Maheshinte Prathikaaram (2016)

Maheshinte Prathikaaram (2016)

Fahadh FaasilAparna BalamuraliSoubin ShahirAlencier Ley Lopez
Dileesh Pothan


Maheshinte Prathikaaram (2016) is a Malayalam movie. Dileesh Pothan has directed this movie. Fahadh Faasil,Aparna Balamurali,Soubin Shahir,Alencier Ley Lopez are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Maheshinte Prathikaaram (2016) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Mahesh Bhavana from Idukki runs a photo studio and leads a happy contented life living along with his aging father, his darling pet dog, his friends & his lady love with whom he maintains a long distance relationship. One fine day, his rosy life is turned upside down with what could only be called a manifestation of the often quoted butterfly effect!


Maheshinte Prathikaaram (2016) Reviews

  • A perfect movie experience


    "Maheshinte Prathikaaram", what else could fit for a revenge drama other than this title? Maheshinte Prathikaaram is a portrait of Mahesh and everything related to Mahesh. A place playing a prominent role in a movie is something rare. And only few directors tried to do so, like Rajiv Ravi did in "Annayum Rasoolum" and " Njan Steve Lopez". Here, director Dhileesh Pothan also presented "Idukki" as a main Character. The primary aim of Maheshinte Prathikaaram is to make people laugh. Comedy is the main ingredient here. But, sometimes it is romantic. Sometimes very thrilling. The makers didn't used anything artificial to make us laugh, all the comedies were very realistic and situational. I felt a freshness in the presentation of this film. All the technical departments raced in the same pace. Shyju Khalid's photography, Bijibal's music and Saiju Sreedharan's editing, all these acted with mutual understanding and mutual respect. 100 marks for these departments. I have no more words to praise the performance of the cast. Fahadh Faasil played the lead character Mahesh with such an ease. No doubt he's the best actor among the youngsters in the industry. He's an actor with tremendous potential. The Soubin - Alancier combo just made the theater hall crazy. Anusree also did a great job. All the actors in this film just rocked. Maheshinte Prathikaaram is the best Malayalam movie released this year so far.

  • A Delightful Work Of Art. ♦ Grade B+


    This is the first Malayalam film after Drishyam (2013) where some of the audience got up and applauded during the end credits. And the another great thing about this sweet little dramedy is that an evening show in the cinema theater (INOX) was houseful, which is a rare occurrence in Mumbai. Mahesh (Faasil) is a small-time photographer who lives with his aging father in a town located in the hilly district of Idukki in Kerala. In love with a girl (Anusree) whom he wishes to marry and settle down with, things are going generally good for Mahesh until when he fatefully gets involved in an unrelated street fight, ultimately gifting him a black eye and several bruises along with ounces of shame for having been beaten up by a nobody in front of his own people in the middle of the town where his studio sits. What follows is an unabashed intention of seeking vengeance, but has Mahesh got the balls? The most interesting element about the film is inarguably the butterfly effect which causes the street fight. And watching it unfold is the most delightful thing you will see in a Malayalam film all year. How Mahesh gathers courage to find the guy who beat him up and to retaliate just to show that he's a man with dignity. Aggressive as it may sound, the screenplay is nothing but comic. The humor timing is perfect, and with the characters delivering one crispy dialogue after another, you will surely roll down the aisle laughing. The first act is full of genuine and creative comedy, while the second act takes a virulent turn but still keeping us hooked. By virulent, do not visualize gore or violence, but Mahesh's audacity to challenge his nemesis as he prepares to fight him and settle scores. The film even teaches you two or more things about love and photography (or any profession for that matter), educating you that if you move forward with your heart and wait for the right time, things WILL happen in your favor. What a person goes through when life turns upside down and when reality hits that one is nothing but a loser in life is the central theme of the film. How Mahesh bounces back is a pleasure to watch. Faasil is fantastic as he plays the typecast role with great finesse. Happy to see Anusree climbing up the ladder, and lesser-known Aparna Balamurali doing a good job. However, it is not because of the performance of one or two cast members that the film ejects pleasure bulbs, but because of how well the supporting cast have been directed. Soubin Shahir is amazing, no doubt. The use of silence between and during the sequences is another highlight of the film as the story maneuvers between comedy, drama, romance, and thrills. Nicely composed songs and fine camera work drives the 2-hour long film into a palpable work of art. Special mention for the titles and a sorta ambiguous ending, providing the audience a sugary taste in the mouth to relish the whole subject later. BOTTOM LINE: Débutante Dileesh Pothan's Maheshinte Prathikaaram is a highly entertaining comedy drama that will make you rave about it to your friends just because you can go watch it again with them. Worth the ticket price. Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

  • The simple life, as you like it


    A veritable breath of fresh air, this has to be one of the more hilarious movies I've seen in a long time, especially one that does not think you have to make things dumb in order to make your audience laugh. Thematically speaking, this has more to do with something of a butterfly effect, where the director actually shows something like that in motion for the audience to get used to how he plans to use it to propel the movie forward, and then goes and does it. Kind of dumbing-down a concept, but that's not the sound of me complaining, especially since the 1st instance of that is a veritable laugh-riot (many bouts of unexpected humor help too - especially the one with the flash mob, and the background conversations....hilarious!). While the 1st instance of said effect is on play, the makers also take the time to gradually setup the lives and real-time situation of the main characters, almost placing us within their lives, allowing us to begin caring for their fates. There is remarkable consistency, and looping back into previous instances, in a deceptively not all that engrossing fashion, but end up taking almost center-stage later in the movie. Kinda forces us to keep everything that's unfolding in perspective. Fahaadh Faasil, of 'Iyobinte pusthakam', 'Annayum Rasoolum', 'Bangalore days', '22, female, Kottayam' and many more, does a bang- up job, as always, with his natural responses to occurring stimuli, ably supported by everyone around him, especially Soubin Shahir ('Premam'), Aparna Balamurli (kudos to doing away with makeup), Aparna and Lijo Mol Jose (as also the actors who play his friend/business+home-neighbor) and father, respectively. The makers have taken care in fleshing out almost every character that surrounds our leads, and the actors are definitely lucky to get that on their drawing boards, getting actually mea that they can build upon. The cinematography deserves special mention, and I'm always fond of actual location work dictating the product and set designs, that Malayalam movies (other than the likes of something like '2 countries', which, for all its strengths, does not do well in this department) do so well. Both the background score and the songs are relevant and appropriate (courtesy Bijibal, somewhat of a legend like Rajesh Murugesan or Shaan Rehman), and this is an album worth listening to, on repeat mode. The fight choreography goes for something more realistic (albeit simple) that something mainstream Indian audiences are used to viewing, and though it is not in the league of 'Iyobinte Pusthakam', it definitely passes muster, and almost gets the tone that (I suspect) 'Action hero Biju' aspired to (but ultimately did not get, succumbing to finally using wire-fu). Not to be missed, and perhaps worth multiple viewings, at a large screen cinema close by...

  • Maheshinte Prathikaaram: A Different Take on life


    Maheshinte Prathikaaram.. A different sort of a film when you compare it to the movies Fahad Faasil has done. The studio photographer Mahesh is a simple person without any high ambitions in life. His dad.. The most silent person you would see in that film.. But conveying his message through his silence beautifully. Mahesh likes a girl called Sowmya who is his childhood friend and the same applies to her. Unexpected turn of events leads to Mahesh engaging in a fight with a thug called Jimson who ends up beating Mahesh in front of the crowd. Mahesh gets all embarrassed in front of everyone. The following events that occur in Mahesh's life have been put together really well and is presented to you by Dileesh Pothan in a very good manner. Soubin's timely appearance along with the evergreen music of Bijibal make the film an absolute treat to watch. Special credits to Fahad Faasil for bringing out Mahesh so well. Overall rating:9/10

  • "Super-Natural"


    It is a 'Super' film with the amazing acting from Fahad Fasil, Aparna, Soubhin, Alancier, Jaffer Idukki and Antony Kochi. It is also a 'Natural' film with the amazing nature of 'Idukki'. *After watching this film, I decided to go to meet my relatives in Idukki when I get to Kerala. Especially, the slang and language in Idukki is beautifully used in this film. And the song 'Idukki' with lines, Ividuthe Kaattanu kaattu.... is very nostalgic. No words to express my feelings about this film. I'll surely suggest this film to anyone who love Malayalam Cinema. Simply, "Beautiful".


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