businessman, returns to his homeland, where he becomes the champion of poor and downtrodden farmers.

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Maharshi (2019) Reviews

  • Truly Awful


    I don't give a movie 1/10 stars lightly. This film is absolutely incompetent on every level, especially when it comes to the writing. Just because a movie deals with a serious issue (this is about poverty and suicide among Indian farmers, at least in the second half - the first, which is only tangentially connected to the second, is about the main character's experiences in college), doesn't mean it has an excuse to be as bad as this. I think Telugu cinema has moved beyond the generic hero characters that Mahesh Babu got big playing.

  • Just an average and routine drama with a big star!!!!


    Seriously, I don't think this movie got anything new worth watching from mahesh babu as we are seeing him since Srimanthudu, it was like just one character in different movies(like Sherlock solving different cases). As An actor mahesh did justice to the character but you cannot expect anything new from him in this movie but I felt mahesh babu was more into the character that at times somescenes done by him in this movie felt a bit dramatic and artificial. I was wondered by the reception and the promotions being done to this movie claiming blockbuster and trendsetting movie.I personally felt that our directors were not able to bring the best of this versatile actor... finally not a great movie not even a good movie. Can be watched in tv

  • Grow up Tollywood!


    Stop fooling people with old rotten stories. Nothing good at all. There's overachieving hero, poor honest father, loving mother, rich girlfriend, big family, corrupt politicians, lot of stunt masters along with dancers.

  • A landmark 25th film could not have been better than this


    First half was a one man show the friend ship bond between Mahesh and naresh is like magic. Naresh have a very major key role and the second half started a bit slow but worth the time The fight was too op just wow that intensity involving the fight gives you goosebumps last 45min was excellent this social message sending journey have excellent dialogues in last 45min padara padara and ide kadha songs are visually very appealing where action speaks with songs lyrics while characters in the movie stay calm don't miss watching this one

  • Mahesh deserves better, people deserve better. Stop fooling around.


    Its disheartening being a Mahesh fan, this movie props up the sterotypes on how a hero should be and story is so far away from ground reality in terms of execution. Spoilers ahead. Cons : 1. Fight scene in college with local MLA ( i was sitting there and wondering, what in the world) 2. CEO behaviour in the board room ( I think no one in the film set knows how corporates work) 3. Heroine ( Just replace her with a flower pot, you wouldn't notice her absence - no character written at all for her) 4. Second half execution ( unrealistic , repetative, copied, old wine in new bottle, trying to milk in the emotions of people ) Pros: 1. Mahesh's performance 2. Naresh's performance 3. Message about farmers Still people end up praising the movie because of well calculated marketing campaign, how can you decide whether a movie is a blockbuster or not on the second day itself. Would have give a 5 star out of 10, just because of trying to fool the people around and perpetuating a below standard story and execution and trying to lower the telugu cinema standard i am going with 1/10.


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