Mr & Miss (2021)

Mr & Miss (2021)

AravindGuntaka Subhash ChanduNaveen Kumar DamarlaVijay Dhintakurthi
T. Ashok Kumar Reddy


Mr & Miss (2021) is a Telugu movie. T. Ashok Kumar Reddy has directed this movie. Aravind,Guntaka Subhash Chandu,Naveen Kumar Damarla,Vijay Dhintakurthi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2021. Mr & Miss (2021) is considered one of the best Romance movie in India and around the world.

Shashi works as a HR in a company and has been looking for a transfer to Hyderabad and finally, she gets transferred. She reaches Hyderabad happily, thinking that she can live with her boyfriend happily. After reaching Hyderabad, she sees her boyfriend in a compromising situation with another girl and gets hurt. Her boyfriend talks in such a way that her ego gets hurt. She goes to a pub from there and kisses Shiva who was sitting alone and leaves from there. Shiva gets into a state of shock. Shiva is a BTech graduate from Amalapuram. Upon his father 's pressure he tries to get a job by paying money through backdoor. But, he gets cheated there. Shashi comes as a HR for the same company. Shashi gets impressed by the innocence of Shiva and says that she can give the job if he learns English in 15 days. From then, friendship blossoms between them while Shiva learns English with the help of Shashi.Soon, their friendship turns to love. And they get into live in relationship and lives ...


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