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Mega Time Squad (2018)

Mega Time Squad (2018)

Anton TennetJonny BrughHetty Gaskell-HahnCharles Chan
Tim van Dammen


Mega Time Squad (2018) is a English movie. Tim van Dammen has directed this movie. Anton Tennet,Jonny Brugh,Hetty Gaskell-Hahn,Charles Chan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Mega Time Squad (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

A small-town crim finds an ancient Chinese time-travel device that can help him pull off a heist and start a new life-but he may not survive the consequences of tampering with time. The Castle meets Looper, Mega Time Squad is a study in high-meets-low, combining elements of the sci-fi, the crime thriller and the comedy to make a comedy heist film with a time-traveling twist.


Mega Time Squad (2018) Reviews

  • Hilarity from New Zealand


    Jonny (Anton Tennet) lives in Thames, New Zealand, where he makes a meager living running errands for local kingpin Shelton (Jonny Brugh). One day he meets Shelton's sister Kelly (Hetty Gaskell-Hahn); it's love at first sight and that gives Jonny an incentive to try pulling off a caper, despite being completely incompetent. Things do not go well until he stumbles upon an ancient Chinese relic that enables him to bend time and, well, after that things begin to go very, very far from well.... This is a zany, wacky ride where each scene is even more absurd than the one before it; it's also very tightly drawn, clocking in at a mere 81 minutes, meaning that there's no filler here. Delightful!

  • Time Travel for Dummies


    This is a laugh of a film, well done and it exploits all the nooks and crannies of overlapping timelines to the point where you're spinning in circles. Really entertaining and smart in it's delivery of a well worn plot made unique through it's rougues gallery of characters and awful outcomes.

  • A Fun Ride


    Caught this one at the Fright Fest Film Festival, a solid concept that has a lot of fun with itself. Overlapping scenarios get a bit deep at moments but the outcome is well worth the trip. The effects are middle of the road but the performances work and add a welcome layer of laughter to the concept. A comedic take on Looper and what happens when too much of a good thing isn't that good for you.

  • High concept, lowbrow black sheep time twister


    In this light hearted time travel romp, New Zealand channels the zombified corpse of Memento, via Monkey Magic and a marination of "Dude where's my Car". If you can make your way through the thick provincial Kiwi brogue and colloquialisms, this is a smart and solid little comedy with good bone structure and some solid laughs. Some of the performances are a tad uneven and stilted, but the key players give a solid performance, and the story layers enough cutely sly twists and turns to hold your attention to the end.

  • good low budget silly comedy time travel from NZ


    Decent lead and supporting cast. good cinematography and directing. not boring. decent editing. decent soundtrack. good low budget project.

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